Woman Dies at Stone Roses Concert

A 24-year-old died and others were injured at a 50,000-capacity Stone Roses concert in Scotland at the weekend.

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A 24-year-old woman has died in hospital after falling at a Stone Roses concert in Glasgow, Scotland at the weekend.

Speaking about the young woman who died, a source told the Daily Record:

"She was found lying on the grass at the back of nine and her friends raised the alarm. Paramedics tried to help her but it doesnt look like there was anything they could do.

"There were the usual issues with people trying to bring in drugs to the concert and setting off flares but this seems to have been a pretty awful turn of events."

Over 50,000 people attended the gig, and others who were injured include Alison Davidson, who was hit on the head by a flying object and left covered in blood.

"Security at the gig was absolutely shocking," said Alison after the event. "No bags were being searched on the way in and so people brought in booze in glass bottles.

"I had been looking forward to the concert for months, but the day was completely ruined, I didn't even get to see the Stone Roses, I was hit with the bottle while Primal Scream were playing."

See the shocking image of Alison Davidson who was covered in blood after being hit on the head with a flying object here:

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    What do they mean by "the back of nine?"
    "The back of nine" - Another way of saying roughly 9 o'clock
    Its usually how, in Scotland, we'd describe the time after 9 (or any hour). I'd usually say it if it was about quarter past nine ('the back of nine'). Seems normal for us to say it to each other here, but reading it in an article does seem a bit weird!
    Wow that's terrible, and that's a lot of blood. You'd think gig security wouldn't be an issue in this day and age.
    reliable master
    Absolutely disgusting, these people will probably never be caught either. The complete failure to carry out a simple task such as a bag search, by certain members of the event security, is also just appalling.
    I hope the family is getting the support they need. The security sounds absolutely wank, I'm not a huge fan of the roses but you're gonna get fans off their heads on drugs or getting pissed etc, all of these incidents were preventable.
    My thoughts go out to the family. That poor young woman dying in such a way. My son went to Download on Saturday and I know, and all of us that have been to open air gigs know what can happen at these events. Seeing the bloodstained picture of the young girl makes me wonder what possesses people to think it's fun to throw things around? It really is beyond me; it was beyond me at young age when I first went to a festival and it still is today. For me it has always been about the music and having a good time with the music in mind. I hope she recovers quickly.
    Baffles me that these *****s turn up to ruin the event.Rip young lady.I can only imagine she fell on something pretty hard to have such a terrible injury.
    Was the same thing at the Heaton Park gigs. Bottles flying through the air - I spent half the gig watching behind me to make sure I wouldn't cop one in the head. Drunks everywhere, people offering me E.. I had fun but in hindsight things could've gone very badly quite easily.
    Unfortunately there's always gonna be a way to sneak things into gigs, but glass bottles seem excessive, I went to the gig and was not searched on the way in. Also people are always gonna take drugs and drink lots at things like this, people need to learn their own limit and be sensible if they're doing it, I've found my level with whatever I drink/take and I don't exceed it because I know something bad is likely to happen.
    Not searching bags etc in GLASGOW of all places kinda shows how bad the security must've been...
    Skort Zial
    I stay literally 2 minutes from the venue - field - they played in, and the amount of junkies and drunk folk going about was ridiculous, I'm surprised there was only 1 dead tbh
    Bye bye woman... ooooh, bye bye. But in all seriousness, this is sad... and I wonder how many things like this will happen before any substantial changes are made when it comes to security in UK's venues. Sometimes it's safer to be among 20000 football hooligans than to be in a music concert around here. RIP to the girl and my best wishes for the wounded bloke.
    Very sad to hear of anyone dying at a gig. I was going to fly back home from new zeland for this gig. The same sort of thing happened at every oasis gig I was at in scotland with regards to the fighting and drugs. Both bands have an identical fan base so I'm not surprised in the slightest. Lots of people would've been on drugs at the gig but thats never an excuse to cause trouble or throw bottles. The whole event seemed to be really badly run also after what I heard from friends. It was ment to be a triumphant return to scene of their gteatest gig but sadly wont be remembered for that reason.
    Thank God my mom doesn't read UG. She would freak out every time I even thought about buying tickets... But it's really sad for the girl. I send my condolences and best wishes to her friends and family