Would You Like to Be the New Evile Guitarist?

Band accepting applications for the vacant lead guitarist position.

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UK thrashers Evile have officially announced that they are accepting applications for the vacant lead guitarist position. The band was left without the guitarist in late August as Ol Drake confirmed his departure due to inability to dedicate himself to the band 100 percent. "Evile are now accepting applications for the vacant lead guitarist position," the Facebook post reads. "If interested, please send any links, videos, photos and bios as well as a brief statement about yourself to: evileguitarist@gmail.com. Many thanks, Matt, Joel and Ben." As for Drake's departure, the axeman previously released a lengthy statement to explain his state of mind. "Since 1999, I've put 100% of my time and life into the band we formed, while us all had/have to sacrifice a lot financially and personally along the way," he said. "Over the past year, I've, unfortunately, found myself becoming more and more detached from the touring/band lifestyle.

"In my opinion, the music business for a band of our genre and 'level' determines a very unrealistic way of life to me, and I personally find it difficult to make a living and have a 'normal' life. This is not a plea for sympathy, I'm simply being honest." So back to the Evile ad, would you consider applying to become the band's new axeman?

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    Ol Drake was probably the best lead guitarist I've heard from in years. Sad news, too bad UG refuses to feature anything about these guys.
    It's going to be really tough to actually find a qualified replacement for Ol, from a musician's standpoint. Ol brought so much to the table as a lead guitarist, his virtuosity's unbelievable. I hope nobody expects this new guy to be better than Ol, but still has the wit amongst themselves to think about what new opportunities this can open up for Evile musically. An Evile without Ol is weird, and he'll definitely be missed, but I'm beyond ecstatic to see what will happen with this Evileution.
    This just points more to the fact that people need to support the bands and stop stealing music....pay for it. This is a great band WTF!