Wovenwar's First Single 'All Rise' Is Available for Streaming

New tune from ex-As I Lay Dying surfaces.

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Jordan Mancino, Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso and Josh Gilbert of San Diego, California-based metal act As I Lay Dying have teamed up with vocalist Shane Blay (Oh, Sleeper) to create the new band Wovenwar. As Blabbermouth notes, over approximately the last year, the band completed work on new material recorded with producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) with mixing duties currently being handled by Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Trivium).

Fans can now get their first full listen of Wovemwar's debut single, "All Rise." While not the final mastered version, the song is a proper representation of what's to come when Wovewar's self-titled debut, set to drop late summer.

As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis in Febraury pleaded guilty to hiring a hit man to kill his estranged wife. The singer remains free on $2 million bond until he is sentenced on May 2.

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    So happy these guys are carrying on. Their musicianship is far too exceptional to be held back. Definitely going to grab this when it comes out.
    For real tho! I didn't have high hopes for their new project but I'm actually quite impressed with their first single. Can't wait to hear more!
    Don't want to sound dickish but "far too exceptional" would be pushing it
    wow, they did this fast. Makes you wonder why a lot of bands take so long.
    They've been working on this very, very quietly for a while, understandable since they probably wanted to lay low after everything with Tim.
    A lot of bands need money coming in from somewhere to cover the cost of the recording cycle (that doesn't just mean studio time, but the whole production and release process), not to mention imagine how many people could just take 9 months to a year off work with no guarantee of a decent wage at the end of it. If you just mean big, established bands, it's more down to the length of the touring after the previous release, and whether the band wants some time out after that, plus how quick they come up with new stuff.
    Plus I'm sure they were already working on a new album for AILD after Awakening, but since Tim's arrest, they couldn't do much. They may have had ideas floating around and they put it down on paper.
    Don't know about the rest of the album, but this song is pretty nice, like an all-clean vocal version of AILD.
    Huh. Never been an As I Lay Dying fan, but this was pretty good. Maybe ditching their old vocalist was just what they needed.
    Guitar playing needs more wah in the solo. Not as good as my solo's though
    I first thought it was a supergroup involving Woven Hand and Manowar members.
    There are no words "steel", "triumph" or "glory" anywhere here, so Manowar can't have anything to do with it.
    i dont know man, just think they fell into a style that no longer intrests me not that it's a bad song. maybe i just need sometime to let it grow on me.
    You can definitely hear Colin Richardson in the drum sound. Not a bad song, though. Interested for the full album release.
    I'm really excited to see where these guys go. This sounds like a more mainstream sound and I suspect they're looking for rock-radio air time with this sound and thats what I hope they'll get. Far too talented to go unnoticed by the mainstream forever.
    Sounds a bit generic to me, to be honest. Maybe this is just their poppy single but I'm not too impressed.
    This is pretty awesome... If they threw in some screaming, it sounds like they'd give the recent killswitch engage effort a run for its money.
    Glad to see that Bill Stevenson + Colin Richardson is producing/mixing this. Good song. Sounds like a better All That Remains.
    Can't say I care for the vocals.
    Yeah, tough guy growling is so much more musical than this, right.
    Who said anything about the musicality of it? I just said I didn't like the vocals....for all you know I could be comparing to the bassist's singing, or anyone else for that matter. People on the internet are so quick to jump to conclusions.
    Van Guff
    The vocals remind me of Corey Taylor's cleans quite a lot, really digging it!
    Everyone is awfully quick to dis AILD now, not sure why. This single is a stand out piece of metal music..
    Love Oh, Sleeper. Glad to see Shane exercising his vocals outside of Oh, Sleeper, he's got a great voice.
    Yeah, their recent releases (the ep and children of fire) were great! surprised they're not more popular though.
    link no1
    The instrumentals are pretty much what I expected. The vocals I'm not too sure about but on the other hand, I think that comes from me thinking this was going to be AILD v.2
    as i lay who? this shit is so far beyond what AILD was doing nice to have a decent vocalist rather than lambesis' monotone tough guy screaming a vocalist with a bit of ****ing range! so much more dynamic Wovenwar is where it's at!
    Do you think Tim Lambesis is going to put out a hit on this new singer?
    I was expecting the word 'man' after 'hit'... Who knows... :o But seriously, I don't think AILD have completely finished. This band may have been formed so the remaining members of AILD can still make music. AILD may continue when Tim's released, I don't know.
    Sounds like mainstream garbage to me. They must be trying to raise money to get Tim out for good.
    I was really hoping Shane and Josh would go back and forth, vocally. I was also hoping that Shane would play some guitar, because he's better than Nick and Phil. I don't think addition by subtraction works, in this case. You've got a second very talented vocalist who should be used and the best guitarist in the band isn't playing guitar in this band. It really doesn't make sense.
    You peaked my interest and I really tried to find some impressive guitar work in any oh sleeper song, best I could find was some sweep picked arpeggios. He's okay but Nick is better by far.
    Not sure what about Oh, Sleeper isn't significantly more complex than As I Lay Dying, but oh well.
    Let's get this straight UG. They aren't ex as I lay dying, this is a completely different band and unless I missed it, aild is still together.
    You did miss it. As I Lay Dying is done. And this band is literally the same group, with one changed member.
    What's even more sad is you make yourself look like an artard because you COULD HAVE JUST GOOGLED IT BEFORE YOU MADE A COMMENT. Dumbass
    Reading through the comments made me "hmmm." I wonder how long it'll take them to get rid of the title "As I Lay Dying minus the singer." Kinda like how for the first record (and arguably second), Alter Bridge was just "Creed minus Scott Stapp." Not that I agreed with that comparison or that Woven is AILD minus Tim. Like I said, just a hmmmmm.
    I heard this last night and enjoyed it. I like that Shane is with these guys. Plus if they ever tour, I'm sure Oh, Sleeper will be on the line up as well
    Ehhhh.... It's not selling me so far. This is partly because I just got done listening to Triple Brutal and Lambesis' voice is still resonating in my mind. I'll tell you what though, It's smart that they changed their name, because if they stuck with As I Lay Dying I doubt anyone would accept this new direction they're taking.