Weird Al Yankovic Set to Return With New Album This Summer

Record coming on July 15, parodist potentially aiming at Iggy Azalea.

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Legendary parodist Weird Al Yankovic has announced his return to the music world, confirming July 15 as the release date of his new album, a follow-up to 2011's "Alpocalypse."

AsĀ Rolling Stone reports, the announcement was made via Twitter with a photo of Al dressed up in a Russian military uniform.

Apart from the release date, more fresh info has surfaced. According to TMZ, Yankovic had asked Iggy Azaela for a permission to cover one of her tunes. Comedian Patton Oswalt also touched on the matter via Twitter last month, saying, "Just listened to Al Yankovic's upcoming album and I am in awe. He satirizes a band I've worshiped since the '90s and it ... is ... beautiful."

The new release will mark Yankovic's 15th studio effort, stay tuned for fresh updates.

- Al Yankovic (@alyankovic) June 14, 2014

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    This man is an absolute legend, I cannot wait for this! Great news!
    *Obligatory video of Weird Al shredding*
    He better announce tour dates soon, always wanted to see hm live!
    Seen him live twice. He is awesome live. His band is excellent and the show is hilarious, he does like 30 songs too, often in costume.
    I was at that show! Some dude in the back ruined the first attempt, and Al handled it like a stand up comedian. It was pretty funny. Awesome show and his band is awesome too.
    Pablo Mortis
    Metallica - new album? We'll be getting round to it in the next few years... Weird Al Yankovic - By the way, album. Next month. Just so you know
    Interesting how it works, we hear about Metallica all the time and they never seem to progress. Weird Al on the other hand? He's laid low for a good 3 years and has come out of nowhere with this fantastic news!
    I laugh everytime I see his face, nevermind the music. Absolute legend. Bring it on.
    Kick ass. Just when I think this parody stuff gets old, I hear a new song from Weird Al, and laugh hysterically. Brilliant artist. Stoked to here some fresh material.
    Absolute legend in music. He has been consistently on point for over 35 years and I really feel that this past 3 years has given him massive amounts of terrible pop songs to DESTROY and OBLITERATE. Also I met him last year and he's a really really really nice dude, most down to earth music genius I've ever met.
    Yabba Who
    Awesome news. Every album of his I get because of the parodies, but then end up finding some brilliant original track or 2 or 3. He does not get enough credit for his original material.
    Funny, I was wondering just the other day whether or not he'd put out another album. I remember a few years ago he said that youtube made making a living from parody very difficult because there were so many great artists out there. Awesome news that he's still doing his thing, he is absolutely the best at what he does. I was at his first ever show outside of the continent of America in 2007 and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I'll definitely be buying this album.