White House Responds To Randy Blythe

A petition to free him raised almost 30,000 signatures, but the government missed its own deadline and was 15 weeks late in replying to the Lamb Of God singer.

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The White House has made a statement on Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe's Czech arrest, but some say it's too little, too late.

A petition asking to free Randy Blythe had raised almost 30,000 signatures. Once a petition reaches 25,000 signatures, the White House must respond within 30 days - but the final statement was over fifteen weeks late.

The statement offers little support and leaves his judgement to the Czech authorities where he had been arrested for manslaughter, though the original petition may have been a little too ambitious in asking the US government to somehow free him from jail there. Blythe had since been released on bail and pledged to return to face trial.

It reads:

We appreciate your inquiry about the case of D. Randall Blythe, who was released from detention in the Czech Republic on August 3, 2012, and returned to the United States shortly thereafter.

"Mr. Blythe has publicly stated his intention to return to the Czech Republic to face trial for the alleged manslaughter of a Czech man at a concert in 2010. He recently told MTV, 'It's the correct thing for me to do this poor young man's family deserves some answers.'

"Pending Mr. Blythe's trial, we cannot discuss the details of his case. We are closely monitoring the progress of his trial.

"We expect that the Czech government will make all efforts to ensure a fair, transparent, and timely trial for Mr. Blythe, and guarantee full protection of his legal rights under Czech law and his welfare."

Randy will allegedly defend himself in court due to his spiralling legal costs.

