What Should Sabbath Do? Should Ozzy Scrap Solo Band & Rejoin Sabbath?

Of course, the possibilities for Black Sabbath's next move are endless, but one routinely crops up: a reunion of the original lineup.

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On May 16th, 2010 at 7:45 am CDT, Ronald James Padavona succumbed to metastasized stomach cancer at the age of sixty-seven. Known to his legions of fans as Ronnie James Dio, the man's musical career had spanned fifty years, including stints as a part of acts like Elf, Rainbow, and Dio. None earnt the diminutive singer who popularized the "devils horns" as much notoriety as he experienced in Black Sabbath, however. Having cut the albums "Heaven And Hell" (1980), "Mob Rules" (1981) and "Dehumanizer" (1992) during two stints, the lineup that recorded "Mob Rules" reunited as a part of Heaven & Hell (essentially Sabbath under a different name). This culminated in the April 2009 album "The Devil You Know", something that suggested the quartet could've reigned supreme once again had it not been for Dio's untimely passing. Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Vinny Appice performed a tribute set at the High Voltage Festival on 24th July, 2010 with guest vocalists Glenn Hughes (of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Trapeze and Black Country Communion fame) and Jrn Lande (of Masterplan), the proceeds of which went towards the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. The three remaining members of Heaven & Hell have clearly stated they have no desire to perform or record under that moniker ever again following their frontman's passing. However, that poses the following question: what should Black Sabbath do next?

Of course, the possibilities for Black Sabbath's next move are endless, but one routinely crops up: a reunion of the original lineup, the Aston, Birmingham foursome (which, for anyone who doesn't know, comprised Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, Tony Iommi on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass, and Bill Ward on drums) that issued six stellar albums from 1970 to 1975 (1970's "Black Sabbath" and "Paranoid", 1971's "Master of Reality", 1972's "Black Sabbath Vol. 4", 1973's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", and 1975's "Sabotage"). Not only do fans of the outfit want this to take place, but so do several Sabbath biographers.

"The Ozzy line-up should do one more album and tour and then cease trading" comments Joel McIver, author of 2006's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath". "After that, Iommi should organise a mammoth one-off festival with songs from every lineup and featuring every single member of the band who is still alive. I'm entirely serious: it should be called Sabbathfest and take place over three days. After that, they should all retire permanently while they're at the top."

Personally speaking, I feel the possibility of a new Black Sabbath album with Ozzy on vocals is an overwhelming prospect, but many obstacles would possibly get in the way. Truth be told, the main obstacle is Ozzy himself. The MTV reality program "The Osbournes" launched him into the stratosphere, and nowadays he's a mainstream celebrity - sadly, most of those who watched "The Osbournes" have never even heard of the name Black Sabbath, and many of them aren't aware of Ozzy's solo career either for that matter. In the last several years, it's seemed that furthering his mainstream celebrity profile has been his main concern, his music career coming second. If a new, successful Black Sabbath album with Ozzy was to be made, then the rocker's celebrity commitments would need to be flushed down the toilet. No chat show appearances. No red carpet appearances. No reality television programmes. Such commitments would merely get in the way of a more important goal, and would be an unnecessary distraction from the goal at hand. Ozzy's solo career would also have to become secondary, too, or else that would potentially jeopardize a Sabbath reunion album being made too. Only nine years ago in 2001 did the original members attempt to make a new album, an attempt that proved fruitless because recording sessions were halted so that Ozzy could complete tracks for October 2001's "Down To Earth". That summer, Black Sabbath performed a new track named "Scary Dreams" at Ozzfest shows. As Geezer said while promoting "The Devil You Know", "If we'd written this album ['The Devil You Know'] with Ozzy, we'd still be working on the first track". As much as I love Ozzy's solo work, it pales in comparison to Sabbath's catalogue, and Ozzy's songwriting team - nowadays especially - don't have the songwriting prowess Iommi and co. do to write truly great tracks for him. For that reason, if I was Ozzy I'd maybe even scrap the solo band in favour of a full-time Sabbath reunion for the time being. If Sabbath could successfully record a new, Ozzy led album though, then as Joel McIver said, they should do a proper farewell tour and call the curtain down on the Sabbath brand while it's still on top. With all involved being in their senior years, and the band arguably with their better years behind them, it may be best that Black Sabbath retire rather than tarnish its name.

