Why Poison Rejected Slash In The 80s

Singer Bret Michaels says Slash would have steered them towards an Aerosmith sound. Can you imagine rock history if he joined Poison?

Ultimate Guitar

Poison singer Bret Michaels has revealed more details about why they rejected Slash in the 1980s when he auditioned to join their band.

"Slash is one of my all-time favorite guitar players and I believe he would have steered our sound a little more in the Aerosmith direction," he told Austin 360. "He was basically the same guy he is today. What you see is what you get. It never really had a chance to work out or not. The band decided C.C. (DeVille) was the best choice for us."

Slash revealed in 2010 that before joining Guns N' Roses that Poison guitarist Matt Smith was the one who told him to try out for the band, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Although he wasn't a fan of their music, he was yet to make his name as a legendary guitarist and had to consider every gig that crossed his path.

He made it through the auditions and was down to the final two, but realised he would never suit their glam makeup style.

"As I was walking out of the audition, C.C. DeVille was walking in," said Slash of the auditions. "He had on pancake makeup and a ton of hairspray. I actually remember thinking right then, That should be the guy.'"

Can you imagine a world where Slash didn't join Gn'R? Would Poison have been better with his influence? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    Axl Rose wrote some amazing music. He may be crazy, but I rather judge musicians on their merit and talent than their personalities.
    thank you bret michaels for rejecting the awesome slash and instead taking the crap c.c deville if you had not done that then we wouldn't have gotten 4 great Guns N' Roses albums that show off the dynamic guitar pairing that is slash and izzy stradlin
    pssh more like 2 overplayed riffs
    Says the guy whose username declares him the (false) husband of an over-rated woman in rock and listens to shite? Yeah, you're totally the guy we should be asking for great music. Whether you like them or not, Guns N' Roses is a legendary band with more than 2 overplayed riffs. Seriously, how old are you? 14?
    I thought it was because they thought Slash was too ugly? That was the reason theyve been saying for years.
    "As I was walking out of the audition, C.C. DeVille was walking in," said Slash of the auditions. "He had on pancake makeup and a ton of hairspray. I actually remember thinking right then, That should be the guy." LOL, gotta love Slash
    Slash said in his book it was because of his dress sense, nothing to do with his sound.
    Irwin Navarro
    Meh, at least Slash is with Myles Kennedy now. A waaay better vocalist and a less egotistical douche go ahead flame me
    Bret Michaels is, and always will be the absolute biggest douche in the music industry. Slash should be, and probably is thrilled he didn't get sucked into that garbage pop rock sounding band of transvestite hookers
    I'm just pissed Bret made having "an Aerosmith sound" seem like a bad thing. I mean, yeah Slash and GN'R as a whole have a lot of evidence of Aerosmith influence, but that's what made them not sound like every hair metal band at that time.
    I like to imagine a world without Poison.
    Huh. Um, welcome to "now". "Then" you would of been waiting in line to get into a Poison show to see girls dressed in almost nothing. And by the the end of the show, sometimes they were wearing "nothing" "Now" you don't want to to see any of those girrillas with almost nothing on.
    I vote Axl for the biggest douche in the music industry. Funny how everyone bashes Poison, I dont think they intended to be good. Just intended to have fun. Its funny how people like you all talk about good, bands dont care if they're good, as long as they like their art, and are proud of it, thats all that matters, your opinion means zero to them, except the money, thats important too.
    slash would affect any band for positive, even bands with more elite guitrists- becaie i think i he might just steer them in different, but still good sound
    As you play with more musicians over the years, you'll find that some bands are like ugly fat chicks. No matter how much weight you help them lose, they're still going to be ugly.
    DeVille is a better guitarist than Slash. How you like them apples?
    I don't agree, I think Slash and Izzy especially are underrated on non-guitar forums. As to Poison, I think they are better than most hair bands, but still not great. Sometimes I think bands get too caught up in what they are suppose to be and that limits them. The greats are always evolving and growing.
    slash >> cc deville for sure but deville is actually very good as well ive always liked his playing but slash is one the greats no denying that
    This would've changed history, I would probably be listening to justin bieber right now if this had happened o.O
    Hmm...so what. But for Slash not fitting in with the direction of, well EVERYTHING about Poison, a lot of great guitar work wouldn't of been heard. CC got the part, and its a damn good thing he did. Have any of you considered what would of happened to GnR if CC would of landed that? LOL