Would You Use Stock Riffs By Tony Iommi And Brian May?

artist: Tony Iommi date: 02/15/2013 category: music news
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Would You Use Stock Riffs By Tony Iommi And Brian May?
Two of the greatest rock guitarists in history - Tony Iommi and Brian May - plan to release an album of guitar riffs for people to build their own songs. The project was supposed to be a secret, but Iommi reveals their plans early in the new issue of Kerrang! magazine. "When are we going to get to work on that album of riffs together? You know what I'm talking about..." asks Iommi. May replies: "Yes, I do know what he's talking about and I'm very, very keen. The record he's talking about was supposed to be a secret but I guess he's blown it now!" According to May, he visited the Black Sabbath guitarist's studio and was blown away by how much unused material was going to waste. "I thought it would be great to make a compilation out of them," May says. "The idea was to put all these riffs out in some form so that people could build their own songs from them. You could make your own music with Tony Iommi on guitar!" There's no clues about when such an album might be released, but considering the ease of putting this kind of single-instrument compilation together, it could coincide with the new Black Sabbath album and the resulting publicity. Meanwhile, a new video has been posted of Black Sabbath working in the studio with Rick Rubin['s assistant]. Ahem. Watch it here:
Would you make use of stock riffs from a guitar legend, or would you prefer to record your own tracks? Let us know what you think of the concept in the comments.
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