X Factor Isn't Nirvana's Main Competition For Christmas No 1

One half of the couple behind Nirvana for Christmas number one campaign stated that this year he wasn't worried about competition from the "X Factor".

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In a recent interview with Gigwise one half of the couple behind the Rage Against The Machine and more recently Nirvana for Christmas number one campaign stated that this year he wasn't worried about competition from the "x Factor".

Jon Mortimer said: "I think dare I say it this year is going to be a lot harder to do although the 'X Factor' dare I say it doesn't seem to be the one to worry about, rather the Military Wives single is our main competition. I'm more than happy to take part in this though and whether we win, lose or draw I'm so grateful that I had the chance to be involved."

Nirvana decided to re-release "Smells Like Teen Spirit" after their fanset up the group "Nirvana for Christmas No1" on Facebook which has gained more that 107,000 likes so far.

Additionally the networking maestro elaborated on his view on other grass roots movements including Occupy LSX, stating:

"The Occupy movement had to arrive sooner or later, people are more confident that they can take on the big dogs now, whether it be with Rage or the role of social networking in Egypt. If we use social networking in the right way you can have a revolution and I'd say personally I'm all for it - if it brings out something for the better of things then why not."

Thanks for the report to Gigwise.com.

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    I hope the Military Wives win it this year. Fair and square, they're doing it for a good cause, not to simply line the pockets of Simon Cowell, or to win some petty rivalry.
    The Rage people aren't behind the Nirvana single. NME tricked them into giving quotes that looked like they did. Now it'll look like they tried again and failed.
    Good to hear, the Military Wives campaign deserves it a lot more than the others.
    What is the point? How would it be a victory, in any way, for that guy? Why would you want to keep the Military Wives song from reaching the top? Why choose that song? (Don't answer that. I know why) Most importantly: Who the Fuck cares about The X Factor? I mean that both positively and negatively. I don't want them to be #1, but I really don't give a damn if they make it there.
    The problem with Christmas number one now is not the fact that X-Factor hogs it every year, it's the fact that no-one writes christmas songs anymore. All the songs you hear at Christmas are from the 70s 80s and early 90s, it just seems that artists don't bother with it anymore. The last one I can think of is The Darkness Christmas Time, and that was 8 years ago! And that lost out to Gary Jules most depressing song on earth, Mad World.
    Also where do you think all the Nirvana royalties go? They're just lining the pockets of Courtney Love, despite what she would have you know.
    I just don't see the point in choosing Nirvana's song. They're rich enough. No charity is ever going to see that sales money. Should've chosen an upcoming indie band. I hate X factor.
    His names John Morter actually. Anyway, I'd love to see Nirvana as Christmas No.1
    If anything, I'd like to see 'Merry christmas, kiss my ass' by all time low at number 1. But I'm guessing that it won't be allowed because it's american?
    yeah right now change is happening, it happens every decade but this is just trying to copy the ratm campaign which is stupid cos the military wives are doing it for a good cause. also wasn't Kurt cobain against mainstream? yeah the song is a classic but i'm guessing this isn't what he would want (unfortunately non e of us would know his opinion on this so we can't ask) cos by making it no.1 its making it mainstream and in turn making it as bad as the thing it was fighting against. yeah x factor is shit and simon cowell is a maskot of evil like many over artists we all hate. but i won't be buying smells like teen spirit becouse i already own it from a few years ago, and becouse if you make something popular it becomes less about the music and you get wanna be's and i don't want 50 nirvana wanna be bands becouse there is only one nirvana. this is just my opinion on the matter