Martin Popoff, author of 2006's "Black Sabbath: Doom Let Loose - An Illustrated History", certainly presents an almost watertight case in favour of a Sabbath / Ozzy reunion full-length being made. "It's a blaze of glory even brighter than Heaven And Hell" the Canadian construes. "Ozzy can still tour solo so it's conceivable that he could still tour Sabbath. But the point is, a record could be done, and creatively, if Geez is up for it, we get to hear his lyrical voice again, which is exciting. This absolutely can't be a commercial, corporate, self-aware, Hollywood metal album though - it would be a thrill if we got something like 'Sabotage' or 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'. Look what The Who did with 'Endless Wire'. Whether you like it or not, Pete broke every rule of record making in the book. Sabbath used to break rules too. And you know who can help them break rules? Bill Ward - that guys solo albums are masterpieces. He's the secret weapon of the band, their silent Roger Waters, and yeah, it's crazy, but if you want a work of art, maybe Bill should write half the bloody music, and if Geezer has to be dragged kicking and screaming back to lyrics, let Bill do them. There's no greater work of magnificence in the solo catalogue than Bill's "Straws" song - the guy is a massive talent."

Hearing Geezer's lyrical voice again would certainly be exciting, a doom-laden voice that darkens any room it greets whether it be the horrors of war in the likes of "War Pigs" and "Children Of The Grave", or even Lucifer falling in love during "N.I.B.", or many others - take your pick. In promoting "The Devil You Know" though, Geezer bemoaned having to write lyrics for Ozzy to sing and seems reluctant to take up the mantle once again. Asking Sabbath to write an album as creative as "Sabotage" or "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" is a great ask, something that'd really surprise me if it were to happen. To give just one example, "Sabbra Cadabra" efficiently incorporates the keyboard, synth and piano work of on / off Yes member Rick Wakeman roughly during its middle section. Could you see that happening nowadays? Even "The Devil You Know" played it safe, using "Heaven and Hell" and "Mob Rules" as a template.

Bill Ward's involvement certainly poses an interesting question, and Martin Popoff is correct in that Bill is an underrated talent. I do think having Bill write half the music is a pipe dream though, and even the lyrics. I doubt the band's fellow members would even take the time to listen to what he'd written; looking back on Sabbath's aborted 2001 album sessions, Geezer has complained his riff ideas weren't even considered by Ozzy for example - just because he isn't a guitarist. As I've said, they'll go for the safe option. In fact, Bill's health issues could realistically limit his involvement in a fully fledged reunion beyond a smattering of shows. Though not having as great a feel for Sabbath's tracks as Bill, the technically better Vinny Appice has kept himself much busier than Bill in the music world and would be better equipped for live commitments. That'd spoil the magic in the eyes of many fans though, the magic being the Aston, Birmingham quartet back together at last for a proper reunion.

Martin Popoff goes further in his thoughts on where Sabbath should go from here, feeling "Sabbath absolutely shouldn't do anything else with anybody other than Ozzy or Tony Martin. With Tony Martin... as the ages and age roll on, there are a lot of kids who grew up to those Tony Martin albums and took them seriously. Fact is, the guy's a talented singer and lyricist. Sure, it's less exciting a choice, but it's the only other choice. I don't hold hopes out for it being a good album. Again, maybe if Geezer and Bill were knee-deep in the writing, maybe. Heck, that's exciting just 'cos it would be a crazy, unprecedented lineup - two Tonys, Bill and Geez."

After Ozzy, Tony Martin is the vocalist to have recorded the most Black Sabbath full-lengths, five in all: 1987's "The Eternal Idol", 1989's "Headless Cross", 1990's "Tyr", 1994's "Cross Purposes", and 1995's "Forbidden". Often overlooked, Tony Martin is probably the most underrated vocalist to have graced Sabbath's ranks. Albeit not reaching the heights of Dio (in all honesty, who can say they have?), his expansive voice does do great justice when on tracks like "Headless Cross" and "Devil and Daughter". Tony Martin is "less exciting a choice" to front Sabbath though, and too much so I feel for it to be considered.

Mike Stark, author of 1998's "For the Record - Black Sabbath: An Oral History", concurs. "I do believe Ronnie's unfortunate passing opens the door again for the original band to have another go at it" Mike agrees. "I suppose that Tony, being the consistent thread through the history of the band, could try another "Heaven & Hell" type project using some of the other lead singers that passed through the band. Maybe a tour with several of the former lead singers? That might be a package some Sabbath fans might want to see. Having said that, I don't believe anything would be more satisfying to Sabbath fans than a project involving all of the original members."

