Why Korn Don't Want Original Drummer In Reunion

David Silveria went on hiatus in 2006, but he's not welcome to their reunion with founding guitarist Brian "Head" Welch this year.

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Korn won't be calling former drummer David Silveria for their reunion with guitarist Brian "Head" Welch - and not because he's just pleaded guilty to a DUI charge.

Silveria went on an "indefinite hiatus" in 2006, but despite the phrasing technically leaving the door open to rejoin in the future, Head says he's not welcome for now.

"David has really said some crazy things online about personal things and he's not in a place where people would really want him around," Head told Media Mikes. "That happened before I talked with them [about a reunion] but I guess the things he said were really crazy. Those guys were in a band together for so long so I don't know, but for now it's just not going to happen."

Silveria claims he had not been drinking when he reversed into another car, and that he blew a 0.0 on a breathalyser at the scene. Police chose to arrest him when he mentioned taking a sleeping pill to help with insomnia the night before, according to Blabbermouth. It is his first offence.

As a result, Silveria has been sentenced to three years of informal probation, a three-month first-offender program, and to attend a victim impact panel.

Meanwhile, Head updated fans on his reunion tour dates with the band this year and says they'll pick up the pace on rehearsals in the next couple of months:

"It's going to be a lot of fun to play those old songs again. The times we have been together so far have been nothing but positive between everyone. It's like nothing negative ever happened between any of us... I love my old friends and it feels good to connect again."

Do you wish Silveria could return to Korn for a full original lineup reunion? Let us know in the comments.

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    Strange how Head is the one explaining the beef between David and the rest of the band when he's technically not even involved in the issue seeing as he wasn't a member during the time David left KoRn himself
    Not fussed about David coming back, Ray's a better drummer.
    Why Korn DOESN'T want original drummer
    This should've been the first comment. Surprisingly it wasn't. "Ain't nobody got the time for that!"
    Americans consider a band to be a single entity; a lot of other English-speakers do not. In the UK, we would say "Korn don't want..." because we see Korn as a group of individuals, giving any subsequent verbs a plural form.
    thanks, their grammatical error was driving me nuts
    It can go either way: Motley Crue are. Gun's n Roses is... I asked my English professor long ago. Both of my examples SOUND wrong, but they are both acceptable grammatically
    How come people come to comment on bands they don't like even like? What is the use of coming to an article that only Korn fans would be interested in to say 'Korn suck'? Goddamn attention-starved ninnies.
    "three years of informal probation, a three-month first-offender program, and to attend a victim impact panel" Yeah, you don't get that for taking a sleeping pill the night before and backing into a car. There's more to this story...
    BS. I've known guys to get locked up for less than that. It depends on what county/district you live in.
    I took a look at his Facebook page and on one post I'm pretty sure he was threatening to shoot Obama for implementing gun control...seems a bit crazy.
    link please??
    "Thanks Obama. It's cool though. I just have multiple 10 round clips ready to go" https://www.facebook.com/david.r.silveri... It's quite far down. He also calls people 'c*nts' a lot.
    Doesn't say anything about "shooting Obama". Watch what you throw around, clown.
    Sorry? I stand by what I said. He was implying he was loading the gun to stop Obama. That's how I read it anyway.
    That's pretty funny. "Hey guys! I think they want to take away our guns! Let's show them how much we deserve our guns by threatening them... with our guns!"
    Jon Davis is almost as bad. He made the statement "Obama is an Illuminati puppet and has dragged the country down to the worst place its ever been. I remember when people used to be proud to be Americans." I really don't have respect for any of them after that. Keep politics out things especially if you don't know what your talking about. Bush was the reason the American economy failed and the reason the world has no respect for us.
    Head quits because band is partying too much and abusing too many substances. He is welcomed back in. David goes on undetermined hiatus, backs his car into someone after having taken a sleeping pill, gets arrested and is no longer welcome in the band. Anyone else seeing a double standard here?
    Everybody in Korn is sober. Ray Luzier was never into drugs or alcohol in the first place. Jonathan Davis quit drugs and alcohol cold turkey in 1998. And we all know Fieldy cleaned up a few years ago. He doesn't even drink caffeine. The reason David isn't allowed back in the band is because he made negative and completely false statements about Korn, Jonathan Davis, and Jonathan's wife on the Internet last year. Check out his Facebook. He is extremely jaded. Ray is a better drummer and he's actually respectful.
    Who cares?
    My sentiments exactly.
    Their new drummer is better.
    he is good. But he puts his own style on korn's OG songs that make it sound unlike OG korn. I don't like that and of course David would feel that void, (nobody is better than a original member of any huge band period) but who knows what David's been doing? I know I read he used to always be the cool guy who didn't use drugs back then (with an exception to drinking), so maybe he feel off into them now...
    I understand his style on older Korn songs is a little different, but I'm glad he's putting himself into the music, and not just copying it like a stand-in. He's showing that he's not temporary and that he IS Korn's drummer, and he's going to play like it, sort of like Joey Castillo in QOTSA. He took everything Dave Grohl did on Songs for the Deaf and made it his own. He became their drummer, not Dave Grohl.
    I'm more than happy with the drummer now. The band has far more energy live than in the Untitled and SYOTOS eras.
    screw that era and those albums...its all about the the first 3 albums!!! and maybe take a look in the mirror...as a huge korn fan don't ever listen to those era of albums again and judge...lol
    It is a hard choice, I love David's drumming but I also like Ray's style. I hope they work something out.
    Arrested for taking a sleeping pill for insomnia the night BEFORE and then backing into a vehicle? I'm sorry but I need to figure out what time the next day he did this. I wouldn't think a sleeping pill would last that long. Either way, this is a bummer about the original band not being completely together, but I honestly think Head was more a part of their signature sound than David. Love Korn and all their band members old and new, that's just the way I feel.
    I have spent some time before comparing David vs Ray and for sure I can say David is better, the fact that a drummer try to make a notorious appearance isnt enough to replace the original member, believe Davids precision is what we love from old school, sadly he is just apart-
    I am a huge KoRn fan, and i am going to see them play the first full show with Head at Rock On The Range, i love that they had a reunion, i will admit it would be nice to see the full band back together, but i personally like Ray better than David, so i am fine with David not being invited back to KoRn