Woodstock '69 Artist Payments: Jimi Hendrix Reportedly Tops the List With $18,000 Fee

Santana on the other hand, made mere $750 for the iconic gig. Full list inside.

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Today in rock archives, we bring you a list of reported earnings from the iconic Woodstock '69 festival.

Attended by a massive crowd of 400,000, the event still stands out as one of the most prominent festivals in rock history.

Woodstock '69 featured performances of such rock icons as Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Johnny Winter, Ten Years After and many more.

The list below shows a set of figures that the artists have reportedly earned for performing at the event. The times were different and the festival did take place over 45 years ago, but these earnings still might strike you as somewhat minuscule.

Anyhow, Jimi is believed to be on top with $18,000, followed by $15,000 of Blood, Sweat and Tears as the only other act to fetch over $10,000.

CCR and Joan Baez have earned $10,000, while guitar icon Santana made merely $750. Late great Joe Cocker isn't too far up with $1,375. Check out the full list below.

Woodstock '69 Artist Earnings

1. Jimi Hendrix – $18,000
2. Blood, Sweat and Tears – $15,000
3. Joan Baez – $10,000
4. Creedence Clearwater Revival - $10,000
5. The Band - $7,500
6. Janis Joplin - $7,500
7. Jefferson Airplane – $7,500
8. Sly and the Family Stone – $7,000
9. Canned Heat – $6,500
10. The Who – $6,250
11. Richie Havens – $6,000
12. Arlo Guthrie - $5,000
13. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – $5,000
14. Ravi Shankar – $4,500
15. Johnny Winter – $3,750
16. Ten Years After – $3,250
17. Country Joe and the Fish – $2,500
18. Grateful Dead - $2,500
19. The Incredible String Band - $2,250
20. Mountain - $2,000
21. Tim Hardin - $2,000
22. Joe Cocker - $1,375
23. Sweetwater - $1,250
24. John B. Sebastian - $1,000
25. Melanie - $750
26. Santana - $750
27. Sha Na Na - $70028. Keef Hartley - $50029. Quill - $375


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    I love the Iron Butterfly did not show part. You can almost see them struggling to remember where they left the key to the van before saying **** it and go speaking with grass blades. Anyways, 750$ for Santana: would be an awesome gig to book for a birthdat or something.
    Surprised Crosby, Stills & Nash got $5k as it was only their second ever gig, Santana were virtually unknown so didn't command a large fee but total value for money must be The Who; worth every penny at that price!
    Scott O
    The Who weren't that big in the US at that point and they were almost ready to call it quits. Woodstock helped push them to the next level.
    I wonder how much of that $18,000 did Jimi recieve?
    As long as he had drugs, women, studio time and all the guitar gear he could get his hands on, I don't think he cared how much he got.
    Wow, but back in the day, artists didnt make much off live shows, they got money from people buying records. Now, they make jack from records, and make money off touring. My band played once for 400.00, so I can officially say that Ive made "woodstock money"!
    I don't believe bands don't make money from records these days. That's a bullshit statement, that's what Shitknot said even though I'm pretty sure their new album debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 sooo
    To put things in perspective; I was an intern in 1968 getting $400 a month and an apartment. Every musician has been offered little or no pay with the argument, "think of all the exposure you'll get." In this case Santana didn't get paid much, but he couldn't have bought this kind of advertising.
    wonder how this compares in real terms to something like Download headliners and undercard.
    a fret so
    We'd love to change the world...but we don't know what to do with only $3250..
    Actually those numbers are wrong. Most represent 50% deposits so the numbers should be doubled in most (not all) cases
    Apparently none of the artists were paid anything? Except The WHO, Townsend had demanded payment upfront.