Mike Stark points out something that many Sabbath fans miss, in that Tony Iommi is "the consistent thread through the history of the band". Tony Iommi IS Black Sabbath - not Ozzy, not Ronnie James Dio. No-one else. If anyone needs further proof, listen to the man's solo efforts, especially October 2000's "Iommi" and July 2005's "Fused". The former features a host of guest musicians, whereas the latter uses Glenn Hughes' vocals. Very easily these releases could've been labelled Sabbath albums. In fact, check out "Who's Fooling Who" on "Iommi" for a taste of what a modern day Sabbath album could sound like. "Whether a project involving all of the original members happens seems to depends on politics as much as desire" Mike stresses. Politics will inevitably play their part behind the scenes, with Ozzy's camp making sure the limelight shines on him more than any of the others.

Mick Wall, who penned 2008's "Osbournes Confidential: An Insider's Chronicle" as well as other Sabbath related books (Don Arden's autobiography, for example), shares his views on the politics involved. "What Black Sabbath do from here is not their decision - that's up to Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, who own all rights to the Sabbath name" Mick notes. "Hence the Dio-led lineup having to go out under the name of Heaven & Hell in the years leading up to Ronnie's death. However, with Ozzy's solo musical career currently treading water my guess is they will all get back together with Ozzy and Bill Ward quite soon. Summer tour 2011 anyone?"

Rights to the Black Sabbath name will certainly play their part, Ozzy having attempted to sue Tony Iommi in May 2009 in a New York federal court for fifty percent ownership of the name. Though the lawsuit was settled in June 2010, tension over this must be lurking in the background. Mick Wall's prediction of a summer 2011 tour involving the original four members will likely be proved right, and my guess would be a North American trek headlining Ozzfest dates. Beyond that, I couldn't see anything else with Ozzy coming to fruition.

Ultimate-Guitar.com writer Steven Rosen, author of 1996's "The Story Of Black Sabbath: Wheels Of Confusion", probably offers the solution with the greatest and most stable long-term prospects. "The question really is "What should Heaven and Hell do about looking for a new singer?"" Steven feels. "Certainly the idea of the original Sabbath getting back together to record has massive appeal. But wouldn't it be interesting if the Heaven & Hell band found a new singer? An unknown. Plucked some great vocalist from obscurity and built their musical future around him. Or her. What about an amazing female vocalist with power and range and depth and personality? There are a litany of obvious choices to replace RJD but it would be very cool to hear a new voice guiding the Sabbath / Heaven & Hell juggernaut."

To answer Steven's question, yes, it'd certainly be interesting if Heaven & Hell / Sabbath found a new singer. As I said earlier, I feel Tony Iommi is the real backbone of the group, the one who provides it with its musical identity. You can have a Sabbath minus Ozzy, but not a Sabbath minus Tony Iommi. With a great vocalist at the helm, this'd give Tony and Geezer the impetus to write magnificent Sabbath style tracks to match that singer's voice. Power, range and personality definitely tick all the correct boxes. A female singer though? Hmm. I'd certainly give the music a listen, but I'm not sure a female singer would compliment the band's doom-laden sound as well as a male vocalist. Which "new voice" would you choose to guide the Sabbath / Heaven & Hell juggernaut? What should Sabbath do now?

Sabbath has many options at its disposal in making its next move, and as with anything, all we can do is guess what'll happen from hereon in. I, for one though, will be watching and listening with great interest.

