Wolfmother Release New Album 'New Crown,' Streaming It in Full

Band drops a major surprise via Bandcamp, first album in five years finally here.

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Australian rockers Wolfmother dropped quite a surprise yesterday (March 23), releasing their long-awaited third album "New Crown" via Bandcamp and even streaming it in full.

Some of the fans might feel a bit confused, seeing that frontman Andrew Stockdale has announced retiring the Wolfmother name. However, after the release of his "Keep Moving" solo record, Andrew got Wolfmother back on track.

The album clocks in at 45 minutes and features 11 new tunes. You can check out the front cover and track listing below. More importantly, you can also stream the record or buy it here.

The group's latest studio effort, "Cosmic Egg," saw its release in October 2009 via Modular Records.

"New Crown" track listing:

01. How Many Times
02. Enemy Is in Your Mind
03. Heavy Weight
04. New Crown
05. Tall Ships
06. Feelings
07. I Ain't Got No
08. She Got It
09. My Tangerine Dream10. Radio11. I Don't Know Why

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    So i'm guessing the solo album flopped.
    Yeah not so great compared to their predecessor 'Cosmic Egg'. I feel like this album just came out of the pressure that they hadn't released anything new since 2009.
    This sounds like a weird mixture of Sabbath and Black Keys. I really like it.
    Dead Eye Dick
    Is it just me or has his lead playing flopped downhill a bit since the last album?
    I don't think Stockdale has ever been a very good player, at least not for leads. On their self-titled debut it was even a lot more evident, although the entire band wasn't as tight as they were during Cosmic Egg (which is understandable seeing as two thirds of the band dropped out of Wolfmother after the first album). I do commend him for getting his shit together around Cosmic Egg, because his performances were very hit and miss in their earlier days.
    I agree, leads aren't his strongest point. But the great thing about them is that don't give a **** about that. I doubt they even record on a clicktrack because some parts are really wobbly. They probably want to give it that 60s-70s imperfect feel like The Black Keys and other bands like that do, which is fine by me. It doesn't bother me when I listen to the album.
    Definitely. I don't see the need for these downvotes; you guys are expressing legitimate concerns in a rational and respectable manner. Anyway, looking forward to listening to this. Wolfmother (the album) is one of my favorite records, really solid all the way through.
    Dead Eye Dick
    Yeah for sure, I'm a big fan and all, i even sat through an aerosmith concert just to see them open. He's never struck me as a proficient guitarist or anything in the past, i suppose it's the instrument that works with his style best, it's just some of this stuff sounds kinda crappy. I guess the album has that off the cuff live jammin' kind of vibe going which might explain it. Still love the live version of tall ships I heard as much as any of their old goodies.
    Haven't found time to listen to it yet, but that artwork is a masterpiece.
    Whoa whoa what the hell? I thought Wolfmother were broken up. Definitely gonna check this out.
    Solo albums from people in bands are tricky, it goes from 4/5 influential parties to one guy, and if they can't write the complete songs they'll struggle, look at Mercury's solo stuff, showed how much Queen were such a powerful team... good to see the Wolfmother name out there again.
    As a close-minded, snooty jazz/fusion-70's progger - I love this. This might be the first time I've purchased an album not labeled as 'pretentious, experimental, or noodling' in quite some time.
    I thought the album was very good. I hit more like an indie rock feel (Ty Segall meets Fuzz?), but I think it was very very cool tunes.
    Orgy is releasing a new album and now wolfmother... this year is shaping up to be pretty nice
    Gotta side with Mike on this one…
    Yea. This album actually is not to bad..id buy it if I had the money.
    Giving it a listen now. It's spectacular, to say the least. One of my favorite albums in a long time.