X Factor Pulls Out Of Xmas Chart Race

After losing to Rage Against The Machine in 2010, the UK X Factor has decided not to chase the coveted no. 1 chart spot which Christmas.

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For the first time since launching in 2004, the original UK version of the X Factor has decided not to run for the coveted Christmas no. 1 this year.

X Factor winners had topped the UK Christmas singles chart every year until a campaign to put Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name" knocked its 2010 entry to second place. Last year it lost out to a choir of Military Wives.

Now producers for the show have decided to release the single a week earlier to avoid the same happening this year, according to NME.

The campaign to get Rage Against The Machine to beat X Factor to the top spot was started by Jon and Tracy Morter, who had no idea it would be so influential.

"Changing the chart was basically a trivial thing, but it can show how people can get together and be heard", Tracy told Spinner in 2011. "It would be quite difficult to get everybody behind the same song. We won't do it again. Then we'd be as bad as X Factor."

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    So we took the power back?
    I think it's finally over.... I think we've finally defeated Simon Cowell
    for now...but one day, simon cowell shall return. stronger than he's ever been....let us enjoy this small victory as we prepare for the day of reckoning....the Resurrection of Simon Cowell.
    The x factor people are easily frightened, but they will be back and in greater numbers
    The X factor is stupid. Why do people like this shit
    How to beat the X Factor; vote for Rylan. The gimmick act is the show's Achilles heel. If Rylan wins, the show loses any premise of it being a showcase of British talent. It will be an embarrassment to the show, the broadcaster and, perhaps more importantly, Simon Cowell - and they'll think twice about another series, especially having lost out to the Christmas number one on the last two attempts.
    Great idea, vote for a contestant and give them money. That'll really burn them... Or plan B, don't vote and let them loose profit.
    no more X Factor. no more American Idol. no more Glee. just make it all go the hell away...
    Can we add teen targeted boy bands/singers such as One Direction and Bieber to the **** off list?
    And let's get rid of the hopelessly contrived, faux-arty nonsense that artists like Lana Del Rey produce and the general public lap up.
    Jesus, some people do like that kind of music you know. I know we all here like our rock, but that shouldn't mean that others should miss out on music they like because of us.
    What the hell does Glee have to do with X Factor or American Idol?
    Pop music
    So Camron62 wants an entire genre of music to die? What a great musician.
    Glee & X-Factor are just symptomatic of music by committee. To quote Bill Hicks - "Gutless, soulless, spiritless, corporate sons of bitches, each and every last one of them!"
    I find it quite amusing how, now Lucy Spraggan has 'quit' and they're an artist short, that they're not trying to make up a week, ending the show earlier, and trying not to chase christmas No.1.... Liam
    I don't know about the british version, but the american x-factor is such a joke. Hell I even had hopes for Demi Lovato joining, but now all I see is the mess she's become.
    Agree. That chick could have become so much more by now, particularly with a straight shooter like Kelly Clarkson as one of her idols.
    i thought Corey Taylor knocked the x factor out a few years ago with his song X-mas.
    If people wanna listen to crap let them, I never heard of Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black until everyone jumped on the hate bandwagon dismissing all musical taste that was not theirs, everyone started played Killing in the name and were all of a sudden HUGE R.A.T.M fans not knowing any other album than "That one wiv killing in the name OF on it" again..... people buying a song because they were told to, not much difference on that part is there.....
    They should pull Tom Waits' "Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis" instead of "Killing In The Name".
    All that's really happening is they're giving themselves a head start! UG miss leading headers. Love em!
    I unfortunately watched one episode and the 'talent pool' seemed even more diluted than usual. Would be funny if the producers pulling out has anything to do with them realising how crappy the 'artists' they are churning out are.