By Robert Gray

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    Very easy, Rejoin Sabbath. No discussion possible about this, I like Ozzy's solo work but Black Sabbath is legendary :M:
    Ozzy should ditch MTV,Sharon and the rest of the mainstream bullshit b4 it really destroys his career and image in front of his metal disciples.It's soo sad and pathetic that people who watch the osbournes and never heard of Black Sabbath is just plain retarded. Please Ozzy rejoin Sabbath.
    I suggested on another page that Ozzy do something simular to what slashs' solo project was and do a "duets album" featuring him working with other famous hard rock and metal singers. Not only would the hype behind something like this be huge but it would also be cool and huge artists like Metallica or even guys like Dave Grohl (who's worked with metal artists before, think the album "probot") Would clamor at the chance to work with "the prince of darkness and one of the progenitors of heavy metal" His last album proved to be a commercially dry and fruitless offering, even with new guitarist Gus G, whom i've felt was merely playing guitar parts that were already written for him. If any of you have listened to his other band "Firewind" you'd know that his potential and writing skills as a guitarist are HUGE and his work on "scream" was a major disappointment by comparison. Perhaps if he had a hand writing some of the parts for Ozzys newest album we'd have had something more epic and intense than what we got. The sabbath reunion WILL happen, its the next logical step after his last album tanked. Ozzy has publicly said for years he wants a #1 album in the US and I think if its produced well enough (say by Rick Rubin who is known for his "heavy" production values,) doesn't have any influence from Sharon Osbourne or Kevin Churko and is hyped well enough this album will be HUGE. Only time will tell!!!
    Didn't read it. To the question of "Should the original Sabbath get back together?" Answer- "Is that a serious question? Yes. Yes they should."
    TLDR... ozzys voice sucks now and his solo material is all auto-tuned. but what the hell, id love to see the original sabbath, even if his vocals are autotuned
    Ardolino_Cool wrote: TSCREAM420 wrote: Now that Zakk is no longer in the picture for Ozzy, definitely Sabbath!!! Ozzy is nothing without Zakk or Toni! Zakk sucks the only guitarists that really rock balls that Ozzy has worked with in my opinion Randy Rhodes and Toni Iommi...both of them revolutionised guitar playing...Pinched harmonics were around before Zakk Wylde...and will be when hes gone
    *RHOADS. but you're completely right. I always thought Zakk was extremely overrated. On Acoustic he's incredible. but anytime he's on electric it's repeatitive and too much wah and pinch harmoics.
    It is terrible, I am a big Ozzy fan, but the vocals on this latest CD are bad!
    megadeth1117 wrote: you guys are idiots, Ozzy's voice is terrible now, I say he stay away from Sabbath and let them tour with Tony Martin
    Why would Ozzy have to scrap anything? Black Sabbath should do an Album or two, Ozzy JUST released an album it's not like he's gonna have to stop EVERYTHING to do a Sabbath album. this is a rare occassion that the forefathers of Metal are all alive and stil musically active. it'd be ****ing ridiculous if they didn't atleast do a small tour. I'm sure Sharon would skyrocket the prices but it's whatever.
    The original Sabbath lineup already have at least a few songs. There are two on the live Reunion album, plus the one they played live at shows in 2001. If a new album was in the cards, it would have happened by now. I say let it go. Let the gents go their separate ways and do their own stuff instead of teaming up for another nostalgia tour.
    link no1
    i like the fact that you all were saying that ozzy shouldnt go back to sabbath because "dio is a better vocalist" "ozzy wont be able to do what dio did" your all a bunch of fags tbh to change your mind so quickly
    TSCREAM420 wrote: Now that Zakk is no longer in the picture for Ozzy, definitely Sabbath!!! Ozzy is nothing without Zakk or Toni!
    Zakk sucks the only guitarists that really rock balls that Ozzy has worked with in my opinion Randy Rhodes and Toni Iommi...both of them revolutionised guitar playing...Pinched harmonics were around before Zakk Wylde...and will be when hes gone
    Sabbath are in the past...Ozzy needs to keep moving onwards...I mean Sabbath are great, but what they did in the past should stay in the past...doing something that is 40 years old isn't my thing..Ozzy also has a habbit of having amazing guitarists that so creates more in the guitar world...so I stay stick with his solo work.
    i want sabbath to be good ol sabbath if they get back it has to be all 4 original members.. do it the old ways.. and if theres a new album let it be as ****en heavy and dark as The Devil You Know was.
    Robert Gray
