Within Temptation and Xzibit Will Likely Perform Live Together, Band Confirms

artist: Within Temptation date: 03/14/2014 category: general music news
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Within Temptation and Xzibit Will Likely Perform Live Together, Band Confirms
Within Temptation and Xzibit have been discussing their recent collaboration, "And We Run," noting that the song comes from a desire for freedom.

As Xzibit states of his lyrics:

"To me, the track symbolizes the freedom that we all envisage for ourselves, and whether we are attempting to go for that or whether we have not attempted to push ourselves to the limit to go after that. It's a motivational tool. I wrote my lyrics behind that idea."

Singer Sharon den Adel adds:

"When we wrote the lyrics for our part, we felt like you sometimes have situations where you get stuck and you don't want to be in. Some people just stay in that situation, but this song is really about empowerment; getting rid of the bad situation and going forward."

Xzibit also noted that he and the band are likely to perform the track in a live setting, stating that audiences can expect to see the collaboration in the future. "And We Run" is taken from Within Temptation's sixth studio album, "Hydra."

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