Do you wish the US government could do more, or should he face the Czech authorities alone? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Defend himself? Jesus, this isn't Hollywood and that's going to backfire bigtime. I really hope he knows what he's doing.
    Absolutly..... how the **** does he think he can defend himself in a man slaughter trial... not only is he not a lawyer, im willing to bet he knows nothing about Czech law
    i agree but he simply apparently cant afford it. and im not sure that czech law provides a lawyer to people who cant afford it and even then im not sure i want a public defender saving me from a murder trial
    He seems like a smart man, though. I wouldn't be surprised if he's done some reading in the meantime.
    He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.
    Not trying to bash Randy either. I hope he's cleared too, but it's extremely difficult to defend yourself in a trial, especially in a country where they may have laws different from ours... Plus, it's a manslaughter charge. This isn't appealing a speeding ticket. This is a serious charge going against him. Either way, I wish him the best.
    There is enough evidence piled up in Randy's favor that will allow him to do a very good job of defending himself. US lawyers cannot legally defend you in another country unless they are licensed to do so and I highly doubt a US citizen hiring a Czech lawyer would really work in that person's favor.
    You fools who think the white house should do anything about this are a bunch of imbeciles. He was involved in a possible crime in a foreign land and he is VOLUNTARILY going there to stand trial for it. What do you want the government to do, invade Prague?
    They wouldn't invade there's no oil wells in prague
    True, but there's plenty of great beer and some of the most beautiful women in the world. I had a great time there for about 6 months in 2010.
    Why go through all the trouble of invading the Czech Republic for that when Canada is just a little to the North?
    No. Let them attack the Czech Republic and keep ignoring us Canadians as always. If the US realizes how awesome Canada is, we are going to be in real trouble.
    The government has clearly dropped the ball on this one. If this had happened to a more famous artist, say Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, the US government would have been tripping over its own feet in an attempt to get the charges dropped. Not only that, but to miss the response deadline by the amount of time they did is simply embarrassing and completely disrespectful to Mr. Blythe and all the thousands who took the time to sign the petition. I'm not going to tell anybody to pray for Randy, but keep him in your thoughts.
    I don't think the US government cares much about Katy Perry or Taylor Swift either....
    but I'd bet a larger portion of the general public does, and would raise hell if this were to happen to either of them.
    The only reason is because they're more popular than the general public. They aren't making Metalheads victims or something. They just suck at getting things done on time. They also suck at budgets and compromising on issues.
    Unless Randy has a magical Law degree... the czech are going to make short work of this...
    dude, its randy blythe we're talking about. thats like sending the heavier version of Dee Snider
    Are there not any attorneys who use this site willing to defend him? You'd get mad respect from the metal world...
    I'm sure there are plenty who are willing to defend him... ...for $80/hour.
    I find it so strange that some americans hate obama. unless you're the richest 2% of the country you're fooling yourself that the Republicans offer a better solution for the middle class and America in general. sincerely, Canada.
    I wish someone could come up with a new platitude. That richest 2% pay about 50% of the taxes while the poorest 50% pay about 2% of the taxes.
    And those statistics are perfectly OK with me. The 2% have nothing to bitch about and should shut the **** up. They are the last people our politicians need to be taking care of.
    Come on people, pay attention. The article last week quotes the band manager regarding the defense. And he's DEFENDING himself, not REPRESENTING himself. He has lawyers: "All that the band, myself, and our lawyers [emphasis added] can do is to present a defence, and try to convince the judges who will hear the case that Randy is innocent of all charges." - Lamb of God manager Larry Mazer The article last week said the band is selling off some of their equipment to pay the legal fees.
    Being that this is a fairly high profile case I would think that attorneys here in the U.S., as well as in the Czech Rep. will be volunteeing to take the case Pro Bono.....
    I dunno man, Randy is a ****in smart dude, and extremely well spoken. I know it's risky to defend yourself in court, but if there would be anyone who could do it, it's him.
    This is extremely risky, the Czech Republic has an entirely different legal system than the USA which means he will have to understand that system well enough to win his case. I don't believe he has a legal degree of any sort nor any knowledge of the Czech legal system. He does seem like an intelligent guy and he likely has the odds in his favour because of how ridiculous the charge is. Then again, its Eastern Europe....dicey
    Come on, read the article last week about this... he has lawyers who presumably know the system...
    yeah but the article states above that he doesn't have the funds to keep his lawyers, which I'm assuming is why he is representing himself :/
    He does have a graduate degree if I'm not mistaken. He's extremely intelligent so I have hope.
    It's more than risky, I cant recall a big media case where the defendant defended himself and got acquitted. I remember a judge who was pretty impressed by the accused who defended himself, and admired how he presented himself, and was very well spoken and that it was a shame that he ended up the way he did. That defendant's name: Ted Bundy
    There's a difference between a sociopath defending themselves and someone as level headed, intelligent, and well spoken as Blythe.
    ah yes and i assume you hang out with him often and are aware of his intelectual abilities? oh wait, your just saying this cause you like lamb of god?
    *you're, not "your". We aren't talking about my "just". Learn to write properly, it will help accentuate how *intellectual* you are. Or aren't, in this case. And no, I'm saying it because with any public appearance, interview or statement, he has conducted himself as an intelligent, professional personality. He has shown through his media appearances that he is quite educated, unlike a lot of people these days. Also, I just like to have hope for the guy, because this is a terribly tragic state of affairs, and having faith in him is what he wants to hear from his supporters. Apparently, you're just trying to be a prick. And succeeding! Congratulations. Here's a cookie.
