Wolfmother to be Killed Off

Frontman Andrew Stockdale is going to name the band after himself after they support Aerosmith next week.

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Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale has ditched their band name, and will instead name the band after himself.

Stockdale formed the band in 2000 with Chris Ross and Myles Hesketh, but they left the band in 2008 because of "irreconcilable differences." It has since gone through two different lineups, both with Stockdale as frontman as the only original member.

"For the last three years I've performed as Wolfmother, and I don't feel comfortable about it," Stockdale tells Billboard.

"Chris Ross, who played bass and keys in the first line-up when we started, he came up with that band name. That name was for me, Chris and [drummer] Myles Heskett. It became Wolfmother. Because of the success of the name, there was pressure then to call yourself Wolfmother. But it felt weird."

The last Wolfmother show will be on April 28 in Melbourne when they support Aerosmith. Stockdale will then release his first solo album "Keep Moving" on June 10.

In other recent Stockdale news, he was fined $350 for fighting with bouncers in an Australian bar after drunkenly forcing his way onstage to sing with a cover band who were playing the Beatles' "Let it Be."

Watch Andrew Stockdale's first solo single "Long Way to Go" in the player below.

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    So his new solo record is technically the new 'wolfmother' record right?
    or: Is the new wolfmother record technically his new 'solo' record? Actually I think you're right.
    What a shame that the band is no more. The original Wolfmother trio had easily become my favorite modern band at the time - their live shows were unreal with energy and talent, and their music carried the true spirit of everything there was to love about music in the late 60s/early 70s. Stockdale is great, but the other two original members completed that sound too perfectly.
    Classic Ultimate Guitar, is it really necessary to have such misleading articles? Basically this is Stockdale accepting he isn't wolfmother and officially becoming a solo artist with a backing band
    Not exactly misleading unless one actually expects the rest of the band to be...killed off.
    I'm a big fan of Wolfmother and Stockdale, but its gotta tell you he's very difficult to work with if 3 different line ups have left. Great talent though.
    At least he hasn't done an Axl. I respect the guy for doing this.
    Mr Winters
    I hope he doesn't. He is an unbelievable singer.
    Dude, he hasn't got that much of a voice. Faith no more are hugely over-rated.
    Faith No More overrated? Absolutely. Their music is enjoyable though aside from that "Epic" song. However, Mike Patton's other bands are WAY more interesting and dynamic than FNM. Listen to his other bands, I honestly don't know how anyone can say he doesn't have that much of a voice while his techniques range from crooning, falsetto, screaming, opera, death growls, rapping, mouth music, beatboxing, and scatting. Not to mention he's one hell of a songwriter.
    I'm not trying to nitpick here, but that headline can make a fan have a heart attack. "Wolfmother to change its name", why not? (Because this is UG.) Anyway, Wolfmother is being all about Stockdale for about 5 years now, so I don't see why not.
    Alright, I just want to know once and for all why it is that so many of you hate on Wolfmother so much. I want an answer that isn't "because they suck" or something about accusing them of trying to be Sabbath or Zeppelin.
    The first album was good BUT I met him, he is a dick. maybe even a bigger dick then me !!
    Well, now that he's free, he should totally contradict himself and join Geoff Tate's version of "Queensryche"
    You muppets! It's probably because that original member owns the name, and he still has to pay him royalties.
    He questions what year we are in less than 30 seconds after he stated that he's working on an album consisting of 60's Italian music...
    Except he's not trying to base his career on his one off 60s italian music project. whereas wolfmother is basing theirs on a blatant led zeppelin ripoff.
    Love Faith No More, hate Mike Patton. I'd like to see someones reaction the next time he does a reunion with Faith No More or sings "Epic"on stage. I'm certain that you'll hear someone say "What year are we in??"
    Mike Patton, now there's an ego. Great singer, I still think Faith No More are underrated but he is a real douchebag.
    Do Re Mi
    From what I've heard about Wolfmother this probably should of happened from the get go. Didn't original members quit because he was such a dick?
    I have the exact same look on my face everytime I hear wolfmother.
    Wolfmother was awesome with three members then cosmic egg came out with I believe four dudes and one original member and it was still pretty Rad, regardless of the band name I'm gonna give their music a listen
    Ian hawkins
    This news is atleast a month old. And being arrested in a bar happened several years ago. U.G,you're out of date
    Totes agree with and respect his reasoning... kinda wish he'd come up with a band name tho and not just after himself
    "Stockdalel works, but have it be a band with a constant lineup, where Andrew is just 1/4 of the vote/earnings, and it'll be fine.
    I loved their first album. And they put on a damn good live show, what with the bassist playing keyboards as well. Everything after the original lineup just hasn't done it for me sadly. Good that he's changing the name, it always bothered me that he was the only remaining original member.
    This made me really sad when I first heard about it because I've been anticipating this new album for the last year now, but at least his new stuff is solid work.
    Why? It IS his solo project now and he does make a distinction between then and now. Since it doesn't feel like a band to him he can simply keep performing under his own name. I actually think this is admirable.
    Mr Winters
    This. If a band has lost most of its original members, it's not that band anymore. I love Chimaira, but it's not Chimaira anymore, it's Mark Hunter and Friends.
    Same with how The Smashing Pumpkins only having Billy Corgan as an original member now.