    Gyoung1991 wrote: Maybe I'm missing something but didn't the Ozzy lineup make 8 albums. Self titled, paranoid, master of reality, vol 4, sabbath bloody sabbath, sabatoge, technical ecstasy, and never say die. Unless i'm having some retarded brain fart, that's just shitty journalism.
    You are missing something; I used the word "stellar". "Technical Ecstacy" and "Never Say Die!" are mediocre albums in my opinion.
    a new sabbath album wouldnt stand up to their classics. i would love to see them tour, but a new album is not a good move. i say that as a huge sabbath fan.
    i agree with the statment in the article: one more album and tour then quit... and ill be happy as i finally get to see them for the first time ever!
    TSCREAM420 wrote: Now that Zakk is no longer in the picture for Ozzy, definitely Sabbath!!! Ozzy is nothing without Zakk or Toni!
    More like Zakk is nothing without Ozzy. He went from headlining arenas across the world to playing the Colisee in Lewiston, Maine last month. Gus can play circles around Zakk & has a far more bearable tone. Regardless, I'd rather see Sabbath. There is no other group quite like Ozzy, Tony, Bill & Geezer.
    sabbath is good any way you slice it. they rocked with ozzy and then he did his own thing that was epic! and so did sabbath with heaven and hell what ever they do im behind them
    Go out onto those sites and check for yourself. We are talking enormous differences here. Myspace: Butler = 27,534 Iommi = 31,420 Ozzy = 589,138 Facebook: Butler = 6,957 Iommi = 23,663 Ozzy = 2,576,562 The reality is that despite cynical or dismissive comments on him, Ozzy's in a place with his current lineup (which is stellar) and fans who love him that these other men are not. 40 years later the man with the dimples still has the crowd in the palm of his FN hands. and yes, even after MTV. That may piss some off but it's a reality. he's sober, he's blowing fans away. Clearly it is not he who would benefit from this alliance as much as Iommi and Butler. Given the love fans currently have for Ozzy solo - and satisfying some needs within those stuck in the past, what is the draw for Ozzy? I love Sabbath as much as the next person btw. But nothing past when Ozzy was there, and past their first 5 or so albums was worth a damned. Only one or two songs. Why? Well, Iommi began thinking (as someone stated here) that he was Sabbath. Give me a break. Sabbath is in equal measure Ward, Butler, Iommi, and Ozzy. If Ozzy decides he wants to play something with these guys great. I wouldn't tour with them, but cut a few songs? Sure.
    ^ Why did you put dashes (not even corresponding to syllables) in the names of social networking sites?
    Very amusing to see the way Ozzy as a performer is dismissed by Joel McIver. Ozzy's solo work does not pale in comparison to Sabbaths catalog. The man has a multi-platinum career. Your agenda is is amazing. Millions love him and pay to see him perform today on his Scream tour. Surely they would disagree with your brazen and arrogant assessment. Just because RJD has passed, that does not mean the world has the right to assume Ozzy will drop everything and pander to what Iommi and Butler may or may not want. I was a Sabbath fan back in 1975. They were awesome. But that is the past, and today is today. Iommi and Butler never could recreate or come CLOSE to what they had with Ozzy. So all your comments about other singers, what a joke. Dream on. This band Ozzy has is fan-bloody-tastic. Tommy Clufetos, Rob Blasko, Adam Wakeman, and the only member you acknowledge Gus G are energetic, top-class rockers more than capable of writing an album that way blows away what I have seen come from the likes of Iommi and Butler in recent years. You people live in a vacuum. Go to m-ySp-ace and look at fans on Ozzy, Iommi, and Butlers pages. Do the same for Fa-ceb-ook, Tw-itte-r, what is it that you see? Ummm...let's not underestimate the star power of Ozzy. Please. You insult Ozzy fans by your simplistic and dismissive article.
    If they do go for one more tour It should be more than just a North American trek. European dates would be a must
    Sabbath should get Tony Martin Back With the band Tony Martin Tony Iommi Geezer butler Vinny appice I pick Vinny beacuse Bill is always full of problems and he stops the band in some point and also Vinny has more skills than bill
    MEGAJOSH! wrote: Has everyone forgotten that Ozzy has said that he wants to step away from metal??
    mind you the writer stated "he should reunite with the original members and retire the name in style" that would be the absolute best idea ive heard of in a long time. I don't like seeing bands like System of a Down just go on break because they don't wanna perform with each other anymore, then form another band and keep the media brainwashed with rumours about not reunited at all... Getting Ozzy back into the picture would be easy. Jus t tell him if he still has the good in him, they will record just one more sabbath album, then do a farewell tour and send off in style!!! Long live mighty Black Sabbath!
