Wolfmother Release New Album 'New Crown,' Streaming It in Full

artist: Wolfmother date: 03/24/2014 category: music news
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Wolfmother Release New Album 'New Crown,' Streaming It in Full
Australian rockers Wolfmother dropped quite a surprise yesterday (March 23), releasing their long-awaited third album "New Crown" via Bandcamp and even streaming it in full.

Some of the fans might feel a bit confused, seeing that frontman Andrew Stockdale has announced retiring the Wolfmother name. However, after the release of his "Keep Moving" solo record, Andrew got Wolfmother back on track.

The album clocks in at 45 minutes and features 11 new tunes. You can check out the front cover and track listing below. More importantly, you can also stream the record or buy it here.

The group's latest studio effort, "Cosmic Egg," saw its release in October 2009 via Modular Records.

"New Crown" track listing:

01. How Many Times
02. Enemy Is in Your Mind
03. Heavy Weight
04. New Crown
05. Tall Ships
06. Feelings
07. I Ain't Got No
08. She Got It
09. My Tangerine Dream
10. Radio
11. I Don't Know Why

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