Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Passes Away, Rockers React

Fred Phelps dead at 84 from natural causes, public openly rejoices.

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Fred Phelps, founder of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church has passed away on March 19 at the age of 84 from natural causes, the officials have confirmed.

Phelps founded the church in 1955 and played a great role in shaping the organization's bad reputation. As CNN reports, Westboro picketed over 53,000 events, ranging from pop concerts to funerals of US soldiers.

The church's picketing mostly featured about a dozen of members charging the given event, brandishing such signs as "God Hates F-gs" or "Thank God for Dead Soldiers." Westboro's preachings insist that any tragedy, ranging from natural disasters to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, is the punishment of God for the country's acceptance of homosexuality.

Although some expressed condolences and hope for Fred to truly find God in the afterlife, most of the public openly celebrated the death of "the most hated Man in America." The church on the other hand condemned the media for "gleefully anticipating" Phelps' death.

"God forbid, if every little soul at the Westboro Baptist Church were to die at this instant, or to turn from serving the true and living God, it would not change one thing about the judgments of God that await this deeply corrupted nation and world," the statement reads.

Some of the prominent rock musicians also shared their thoughts on Fred's passing via Twitter. "Burn in your own proverbial hell," Disturbed frontman David Draiman said, with Oderus Urungus of GWAR adding, "So Fred Phelps died before I could get my hands on him? Lucky f--ker! Please to be p-ssing on his grave!"

BURN IN YOUR OWN PROVERBIAL HELL: Fred Phelps Sr., leader of Westboro Baptist Church, dies at 84 http://t.co/2x164vj8IX via @washingtonpost


So Fred Phelps died before I could get my hands on him? Lucky fucker! Please to be pissing on his grave!

— Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) March 20, 2014

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    The one time I actually can say i I like oderus's rude arse comment ;D
    why do ug censor his comment then post a picture of it in full and uncensored?
    i think you specified why when you said "UG" that's the way they roll haha- i remember an article where they censored "A-s" but they left the F word in there lol
    Because I think you can't write bad words here. It will be censored automatically. But the tweet is a link.
    It's funny, his comment is actually pretty tame by his standards, especially when you look at who he's talking about.
    Gay people and soldiers should picket the funeral
    That one made me laugh! I wonder if Louis Theroux will turn up as well.
    Some of you will celebrate. Some of you will dance. Some of you may picket. You have those rights. Fred knew all about rights...what he didn't know was how to transcend those rights and the lizard brain and engage with humanity and reality in a way that was productive and positive. I won't mourn, or celebrate.I wont be wasting any of my life in his direction. I'll just keep on living, which is something I think he failed to do, long before today."
    This is so deep that even James Cameron cannot travel any deeper than he did before because you have reached the depths of deepness.
    Stay classy, rockers. No need to stoop to his level.
    Best ignore his death and just pretend he never existed.
    Absolutely, I'm actually disappointed that UG made a post about this. The best way to react to the WBC is to let them be, they feed off anger and fear. Ignore these inbreds.
    You know.....To call them inbred is actually a pretty intelligent assumption. So few people like them, that by this point, they probably have started screwing their own, and I'm sure by now they've graduated to cousin screwing, and the next generation it will probably graduate to siblings.
    You'd be right if the young people where actually staying with the church into adulthood. They've been dying out in a way that makes the amish look hip by comparison. They really have nothing left but our outrage and website clicks at this point (do not ****ing even look at there website, thats how they make a lot of their money).
    link no1
    If you ignore them they will just think they are right. If people aren't pissed off with them, they'll assume it's because we agree and continue doing what they do. On the other hand, acknowledging them shows them that they are getting their crappy messages heard and continue doing what they do. Just barricade the doors on their 'super friend club house' when they're all inside and set it on fire. Problem solved.
    Fred Phelps set the bar so low, nobody could stoop to his level.
    I dunno man, I think Stalin, Putin, Hitler, and several other leaders have him beat...
    where's the fun in that?
    I don't wanna sound like a hippy here but I'm gonna.This is about breaking the cycle of hatred. They hate gays, pagans, whatever but if you don't hate them back it's all for nothing. Turn the other cheeck (c wut I did tharr), speak your condolences and step outside the circle.
    At the end of the day, he is still a person. Yep he had very ****ed up views but I don't see how we would be any better by celebrating his death
    I'm not usually happy about someone dying, but I'll make an exception for Fred Phelps. Anyone that was as disrespectful, and insensitive towards the human race as he was, deserves a special spot in whatever hell, or mound of dirt there is after life. Judging humans so harshly for what they feel, they're sexual orientation, or what they believe in doing is terrible. Regardless of your take on homosexuality, the military, music, etc is... you gotta respect them as part of the human race. They're all people, and this guy just couldn't grasp that. I hope no one pickets his funeral. He doesn't deserve the attention.
    The guy is dead, but his congregation remain... personally, rather than stoop to their level and picket HIS funeral, id rather just ignore them, be the bigger person and let them fade into obscurity.
    Westboro has been declining in members a lot lately, it won't be long till they're forgotten
    inb4 religious comments. Good riddance.
    According to Westboro, the church has picketed more than 53,000 events Hmmm. I will only note that if you picket 1 event a day, it will take you ~145 years to picket that many events.
    Picketer: "Sir, we haven't really done that many!!" Fred: *Phelpsness intensifies* "It might as well have been..."
    As vile as he was, we should never bow to his level and rejoice in the death of anything.
    Yes we should. He had no class or morality. He was going to have his church picket the funeral of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims saying how God passed his judgement on these kids. The Hell's Angels of all people offered to be personal bodyguards for the families and Anonymous hacked the Westboro Baptist Church's website revealing personal information about the church members. After that, the Phelps family backed off from picketing the funeral. I want to go to his funeral and give his family a taste of his own medicine. It's not illegal. The only thing preventing me is that I can't afford to go there.
    But this would make us no better than them. The best way to respond to his actions is to ignore his following, ensure they don't get into any kind of power and eventually the church will disband. All of his 'work' will come undone and the world will be gladly rid of it.
    Eye for an eye. F***er and his ****ing idiot followers should get a taste of the hate they've been dishing out.
    nah...**** that dude, that's the pussy thing to do. There is no stooping down to their level. That guys been doing the same kind of shit for many many years, and us doing it to this one evil man is not stooping down to their level by any means. This whole church needs to feel the wrath of EVERYBODY, they need to be destroyed, mentally and physically! such sick people. Now they get a dose of their own medicine!!
    Slayer - Hell Awaits
    One less douche on this world
    It would be hilarous if someone actually goes to protest his funeral.
    Rust in Piece Mr. Phelps.
    His biggest crime against humanity is all of the minds of children he corrupted with his ignorant hate.
    Dr. Knox666
    No great loss
    Well that's gonna be an interesting funeral..
