Wolfmother to be Killed Off

artist: Wolfmother date: 04/26/2013 category: music news
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Wolfmother to be Killed Off
Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale has ditched their band name, and will instead name the band after himself. Stockdale formed the band in 2000 with Chris Ross and Myles Hesketh, but they left the band in 2008 because of "irreconcilable differences." It has since gone through two different lineups, both with Stockdale as frontman as the only original member. "For the last three years I've performed as Wolfmother, and I don't feel comfortable about it," Stockdale tells Billboard. "Chris Ross, who played bass and keys in the first line-up when we started, he came up with that band name. That name was for me, Chris and [drummer] Myles Heskett. It became Wolfmother. Because of the success of the name, there was pressure then to call yourself Wolfmother. But it felt weird." The last Wolfmother show will be on April 28 in Melbourne when they support Aerosmith. Stockdale will then release his first solo album "Keep Moving" on June 10. In other recent Stockdale news, he was fined $350 for fighting with bouncers in an Australian bar after drunkenly forcing his way onstage to sing with a cover band who were playing the Beatles' "Let it Be." Watch Andrew Stockdale's first solo single "Long Way to Go" in the player below.
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