Yngwie Malmsteen: What Inspired Me to Do My Very First Guitar Flip

"I started doing it in the late '70s."

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Yngwie Malmsteen: What Inspired Me to Do My Very First Guitar Flip

Yngwie Malmsteen was asked by Metal Wani on where he got the idea to do his very first guitar flip - a move that would eventually become his staple onstage theatric - to which he replied (transcribed by UG):

"I was always digging the Hendrix moves and stuff like that.

"He did something similar to that, but he just kind of put it on the back and hit the guitar like that and put it back.

"So I just said, 'I wonder what happens if you throw it really hard and it goes all around?'

"So I started [doing it] in the late '70s.

"But as well as doing that, you gotta figure out the way where you can have the chord actually hang out and all the stuff so it doesn't sound silly. There's a lot of stuff that's evolved."

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    I know we shouldn't compare music and musicians, but... this guy just asked for it. Yngwie should learn from Victor Wooten. Better tricks, better music. Trick is at 5:21 mark.
    Thank fact that these guys can afford to abuse such high end instruments tells me that we are paying them far, far too much.
    The guitar flip itself is ok The whole circus after the flip is overexaggerated, just like everything about Yngwie some will say