    Yes and no in my opinion. I see the Pumpkins as being different because it's always been Corgan's band. He's always written and arranged the material and recorded most of it anyway.
    Yeah, and as much as I hate to admit it, James and D'arcy were more like stand-ins. In my opinion, it's better the way it is because Iha and Chamberlin are great musicians and are now able to show it, rather than be under Billy's creative control, like the members now are.
    I have to disagree there. I think James, at least, was a much much better guitarist than whoever they have now. He always had some decently creative solos.
    I'm not saying James isn't better. I just think he wasn't able to express himself to his full potential because Billy had most of the control. That's why I think it's better he's not in Pumpkins. He's too good for that.
    I heard Billy made most of the solo's, not James
    Vicryl 2.0
    Billy made his solos and james did his. ive read some interviews before, the reason james doesnt do solos that much is because billy always tried to force his ideas. and i dont think james is the kind who argues.
    Nero Galon
    Yeah I agree with that.
    Keep in mind that with the Smashing Pumpkins, Corgan was basically the whole band. When they went to the studio he layed most if not all of the instruments down, the other members just played them live...
    same with muse.
    That makes no sense to say Muse... the trio of Bellamy, Howard, and Wolstenholme have never parted ways! ...dumbass..
    I think he meant that muse is only matt bellamy with howard and wolstenholme playing stuff live...he needs to watch a documentary about any muse album to see that he is wrong about that TOO
    Cattle Decapitation has zero original members. Yet it would make no sense to call it "Travis Ryan and friends". They've been musically similar since their early stuff, and have had the same guitarist and singer for years now.
    *cough* Kiss anyone? I know its still Paul and Gene, but Ace was a pretty badass guitarist back in their heyday.
    Jack's Mannequin got rid of their name and Andrew just performs under a solo project...He said he got tired of limiting his music by a project basis, so now he plays songs from all of his bands as well as solo stuff. I much prefer it that way tbh.
    I wonder what QOTSA would qualify as.. They have some long term members but only Josh is the original member. They still sound awesome though
    I can understand his decision. If anything I reckon it's a statement of respect for the two former wolfmother members and the work of that line up. (I can think of a few frontmen who are still trying to live off the name of an old band at the moment...)
    Yeah, I thought "EGO" too. But then I actually read the article. I wasn't aware there have been multiple lineups and all that. I'd suggest you read it as well.
    You think Axl Rose is still performing with Guns 'n Roses because his ego isn't big enough to just make a band called Axl Rose?
    I'd be a lot less inclined to agree with this if not for that last bit about forcing his way to the front of a cover band.
    Daughtry's band is named after him and he's down to Earth as it gets. Your point is thus invalid.
    You know what's funny about this comment? He wants to change the name of the band since he is the last original member left. Now, why should he keep the name "Wolfmother" if the old members aren't a part of it? I mean, people moan and complain how Axl Rose should change Guns N Roses to something else since the "Appetite" members aren't their anymore. How is this any different?
    OH COME ON UG. I knew this like a month ago.
    Wolfmother's debut had a lot of great songs on it, didn't really care for Cosmic Egg and kind of forgot about the band. They're pretty irrelevant, even in Australia, at this point and Stockdale changing their name isn't going to freshen them, it's just going to be him beating a dead horse.
    I hate this fact. They were one of the best bands of the 2000s and somehow never got the full credit they deserved.
    Screw all you haters. Wolfmother's retro rock feel makes them my favourite band of this millennia.
    Let's all just hate on everything inspired by Led Zep, Deep Purple, Sabbath, Stones etc.. Anything that isn't completely independent of any influence of a group I like has to be utterly boring right? Get the **** off your high horse and stop shunning references to the greatest musical era What year is it? Does it ***** matter?! Good music is good music.
    Let's just hope his new solo album doesn't sound like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple
    I'm surprised people are this concerned with Wolfmother. This article should have about six comments. Peace.
    Simple - They don't write good songs IMHO. The singing sucks and the guitar work is uninspired.
    First of all one of the ugliest mofos in music today. Second, this guy is still relevant? Or was he ever for that matter? Wolfmother was and always will be a one hit wonder. They suck(ed). I was shocked Slash had him on By The Sword. Just a big rip off of Zep and Stones. AND SPEAKING OF RIPPING OFF THE STONES. Doesn't the riff in his new solo single sound vaguely familiar to anyone
    FNM is sorta the weakest link among Patton's bands. He did pretty much start a new genre of music with FNM and Mr. Bungle. Since then he's moved on yo way more unique, interesting projects. Fantomas, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, The EP he did with The Dillenger Escape Plan before they found their permanent singer, etc
    Pretty extreme on the article title. I never cared for the band too much they have a couple good songs, but the reason I checked this out was because I thought someone wanted them dead. Calm down UG.
    why change your band name anyways?...imo you should start and end with the same band name and no changes (unless for copyright reasons obviously)
    Nero Galon
    Wolfmother was a pretty cool name I think. But if he's not comfortable with it then why not? I guess he is the main man, its like the John Butler Trio.
    Like Wolfmother or not... if the "original band" is long gone then he can call HIS project/music whatever he likes. The Mike Patton video up above is killer... Flame on.
    this is how it should be done. when the band line up changes significantly it should not keep the name. GnR? AiC? many others, you guys should pay attention..but it takes some balls to do it, so probably..ah, nvm