Will Deep Purple Stop Making Albums?

Roger Glover of Deep Purple reveals that the band isn't sure if they want to continue to release albums. He also discusses the group's new orchestral tour.

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Deep Purple is well known as one of the most famous and talented hard rock groups to come out of Britain. The band has currently released 18 full-length studio albums since their debut in 1968, and while it has been suggested that another one is in the works, the group doesn't seem quite sure if they want to continue to release records or not.

Roger Glover, Deep Purple's bassist, spoke to QMI Agency about the band's ideas on continuing to release albums:

"There's been disagreement in the band about whether to do another album. They really don't make money any more. My opinion is that we are an album band and should make them even if it costs us money, because that's what we do. Maybe I'm a traditionalist, but I believe we should stay what we are."

"We can progress with our music, but the way we do it should be the way we've always done it", Glover continued. "There's nothing wrong with that. An album is like capturing a moment in time. And in a band with a history like ours, those moments mean a lot."

Today also marks the beginning of Deep Purple's new tour, which will feature a 38-piece orchestra. When asked about why the band chose to tour with an orchestra, Glover replied:

"Well, it's good to have a new hook to hang your coat on. We've toured so much and so many people have seen us. So we thought this was a different kind of challenge. We're best known for the old songs, so it's about time to try something a little different."

So how will the performances with the orchestra differ from the band's usual shows?

"It'll be just bigger, I suppose", said Glover. "Still the riffs you know and the melodies you know, but bigger and more intricate. But the orchestral-symphonic idea sounds a bit more highfalutin' than it is. I think we're actually leaning more towards the jazz side of orchestral music rather than symphonic. So there will be an element of subversiveness in there."

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    I'd hate it if they stopped making records... They've been my favourite band for ages! Please MAKE MORE RECORDS!