Weird Al Yankovic Suing Label For $5M

Weird Al Yankovic, through his company Ear Booker Enterprises, is suing Sony Music Entertainment for $5 million.

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Weird Al Yankovic, through his company Ear Booker Enterprises, is suing Sony Music Entertainment for $5 million.

The complaint alleges that Sony Music took improper and duplicate recoupments, which resulted in royalty under payments. It also alleges the major is paying Yankovic a straight royalty for download sales instead of the 50% of revenues that a licensing deal calls for. Additionally, it says Sony Music hasn't shared any money it received from lawsuits settlements from such cites as Napster, Kazaa and Grokster.

The lawsuit states that Sony Music received an equity stake in YouTube in exchange for providing the site with the company's content. At the time, Sony Music was given an equity stake; Yankovic "White & Nerdy" video was among the most popular content on the site. The suit says, "a portion of Sony's equity share in YouTube is directly apportionable and allocable to 'White & Nerdy', as well as other content created by Yankovic."

The lawsuit was filed in Federal court in the Southern District of New York by the New York based firm Gordon, Gordon & Schnapp and the Nashville-based firm King & Ballow.

Richard Busch, a partner with the Nashville-based firm has successfully sued Universal Music Group for treating downloads as a sale instead of a license and now the major has to pay Eminem's former production company, F.B.T. Productions, 50% of net fees from download sales. He has since filed lawsuits on this point on behalf of Peter Frampton, Kenny Rogers and the estate of late Knack drummer Bruce Gary.

Sony Music could not be reached for comment at deadline.

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    "I'll sue ya...I'll take all your money...I'll sue ya if ya even look at me funny" Although this is probably a little more serious.
    You know the big record labels are evil when they are trying to screw over Weird Al.
    rafey wrote: this cite really needs an editor.
    I'd bet a crisp American $5 bill that you haven't got a job, so you could kill 2 birds with one stone!
    I doubt he cares about the money, but more along the lines of he cares that Sony is not doing their job correctly and being corrupt
    dunno why rafey got down voted. Because he put cite instead of site? So did UG, he was merely mocking their mistake, not being a complete moron. Anyways, good on you Weird Al. It's usually good comedians/parodists that know the best way to work around situations. They satirize and make fun of anything, so, without limitations, their eyes can be opened and their voices heard. With that being said, I wouldn't be surprised if he won, and he better.
    cheers to weird al but even if he does win, $5 million is just pocket change for Sony. haha
    im not mental
    fifopher wrote: concettaadams wrote: *spam* Sit on it.
    don't quote it. anyways, fight the power al!
    this is great because this is how labels work, and hes just a major signee saying that this is bullshit, give me the money you guys "fought" for artists to get.