    Not been huge Sabbath fan, or Ozzy fan, but main songs I know from Sabbath is with Ozzy. Then again, as others have said and as I've witnessed from some vids, Ozzy doesn't have good voice anymore. Hell, there were even an article where it was stated that recording his vocals for last album was very difficult, as he couldn't deliver it anymore. In my opinion, going back to roots is undoable quite often, just stick to the path you're currently having, e.g Anthrax recruiting Belladonna again, all respect to the man but I don't think it works. And let's not forget that there have been reunion before. Original Sabbath could make new album with epic luck to sound great, but Ozzy live is not cool. Let's keep our memories of Sabbath good as they are so far and let's not ruin 'em with another reunion with Ozzy.H&H dudes with new singer could be progress tho.
    The Ozzy that left the Sabbs 30 years ago is not the same Ozzy now...obvious statement I know but Ozzy has got worse and worse that each year passes and that is why I say that a reunion would not be good. I've seen the original line up play and I was over the moon to be there but also I was gutted to see how Ozzy butchered the songs... very sad. I believe the Sabbs should carry on but not with Ozzy.
    distoare wrote: I fail to see the point of another stint with ozzy. They did it for years and played the same set with nothing else to offer. It was ozzy that held them back and why Tony got frustrated with it and walked away. It would be nice to see ozzy redeem himself, but I do not think it is possible anymore.
    This, The hole Ozzy has dug for himself starting with his initial ejection from Sabbath is too deep to imagine. For some reason he still has throngs of fans clinging to his old and tired persona. If anything we should be asking Ozzy to retire before he gets any further behind.
    de-fexxx666 wrote: I'm certainly in the minority in saying this, but I'll say it anyways; I'd rather see Sabbath retire completely than an Ozzy reunion. I've seen the original Sabbath three times, and Heaven And Hell 9 times. I'd honestly rank 2 of the Sabbath shows in my 5 worst concerts of all time (And the third is only ranked higher because it was my first concert ever). Fact is Ozzy simply can't sing anymore. This isn't an Ozzy vs. Dio debate, but Heaven And Hell was consistently great because Dio could still sing the shit out of all the material, Ozzy can't do this anymore. And to be honest, I'd voluntarily pass up going to see Sabbath, should another Ozzy tour happen. What I'd like to see happen, however unlikely, would be a Glenn Hughes reunion. Seventh Star is by far my favorite Sabbath album next to the Dio albums and the first 2 Ozzy albums. I think it would be awesome to hear some of those songs live again. Add in the fact that he sounded AMAZING on the Dio stuff at High Voltage fest. And, it may help some people my age or younger (I'm 19, by the way) discover what is viewed by most Sabbath fans as a throw-away album.
    YES YES YES AND YES!!!! First of all another Glenn Hughes fan!!! finally As you said though Ozzy is wayyyyy past whatever prime he even had so a reunion of an inferior Sabbath line-up doesn't interest me in the slightest. As for Heaven and Hell vs Black Sabbath, H&H will always be the dominate incarnation of that band and you're really not seeing the whole picture if you can even begin to disagree. Album vs Album you might be able to debate that but live, no way. The whole band chemistry of H&H live was astonishing not to mention to obviously insane vocal performances by the late RJD. Please for the love of christ let Sabbath retire while I remember seeing Dio onstage belting out Neon Knights and don't fill my head with the awful memories of the last Ozzy reunion where he could barely mumble his way through paranoid.
    "issued six stellar albums from 1970 to 1975 (1970's "Black Sabbath" and "Paranoid", 1971's "Master of Reality", 1972's "Black Sabbath Vol. 4", 1973's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", and 1975's "Sabotage")." Nice job forgetting Technical Ecstasy and Never say die! (The BEST Sabbath albums)
    These guys will not be around much longer. I would love to see Ozzy back with a Sabbath album and tour. Realistically, Ozzy's solo career soared way ahead of Sabbath. To get an album and tour together would be a huge ordeal. I am sure Sharon could either make it happen or **** it up. Let the lawyer fight begin!
    I fail to see the point of another stint with ozzy. They did it for years and played the same set with nothing else to offer. It was ozzy that held them back and why Tony got frustrated with it and walked away. It would be nice to see ozzy redeem himself, but I do not think it is possible anymore.
    Maybe I'm missing something but didn't the Ozzy lineup make 8 albums. Self titled, paranoid, master of reality, vol 4, sabbath bloody sabbath, sabatoge, technical ecstasy, and never say die. Unless i'm having some retarded brain fart, that's just shitty journalism.
    Sabbathfest?!? that would be so sick. they should definitely get the old line-up back at least for one more tour