Will Ferrel and Chad Smith Challenging Lars Ulrich to a Drum-Off: 'The Gauntlet Is Down'

"Lars gets pissed because he gets mistaken for both me and Chad Smith," Will explains.

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Following an epic drum-off between the dueling doppelgangers Chad Smith and Will Ferrel, another showdown might be on the horizon, this time around involving the third musketeer.

And the third lookalike is none-other than Lars Ulrich from Metallica. During the duo's recent chat with Spin, they have exclusively unveiled their latest scheme.

Asked about future plans, Ferrel replied, "I mean, we did talk about another drum-off. With a third person that looks eerily similar to Chad and I. A third drummer out there."

"I think it's - did we talk about Lars?," Chad asked. "We talked about Lars, from Metallica," Will confirmed. "So, I don't know."

"Lars gets pissed because he gets mistaken for both me and Chad Smith," the comedian further explained. "He can settle that score now, too."

"There it is. The gauntlet is down," Chad chipped in.

So the initial drum battle was the event of a season of its own, but a three-way brawl would really be something else. Until some fresh info arrives, check out the original showdown in the clip below.

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    At least Will Ferrel won't finish last if this were to happen!
    I wonder if Lars will also try and fail miming to a drum track on the night.
    He wasn't playing to a drum track, ?uestlove from the Roots was actually playing the drums off camera. That's why Will spent the entire time looking over at him
    Lmao you bunch of d!ckheads all jumping on the bandwagon of hating Lars. But what have you ever done in life? hahahahaha
    I single-handedly ended World War II, I developed the cure for Polio and stepped on a guitar and invented Rock and Roll... or did nothing and Lars is just a terrible drummer.
    go listen to Dyers Eve, ****head
    Yeah but pulling it off live? I've seen too many videos of Lars messing up his own drum parts that he's been playing for years. How can one defend that?
    Poor Lars. Co-writes epic albums that will go down in history for helping shape metal, is only credited with poor drumming. The hate-Lars bandwagon is real!
    Yeah you keep bringing his pasts glories, AJFA might be the only album where he excelled at drumming. A good drummer could still pull it off.
    So then he is a good drummer? I don't get your statement lol.
    There are 2 types of musicians, those who are gifted and those who need to work really hard to achieve good technique. Lars is the later, sadly he doesn't work that "hard" anymore, those who aren't gifted get rusty if they don't work constantly. Hence being a good drummer is either being gifted by nature or being a constant worker so you don't get rusty.
    I honestly cannot tell the difference between a 'good' drummer and a 'bad' drummer they're either in time or they aren't.
    hey man you seem to be getting hate, just thought I'd let you know I thought your comment was pretty funny
    Dave Grohl and that dude from nirvana could have a good drum battle
    Never fully understood all the hate on Lars. I mean yeah he isn't the best drummer, but who give a crap. He's done better for himself than 90% of drummers who are out there, and he seems like a pretty laid back and cool dude.
    cause it's cool now to hate Lars and this website is a bunch of ****ing sheep if you haven't noticed.
    I don't hate Lars, he's F**kin awesome. But i do very much enjoy to rip on his drumming, and the fact he is probably quite good at tennis.
    Me too! I love the guy... very cool to his fans, genuinely loves metal music, played on some of my favorite metal albums of all time. Will I make fun of his drumming? Yes. Do I dislike the guy? Heck no. I actually listened to St. Anger the other day for the first time in like, 10 years. Sure, the snare tone is infamous at this point but his actual playing on that album is better than most of Metallica's 90's stuff. Hetfield's riffs and songwriting are usually top-notch anyway. I don't mean to come off as an a**hole but I like talking music and I love a good debate.
    Yeah, because if a musician disagrees on a particular musician's abilities on a site for musician's then it must mean that they're "sheep". So... if everyone agreed that Lars was a great musician because he is rich and famous that would mean that we're NOT "sheep"? I don't think that expression means what you think it means...
    Judging by your "critique" of Lars' drumming ability, which is pretty much without any substance, just random "trying to sound cool insults, I don't think you know what the word "musician" means. But then again, you seem to have made your camp in the comments section, of an article about a musician you don't like. So, whatever comes out of your keyboard, oh internet warrior you, doesn't do much to anyone that has passed the age where puberty makes you do weird things. As for Lars' ability as a drummer: he is one of the most influential drummers in heavy metal, something that you would know if you bothered to do some research, he was considered among the best in the genre when Metallica were at their high-point, he is one half of the music-making duo of one of the most influential bands in metal and the most popular one. He is the drummer in ...And Justice for All; that on its won diminishes all your "edgy" hate to nothingness. And as for recognition from his peers: he is mentioned as a major influence and a favourite drummer among such people as Mike Portnoy and Mario Duplantier. But oh no, some random keyboard warrior's opinion is so much more important than that of those scrubs that he has to make it known to everyone that reads the article by commenting all over the place. Please, be the mature person that you think that you are and just leave. Nobody needs your brand of childish hate and condescension; especially in an article about something, in a good way, funny.
    Hi. Drummer here. When I first started playing drums, I learned Metallica songs. It wasn't until later on that I realized how much more challenging it was going to get. I'm not saying he's a bad guy, or a bad drummer necessarily, but if a 12 year old beginner on drums can easily decipher his patterns, it says a bit about his playing style at the very least. He is an influential drummer, sure, he was in ****ing Metallica. Every single member of that band is influential. It's hard not to be. But lars is way at the bottom of the list when it comes to technical ability and time.
    I put Lars in the same category as Ringo Starr. They may not have been the best drummer, but they fit the band they were in, and they don't really have too much of an ego. They are content to just play drums in a really good band, and have fun doing it. The most important component of a band is their ability to play well together, not any technical skill, and Lars compliments Metallica perfectly. Therefore I think he's a great drummer.
    Bark up the wrong tree much? You get a sparkly star sticker for effort but attempting to break someone's personality down based on "I don't think that Lars Ulrich is a good drummer" is exactly the hypocrisy and "keyboard warrior" bullsh*t that you're accusing me of... for not liking the same drummer as you. I never claimed to be "edgy" and nothing I wrote comes close to "hate". You're literally rallying against someone that you imagine is me saying things that I didn't say. Make puberty jokes, insult my maturity (again, for disagreeing with you). Speaking of puberty - What do puberty and the ability to play any of Lars' drum parts have in common? They both happen around the same time. Get it? You can call me a "keyboard warrior" if it gets you all hot and bothered. That's cool. I don't why I'm even bothering to address this (bored on my lunch break I guess) but I never said that Ulrich wasn't influential. I'll never argue that his playing isn't adequate . It is. With that said, I can't unhear the countless metal drummers that have come since that make Lars' playing sound incredibly weak. Being in a famous band doesn't necessarily make you a great musician. THIS IS A SITE FOR MUSICIANS! Want celebrity worship? Go ANYWHERE! I just think of this site as a place where musicians can share their opinions openly. Apparently that offends you. You still get your star ; In summation: Let us all strive for the day when we are "mature" (AKA agree with you) but until then we'll have to settle for having our own lousy thoughts and opinions.