    Nope, its "yo'ure" and "intelectual". You just have to sound words out and remembre how a apostraphey works. Lurn two spel.
    (o) no everyone! (hre) come the speling police!(dus) this make you mad?
    The fact that he's planning on returning to The Czech Republic to face trial speaks volumes in regards to his character.
    haha like he has a choice? return to Czech republic, go to court or become internationally wanted for manslaughter? Czech Republic isn't some back water, 3rd world country unfairly pointing fingers, there a fully fledged member of the European Union, NATO and the Council of Europe. Let's not kid ourselves and think Randy has a choice without major repercussions.
    The USA and CR have a mutual extradition treaty, he is going back either way.
    Seriously though, let me ask you guys why you feel that the US government should intervene in any way....
    Suppose for the sake of argument that they SHOULD intervene. What the hell are they supposed to do? Nuke Prague? Based on the information I've seen, if this incident took place in the US I don't think Blythe would ever be convicted of a criminal offense, though depending on the details he, the band, and/or the venue could have some serious trouble with a wrongful death suit in civil court. The venue owner evidently admitted that things weren't set up properly. (Get a million-dollar umbrella policy, people... if anything you do could possibly result in something bad happening that MIGHT be construed as your fault, it's more than worth it to get liability insurance...)
    he threw a guy head first off a stage, smashing his head on conrete!? I don't know about you, but if that was my son, I would sure as hell be screaming for justice.
    I don't know all the details but the victim shouldn't have been on the stage, correct? I'm def. not saying he deserved to be killed or anything. Or even that Blythe was justified in whatever actions he took.
    Basically Randy ****ed up and now he has to pay the consequences. It can happen to anyone, like getting in a bar fight, punching the guy and he smashes his head on a table and dies. You didn't go out to kill him. It just happened that way. Randy didn't go out to kill that kid, but his direct actions resulted in the kids death. If the kid was your brother, you'd be singing a different tune.
    Lol at anyone thinking he wouldn't get a lawyer. It doesn't matter how smart you are, laws are generally very complicated and you need someone who does it for a living to be any good at it at all.
    Yeah like the White House is going to come the aid of a metal singer, get real! If it was a supporter of the administration, say Jay-Z, I think this would be a different story. Prolly wouldn't even need a petition in the first place. But that's just my take on it.
    too true. minorities tend to look out for each other before being concerned with some redneck metal singer from Richmond.
    I wish him the best but he doesn't have a chance; these countries love to **** over foreigners (especially Americans) any way they can. One of my dad's co-worker was robbed and murdered on a scouting trip to the Czech Republic and the local authorities chalked it up as a "suicide".
    Sorry mate, but you're a ****ing idiot. Czech Republic is a beautiful 1st world country. Grab a passport and do some traveling, your ignorance is embarrassing.
    Don't accuse ignorance when you know nothing about the person you speak to. My dad worked for a travel agency and had to scout out locations before they can set up reservations and such. He was robbed at gunpoint on his first visit to the Czech Republic in broad daylight, on security camera, yet the law enforcement took no action to help him. Mix in his co-worker's murder, the presence of gypsies (and not the Andy Griffith kind, the ones who kill before they rob), and the downright racism towards outsiders and you have a pretty intolerant country. Hell, there are even videos online proving what I've said, but if you still want to live in your fantasy world where everything's hunky dory then I won't stop you.
    I lived in the Czech Republic for 6 months and never experienced the slightest bit of 'racism' directed against me. The Czechs hate gypsies. If given the chance to prosecute one for murder, they'd do so in an instant. Your story is make believe or you're ignoring key details.
    I'm tired so excuse me if this isn't exactly cohesive. I'm only going on stories from first hand experiences. I'm sure that not all of the provinces are intolerant, but I would be incredibly wary if I had to go there. And I don't mean to single out the Czech Republic, it's just an ironic fit. When I was a kid my dream was to go to Brazil (different continent, but still) and study capoeira but the things I've seen and heard deter me from wanting to go there at all. Perhaps racism isn't the best word, but they definitely target foreigners because of their lack of knowledge and trustworthiness. When people go on vacations they don't expect to be taken advantage of. My dad's coworker was murdered near her hotel, there wasn't even a real investigation as to who killed her and I firmly believe it was because she was a foreigner. I had never mentioned a gypsy had done it, I was just stating the surge of Gypsies in middle/Eastern Europe in the past few years. And of course Czechs hate Gypsies, everyone does. Even Gypsies hate Gypsies.
    One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a criminal case is representing yourself. If the white house wanted to do anything they could at least send Blythe a public defender
    I blame Obama
    shut up mustaine
    This got the medal?
    Lol! Who cares? It's a gold icon next to your name that highlights your post, it doesn't enhance anything, but I guess for people like you it strokes the ego, "look at me & my special gold badge that does absolutely nothing but note I have the most favored comment!". Don't worry, you'll have your day with the gold badge.
    u mad, themad?
    Always, and no, I'm not trolling. The guy is on his way, you wait a year or so and we will all see.
    you're a ****ing idiot
    Go listen to some Alex Jones, or as anti-globalists may call it: the truth. I'm sorry you feel that way, but by the time everyone will wake up it will be too late.
    I retract my upvote, on counts of me believing you were being sarcastic. Alex Jones is a hyper-sensational pseudo-journalist with WAY too much influence over gullible, liberal-swine like yourself. Also, not to fan the flames here either but HOW exactly is Obama a dictator, given this story that is given here? He's helping out a metal musician he's never met before who to say the least, exorcises his freedom of speech against politics/government in general? Is he a dictator because Alex Jones says so?
