Yngwie Malmsteen: Why I Will Never Have Another Vocalist Sing My Music Again

"I had it with their self-absorbed way, and I'm very much against it."

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Yngwie Malmsteen: Why I Will Never Have Another Vocalist Sing My Music Again

Yngwie Malmsteen was asked by Metal Wani whether he'd be open to collaborating with singers such as Joe Lynn Turner and Tim "Ripper" Owens again, to which he replied (transcribed by UG):

"Actually, no.

"I find it very comfortable to sing myself, first of all.

"Secondly, there is a certain disconnect when you write a song and when you have someone else sing it for you. There's kind of like a fakeness about that.

"I always wrote everything. I wrote all the lyrics, I wrote all the melodies, just somebody else sung it.

"And to me, singing is not different than being a bass player or a keyboard player. They're not more important than the other musicians.

"They unfortunately seem to think that they are. I had it with their self-absorbed way, and I'm very much against it.

"I don't like that, I don't like any of those people. I would not like to do anything with them ever again."

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    so he doesn't want to hire singers because he is too self-absorbed? wait...
    Vicryl 2.0
    lol ironically Malmstein is the posterchild for self-absorbed musicians.
    You know, in my country we have an idiom which can be translated like "fisherman recognizes another fisherman mile away"
    Ok but your idiom is basically "takes one to know one" with an occupation thrown in.
    I would agree with this decision if he was a good vocalist, but he's not. Sadly, this is just a warning that the overall quality of his work won't go any higher anymore. too bad.
    This was the point I was waiting to see. I don't care about how self-absorbed he or any of his hired gun vocalists are. But if the quality ain't there, the music is going to suffer.
    Ikr, he's not like Jeff Waters from Annihilator that has a pretty fitting voice for the style he likes to play. I'm always curious to see how a guitarrist/other instrumentist of the band can sound when they take the vocal duties, but Yngwie's vocals are a huge turn off for me. hope he change his mind in the future.
    Waters is a great example. Paul Gilbert also- both don't seem to struggle with guitar/vocals at the same time and put equal effort into each unlike Yngwie who I feel gives vocals an after thought to the playing which offers a weaker performance
    I don't know the guy (even though I admire his art and musicianship). I'm sure he's getting more than his fair share of hate, but doesn't this statement sound just a tad ironic? Also, a musician of his standing should be able to just wave and dozens of yount talented and humble vocalists would come running.
    Cant fully agree with him, I believe there are many singers who aren't dicks... BUT(T)... I wrote most of lyrics for my band and many times something just didnt feel right when our singer sang them... often the whole atmosphere of the song would change - sometimes for better, but definately different. I get what he's saying about the lyrics feeling fake. And yeah, our vocalist is a complete tool,  thinks too much of himself and comes to practice mainly to post new instagram photos. Hopefully rest of the band has ran out of patience as well and we can part ways soon.
    "I had it with their self-absorbed way" Read this at work and almost let out a loud "HAH!"
    Big Yngwie fan here, and I respect his reasons from an artistic viewpoint. However, I'm not so sure about him criticizing others for being "self-absorbed" here. Joe Lynn Turner and Jeff Scott Soto were both outstanding w/Yngwie. They definitely added some magic of their own to his early works.
    That's all well and fine if you're an amazing vocalist.  Example (and he'd even be one to agree).....Joe Satriani.  There's a reason he doesn't sing on the majority of his albums.
    sad that Yngwie feels that way. personally  think he'd be way better off having a vocalist to work with that was able to write lyrics and even have a bit of a say in the music. his singing isn't very good and his song writing has gotten rather stale. he should listen to Frank Zappa 's advice and just shut up and play his guitar. 
    His work with Owens, Perpetual Flame in particular, showed him settling in with a band, and as a songwriter in ways he hasn't since Rising Force. I was so upset when Yngwie ditched him.
    I've always been taught that the most important part of a song is the vocals (when there are any). And with a singer also having to be a frontman most of the time, I'd say that they are more important in terms of performance. Of course, musically everyone is equal.
    I think what he meant to say was "I can no longer afford to pay a singer."
    "Guitarists wank too much. They need to be more restrained with their soloing"  - John Petrucci This is sort of like that (not that JP actually said that, but still). He's more self-absorbed than any vocalist he's worked with for sure.
    A Drama queen talking about Drama queens!!! I love Yngwie and his music but he is the poster guy for selfish musicians. And it was evident back in the 80´s and 90's. It sounds a little bit Hypocritical coming from him, even if it is true.
    does he now sings stuff that other vocalists used to sing?
    Malmsteen's keyboardist sings the old songs, ( which is usually only about 1-3  in the set). Every other song is either instrumental  or off the last couple of albums, which he sang on.
    No surprise. I always wondered why he had a vocalist in the first place.
    He should hire a singer and let them write their own lyrics. 
    He has too much of an ego to let other people do things. The only reason he even hired other vocalists was because he recognized that they are better than him at singing.