Why ELP Said No To Hendrix

artist: Jimi Hendrix date: 07/12/2010 category: general music news

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Why ELP Said No To Hendrix
Emerson, Lake and Palmer resisted pressure to invite guitar hero Jimi Hendrix into the band, they've revealed and it's not just because they'd have had to call the band Help. Keyboard wizard Keith Emerson worked with Hendrix when they toured together in a concert package in 1967 in a bill featuring the Experience, Pink Floyd, the Move, Amen Corner and Emerson's band the Nice. Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell later suggested the tie-up. Emerson tells the Daily Mail: "Mitch talked about getting him to join, but quite honestly, I wasn't that interested. I had jammed with Jimi he was so loud he'd have drowned me out." Bassist Greg Lake says: "Keith and Jimi both understood music brilliantly, but there would have been clashes. "Plus, we'd have had to call ourselves HELP..." Emerson, Lake and drummer Carl Palmer are currently rehearsing for their 40th anniversary show, which takes places at Classic Rock magazine's High Voltage festival on July 24-25. They're promising a show which lives up to their larger-than-life legend. Emerson, who at 65 is the oldest of the trio, says: "Our age is a factor. If we don't do it now we might not get the chance again." Palmer, 63, who's two years older than Lake, adds: "It's great to be playing again and High Voltage is the right stage for us." The festival, which takes place in London's Victoria Park, is co-headlined by ZZ Top and will feature Heaven and Hell's final concert, in memory of singer Ronnie James Dio. Thanks for the report to Rock Radio.
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