Weird People Make Better Artists, Research Finds

"Artist's character unconsciously affects the way we view their work," the report reads.

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An interesting study led by psychologist Wijnand van Tilburg of the University of Southampton researched the extent to which can artist's appearance and personality impact the viewer's perception of his art.

Funnily enough, the given extent is quite great. AsĀ Telegraph reports, one of the experiments saw the researchers introducing participants to a fictitious artist called Stefansson, showing them one of his two possible portraits.

The first portrait depicted a fairly ordinary man in his twenties, while the other one featured a man of the same age who "had half-long hair combed over one side of his head" and "had not shaved for several days."

Possibly an expected result, but the crowd preferred the scruffy Stefansson, proving that the rebellious, bohemian vibe still works as an attention grabber among the art crowd. Researchers further indicate that such image proves we are attracted to the "sincerity" of artists.

The study concludes that the prior knowledge of artists' appearance and character simply cannot be ignored while judging their work. As the article points out, it "unconsciously affects the way we view their work."

Were you ever drawn toward musicians by their appearance or personality? Or the other way around - were you ever put off?

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    What's with the Miley Cyrus picture on the article?
    The hair and stuff actually kind of reminds me more of Katy Perry.
    I thought of Bjork, lol.
    Bull. What defines 'weird', and what defines 'better artists'? who wasted his money on this research?
    Researchers did, for science.
    And if you read the description of the study well, it states that they never looked at their art/work but just the portrait. And that does't tell anything about how skilled one person is.
    More like psuedo-science, stop wasting my tax money. They should get researching how to get to mars and cure cancer and such.
    It's a study on perception not quality of artist vs "weirdness." It's shitty reporting by UG to say that "Weird People Make Better Artists, Research Finds." No. That is not what the research found. The research found that people perceive people who look like an outsider/ alternative lifestyle/ weird/ whatever as being better artists even before viewing their art.
    What defines 'weird' is a norm, and what defines 'better artists' is a norm. And if you take that norm pop music will be considered the best music. Because the norm is based on average public opinion. To categorize subjective topics and take the average of all your research to form a standard is a hugely important way to gain insight in psychology. Does it hold true for everyone? Of course not.
    Well, there's LEGITIMATE weird (Beck) then there's using the weird label to be trendy (Lady Gaga)
    The title has nothing to do with what the study says. It's just about what people attribute to a certain look, without having seen any of the artists work. Nothing in this study suggest you're a better artist if your hair is weird.
    I've always noticed the hate around this site for misleading titles but I didn't care that much. This time it actually bothered me... this title is so messed up. Nice catch.