    Odds are is that they're gonna make the funeral super private and call people who say anything bad about him disrespectful
    Reminds me: I wrote this on a yahoo news story, in the comments section regarding Phelps: To any WBC cult members/supporters reading this: Your founder was an evil, vile hateful man with mental issues and a possible closet gay. You have been brainwashed and deluded, lied too, into a false belief system and theology that is not Christlike nor what Jesus taught about. I also suspect your founder and leader Fred has either been cremated or buried in an undisclosed, secret location under a false name. May you find a better theology that does not preach hate but love and by that I mean a different denomination as well as mindset. Regards.
    He's probably getting some turbo lovin' by satan in hell.
    Honestly... we all disliked him for being a hateful bastard for his entire life, so I'm not gonna spread any more hate around now that he's dead. Just let this fade into obscurity. A fundamentalist has died, that's all.
    Freddy's Dead finally. He was an evil, hateful man that does not represent what a real Christian is and stands for. I'm glad he's dead, but as my friends on FB Tyler and Roger have said, there is no joy or victory in celebrating this hated, hateful man's death. He is dead. Leave it at that. Also: His followers and supporters are vile, evil and hateful people as well, lost and brainwashed. They are also major hypocrites too.
    About. Damn. Time...
    For once I agree with David Draiman...
    RIP Oderus Urungus :'(
    Will anyone picket his funeral?
    Now these people want to talk about being respectful after years of being disrespectful. F**k them. God is punishing them for their elitist judgmental behavior. There are many many chapters in the bible that condemn their behavior and their outlook about how to treat people. I hope their "church" slowly dies off.
    You know, I'll probably get tons of downvotes for this, but I truly hope he finds peace and love in death, because love is something he certainly didn't know in this world. He spread hate and evil for years by perverting a peaceful religion into a weapon to use against the masses, and I really hope that when he's standing in front of the pearly gates, Jesus walks over and says "dude, you completely trashed my name and brought pain to many people. But, I forgive you."
    He will be missed. .....said no one.
    There is no stooping to his level in this. Simply talking shit about him or picketing his funeral is [i]not reaching the same depths. What he, and his equally depraved family, achieved was the law-bending, hate mongering, brainwashed spread of bigotry aimed at innocent and vulnerable citizens simply trying to piece their lives together after the loss of a loved one or condemnation by other bigots in the case of the LGBT community. The difference is, his actions deserve the response. The church's actions remove them from immunity to bad treatment. You forfeit your right to private mourning when you take that away from thousands.Go to town with your hated and celebrations, the more the merrier!
    I think Fred Phelps was a closet Homosexual. Many hate themselves, take it out on others and pretend they are not gay at all.
    in the words of the great Christopher Hitchens, "If you gave him an enema you could bury him in a matchbox".
    This is a happy day, I am so glad that ****ing **** is dead!
    People piss on Franco's grave too, why shouldn't peeps piss over this shitheads grave?
    The Paperboy
    Not gonna lie, this is the best news I've seen all week.
    Oderus was serious about getting his hands on him. Damn. RIP
    Holy Shit Oderus was just found dead http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/gwar-fr...
    So much hate towards westboro yet not many people realize that we need them... come on guys tell me how could stuff like
    this happen if people like westboro weren't there being like they usually are.
    I was actually lucky enough to see them that night, they happily told that story in the middle of the concert and played the song again. Gotta love these guys
    You can't really tell from just looking at him but the pastor can run really really fast...
    These are the guys that protest funerals for fallen american soldiers. Pretty horrible people if you ask me.
    Fred Phelps was a fag.
    he's dead just let it go.
    Rest in pieces Fred.
    Totally need to picket his funeral. Sign: Thank god for dead a**holes
    I wanted to add I posted the other day I wanted to get my hands on Fred as well like the guy from GWAR posted. But that was my rage talking and ego as well. I do hope he goes to a place like in the movie Little Nicki with Adam Sandler (hint: The Hitler-pineapple scene, look on youtube, lol).
    And? You expect me to give a damn. Westboro Baptist Church still exist and we have to continue our fight against groups like them who consistently piss on human rights and freedom. Instead of rejoicing that someone who helped start a group dying, we should just not give a damn and focus on whats important. You can't win a fight against the dead (unless it's zombies, but that's an argument for another day)
    I think he was a deplorable human being. The actions of his twisted clan were an affront to all that is decent and kind.
    I have a feeling that anything anyone does to picket or insult the funeral/ death of Fred Phelps will just further the propaganda inside the church. "See? Those people have no respect for men who live life doing God's work!" That's what they'll say. They won't see themselves as doing wrong when they picket or protest because they see themselves as performing "God's work" or whatever. It's all bullshit. His hatred didn't even die with him, it's living on in the surviving members.
    Let them keep yapping their mouths, if they truly believe what they believe, anyone with brains knows they're going the same place everyone else goes. The same place you were before you were born, nowhere. And the way I see it, you get one life to let the pieces of garbage know that thats what they are.
    Too bad he's got nowhere to go now, kinda makes me wish hell was real.
    "R.I.P. Fred Phelps, you will be sorely missed." -Dave Mustaine Only kidding. I love Dave. On a serious note, while I don't rejoice in anyone's death, he was a sorry excuse for a human being and it's gratifying to know that his poisonous influence will no longer continue.