Who's Townshend Walks Off Stage Because It's 'Too Loud'

artist: The Who date: 11/06/2012 category: music news
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Who's Townshend Walks Off Stage Because It's 'Too Loud'
They were once renowned for playing at dangerously loud volumes, but these days, The Who are keen to keep it down. In Sunrise, Florida over the weekend, guitarist Pete Townshend became visibly angry with his sound technicians as the band performed a rendition of "You Better You Bet". And, such was Townshend's anger that he then marched off stage without saying anything to his band mates or the audience. After the gig, which was the first stop on the band's "Quadrophenia And More" US tour, Who rhythm guitarist and Pete's brother Simon Townshend tweeted the following information about Pete's early departure: "Pete walked off tonight because it was too loud. Was a good show but had some technical problems." Townshend has complained of hearing problems for most of his tenure as a Who member. He has suffered from tinnitus since standing too close to Keith Moon's exploding drum kit during a performance on the Smothers Brothers TV show in 1967. Recently, the guitarist had speculated that his hearing issues may bring an end to his musical career, although he has since found a monitoring system that caters to his issues. Back in 1976, The Who claimed the title of "Loudest Band In The World" after being measured producing a volume of 126db. 126db is higher than the point at which sound causes pain. These days, health and safety rules forbid exposure to sounds over 115db for more than 15 minutes per day. As we reported back in September, Townshend raised some eyebrows recently after describing Mick Jagger's penis as "long and plump". Townshend also stated that Jagger was the only man he ever "seriously wanted to f--k". The revelations were excerpts from the guitarist's autobiography "Who I Am", which was released last month.
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