Weird Crying Kurt Cobain Statue Unveiled in Frontman's Hometown

"We should have done this a whole heckuva long time ago," says Mayor Bill Simpson.

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Celebrating the inaugural Kurt Cobain Day, late Nirvana frontman's hometown of Aberdeen unveiled a statue of crying Cobain in the local Museum of History.

Although the act of honoring the rock icon was met with nothing but praise, most found it difficult not to notice how strange the weeping Kurt statue looks. You can check out the work of local artist Randi Hubbard below and see it for yourself.

"We should have done this a whole heckuva long time ago," Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson told King 5, adding, "Yeah they [Nirvana] weren't the best people, I'm not either."

During a separate KOMO 4 interview, Simpson noted, "Paul McCartney said Kurt Cobain was a genius, that said a lot for me."

"Aberdeen residents may justifiably take pride in the role our community played in the life of Kurt Cobain and the international recognition our community has gained from its connections with Kurt Cobain and his artistic achievements," Bill's official statement reads.

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    Why the hell couldn't have the artist sculpted a Jag-Stang instead of that acoustic in his arms? o.O
    No. Mind you, he couldn't really sculpt the acoustic either but at least he had a go.
    Because the Kurt hated the Jag-Stang as we know it. There were only two prototypes and neither were approved by him.
    Yup, he never fully endorsed it, mostly because he committed suicide while it was still being made, which is why they all say "Designed by Kurt Cobain" rather than being an actual signature guitar.
    it is a strange statue, but it's very good of the "establishment" to really honor the merit of a musician like Kurt, rather than condemn him by just labelling him as a junkie. this is a great thing to happen, I like it a lot.
    Didn't Kurt specifically mention he never wanted this to happen? I'm almost positive I read somewhere that he told Krist if a statue of him was ever erected in Aberdeen, to smash it.
    Lee Makky
    It's funny because the Aberdeen in America seems just as bad as the Aberdeen here in Scotland.
    Why is he crying
    why does he have a power drill in front of him?
    I think point is somehow to show how he did put his heart in some of their music.
    I don't think the person who made the statue plays the guitar because I have pretty much never seen anyone hold the guitar like that (not the way he holds it in his hands, but the way it's on his leg)
    I saw like 20 articles about this over the weekend, and yet this is the first one that actually has a picture of the statue. So thanks UG!
    okay, im siper happy that their honoring him, but jeez, do a better job than that!
    i'm sorry but it's kinda shit, looks like they cheapen(is that even a word?) out or something
    After how strongly I spoke about this in the previous article I feel a little.... let down by that. Still, great to see him honoured, well deserved.
    Probably shouldn't of made the statue cry, terrible perpetuation of the misery behind it. I think something celebratory would be better, something a statue may want to achieve. Also I think Kurt would hate it.
    I was disappointed in the statue at first... ...Then I remembered it was Aberdeen, and now it seems like the Mona Lisa of the city. I've been there, and I can easily see why Kurt hated it so much.
    The guy was a junkie and committed suicide, he didn't really contribute anything at least not to the level of past artists such as Dime, Rhodes or Hendrix. The group was a fad for gloomies or I guess what people would call E-MO today. What a waste.
    Yeah I'm sure Kurt Cobain didn't contribute anything....especially not to the level of Dimebag or Rhodes. He only wrote for and fronted Nirvana: a band that changed the entire cultural landscape. And almost demolished glam rock which was rampant with misogyny. But then again, you appear to be a Metallica fan. God forbid there be any emotional depth to anything.
    Who the **** are you trying to kid... glam was on the way out anyway,Thrash and Death metal were on the rise, and as a matter of fact not Kurt-KA-Bang or any of his band members could even hold a candle to the talent that some of the glam bands possessed as musicians, much less thrash musicians, HA-HA emotional depth by that do you mean drug educed highs and lows of I'm a loser, no body loves me/ understands me? Spew that crap someplace else, the shit was a fad for preps and gloomies, which were metal head and skin head plush beat up dolls.As if I didn't know he fronted Nirvana. I leave you with this
    Enjoy ,|,,
    You do realise that Emo was a subgenre of Hardcore Punk that started in the mid 80's right? Also, to say he didn't contribute anything is completely and utterly ludicrous, Nirvana was one of the many bands that changed the cultural landscape and finally allowed Indie and Alternative artists to get a foot through the door, rgeardless of whether you like it or not. Learn your history and subgenres before you start making baseless statements.
    "Aberdeen residents may justifiably take pride in the role our community played in the life of Kurt Cobain..." Take pride in what? That you were among the first things that Kurdt really hated? I dunno. I guess I'm not the type to celebrate all the times that I've been an *******.