    Alex Jones is a total retard. I absolutely hate the man - go to his youtube videos and most of them have comments from me debunking his theories and proving how stupid he is. However, if you look at the cold, hard facts, Obama has set in place a way to take over this country in a very similar manner as to how Hitler took over Germany. Blind people like you are the reason why this country has voted in its last president and will see the death of Democracy within the next four years.
    "wait a year or so and we will all see" This has been said by tin foil hat conservatives since his inauguration.
    No, no, no. They've been saying this crap since the beginning of time.
    "The guy is on his way, you wait a year or so and we will all see." Isn't that what you and your kind said a couple years ago?
    I will be laughing imagining all of your faces when your worst fears turn to reality right before your eyes. And I can't wait for it to happen. It's inevitable, and I will be far away and safe from all of it. Arrivederci!
    So basically, you can provide no evidence that any of this awful stuff is going to happen. Instead you resort to "YOU'LL SEE, YOU'LL ALL SEE!" Well, that's not good enough. Because it's not evidence. You're either a troll or stupid.
    I'm sorry but it is too deep and complicated. It's not evident at first glance but will be after research is done. I am born human. And no I am not stupid, but thanks for the challenge.
    Guys, I think he's referring to the Larry Charles movie.
    Your display picture is of Aleister Crowley, and you're mocking me?
    Ol' Ran might be a screwed. Its the Czech Republic, they aren't going t be very lenient on him. Just cause he decided to goto trial in Czech doesn't really make him a noble man. Someone ****ed up that day and unfortunately the only direction the finger is being pointed is right at Mr.Blythe.
    hes going on trial in the states because he is a noble dude , i have great respect for this man for going back to the czech to face trial , good luck blythe youre gonna need it man !
    If he's involved in manslaughter, he deserves any sentence. Even if he's metal singer.
    Except he isn't. The availiable proof shows that he's innocent, and that the dead fan's fatal injuries were caused by a security guard slamming him head first into the fence.
    +1 to any comment against obama. this country is screwed. so is Randy.
    The worst part is, people still support Obama and think he knows what he's doing.
    Couldn't agree more. As soon as I realised the White House response WASN'T that Obama would personally burst into the courtroom and carry Blythe out in a hail of bullets to the sound of "'MURICA, F**K YEA!!" I understood the American dream was dead.
    I'm not saying that because they're not invading Czech on Randy's behalf, that would be retarded. I'm saying that because of all the actually shitty things Obama has done.
    Obama is one of the most ignorant presidents ever, he is just as stupid as bush, maybe even more
    He's driven us into a mountain of debt. It's really that simple. Anyone who somewhat understands economics can see that.
    Not really that simple... The debt was there and still really quite tangible before Obama's run. There are a lot of reasons for the US debt. Some being very complicated and an obvious one being the funding for the Iraq war (if you're going to blame someone for that one, it would be Bush).
    The Iraq War is to blame for the debt? Don't make me puke my guts out, please... you couldn't fund this country's entitlements for eight months with every penny we spent in Iraq for eight years. At that rate you could buy over 300 years of continuous war for the price of our CURRENT unfunded entitlements. That's not all on Obama -- Bush spent money and expanded entitlements so much that it's a wonder every Democrat in the country didn't love him -- but come on, Obama doesn't even try to dress up his plan to borrow his way out of debt.
    Don't make me laugh. Bush era vs Obama era? There's no comparison; it more than doubled during Obama's 1st term.
    >Implying that Obama alone is responsible for the entire debt crisis rather than Bush, and that the Congress and Federal Reserve has no part in it OH, YOU SO FUNNY
    Bush had a serious spending problem, unfortunately Obama thinks that the problem was that Bush didn't spend nearly enough. Obama makes Bush look like a dirty cheapskate, which is a hell of an achievement, I gotta say. I used to call him Doublebush but that scarcely does it justice anymore.
    Really hoping that Randy's lawyers will do their best... This is a tragic incident, indeed, but Randy shouldn't have to pay for the venue's inadequate safety rules and the screw-up by the security guard whose actions lead to the fan's death.
    why is it I only read about this on ultimate-guitar and other music related sites? Why the hell don't REAL news sites cover this? They should be jumping on this!
    Being that this is a fairly high profile case I would think that attorneys here in the U.S., as well as in the Czech Rep. will be volunteeing to take the case Pro Bono.....
    Why does the government think that Randy will get a fair trial, the Czech government already had arrested him and doubled his bail for no reason, while also not informing him originally about the incident. This is insanity. Randy might not realize what he is getting into.
    Actually it's quite customary in many countries to arrest people suspected of manslaughter. Also, the failure to inform him of the charges was that of the US government, who were informed.
    Thank God Lamb of God will stop putting out terrible music..
    For the ****ing last time, I'm not an LOG fan, I'm a justice fan. I'm not gonna vouch for Randy's imprisonment just cause I don't like his music.
    "We expect" coming from the US sounds like a threat, I'm sure he won't get in much trouble.
    The 'THIS WOULDN'T HAPPEN IN AMERICA' bullshit argument is starting to grate. Trust me, your legal system is NOT the envy of the world. He threw a guy off the stage which resulted in his death, no other way to look at it. All I hope is for a fair trail which The White House knows that he WILL get in the Czech republic. Randys manning up for it, why can't his fans do the same?
    It's obvious since dimebage metal bands are taking no chances. Randy isn't to blame. Only a knuckle head would of got on that stage.
    did axl rose not used to defend himself in court? might be talking rubbish but I'm sure i read it somewhere
    Well Lamb of God is boned he could be facing 5-10 years easy, and well trying to defend yourself in a court of law especially in a foreign country.
    that stupid kid shouldnt have ran at him or even jumped onstage for that matter. if some psycho was running at me id defend myself as well.