Yngwie Malmsteen: Will the New Generation Have Guitar Virtuosos Like Me

"Guitar, for some reason, has this appeal."

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Yngwie Malmsteen: Will the New Generation Have Guitar Virtuosos Like Me

Yngwie Malmsteen was asked by Metal Wani whether he believes the new generation of guitar players will spawn virtuosos that will redefine guitar playing in a similar way he did, to which he replied (transcribed by UG):

"Oh, I'm sure. It seems to be a timeless thing, the guitar thing.

"I think you had a little hiatus for a while there. It almost become what me and Steve [Vai] and so on... What we've been doing all this time it's not become like a new thing again.

"My son, he blows all the people's minds, don't worry about that. He's putting his record together now, and i's probably what everybody expects, really. I mean, he blows my mind.

"He's definitely gonna be a new one. I'm sure there's kids somewhere but we don't know about them right now, that were influenced by older guys like us.

"I don't think it's something that's gonna be going away. I think it's a timeless thing. Guitar, for some reason, has this appeal."

Asked if he's a fan of any young guitarists out there, Yngwie replied:

"I'm sure there's plenty of great stuff out there.

"But I find myself viewing music as... I wouldn't call it going to work necessarily, but it's too engrained in my thought pattern.

"For me to listen to music, I would analyze it to death. To me it's not a casual way of, 'Oh I wanna hear this' and so on.

"For instance, I get myself out of things to be more... Think of other things, watch the news, or tennis, or something. I wouldn't go like, 'I'll listen to this now.'

"If I would go to YouTube and put something on, which I never really do but if I would, I would put on UK, Allan Holdsworth, and stuff like that. Old Genesis, or Peter Gabriel, or something like that.

"I would never put on something that's closer to metal. I guess when you are a creative element that almost constantly puts out, you're not so keen on the input. I think it's just a natural thing."

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    Yngwie didn't refer to himself as a virtuoso. UG is just trying to make him out to be an asshole.
    For once, he doesn't seem like such an asshole. It can be difficult to enjoy something that you are immersed in constantly, so finding guitarists that blow him away would be a moot point almost; he's just there to write music. I also liked his obligation to plug his son's work in though.
    There are so many great guitarist out there, but how do you get to them.  How do you find them/be able to listen to them.  With the music industry the way it is now, I think we're missing out on a whole generation of great guitarists.  
    It has become a bit of a cult thing because there a no "ins" with majors who get the publicity. However, once you crack the shell there's plenty of there because the new guys seem to be working together to make the movement happen, while simultaneously self releasing so there's no compromise. The guy gets flack around here, but for me, credit where its due, Rob Scallon had Sarah Longfield on his channel for a couple of vids. She started talking about Strandberg artists which led me onto Plini et al and it rolls from there. I went to a Plini show and he had David Maxim Micic and Disperse with him. When I looked into all the bands who played, I found out there were about 3 more acts in the room amongst the bands I'd just watched. Half of Plini's band makes up The Helix Nebula, Disperse's guitarist Jakub Zytecki is a solo arist and David Maxim Micic has a band called Destiny Potato. These guys and way more are all closely linked. It goes on and on once you've cracked it.
    It's gotten to the point where if you want good music or great musicians, you have to look and dig. Which I think is why a lot of these musicians are gaining popularity, because people have gotten sick of the lack of musicianship in modern music (from like 2000's to now) so they've dug in and brought these crazy musicians to surface. Like Tosin Abasi in no way would have the same fanbase if he started in the 90's when Grunge was everywhere.
     First comment on UG but commenting for the mention of Allan Holdsworth. Because Allan Holdsworth. 
    I actually relate to this a lot. I can't listen to music now without overanalysing it. The good bits. The bad bits. The things I'd do differently. The things I'd like to bastardise and fuse into my own music. I still love listening to it though. I guess Malmsteen is experiencing one of the cons of making your hobby (at least it is for me) your work. Can't be all that bad though.
    At first I thought oh god, whats he gonna say to this? but actually he was pretty on point.
    "Will the new generation have guitar virtuosos like me?" We already have them, but none of them own a Ferrari or wear gaudy gold jewelry.
    What's the big deal, though? He worked hard and was able to afford all of that thanks to his hard work, unlike those dudes with rich parents that don't do shit of their life, corrupt politicians or corporations businessmen that get full pockets by doing nothing.
    If that's what he likes...then fine. He worked his ass off to get it, so more power to him. No harm done as long as the gold jewelry doesn't cause his neck to turn green. (I like U.S. muscle cars and a conspicuous lack of jewelry, but that's my own "curse") The fly in my ointment is that there is a whole new generation of gifted musicians out there who are busting their asses to earn their own "golden ring" but are only making a pittance at best. It's a real shame that they're currently facing the business end of the law of diminishing returns, and a cultural shift that has little respect for their form of musicianship.
    Surprised he isn't that much of an asshole? Those were just the colors jomatami has painted him with.
    I will drop 3 names of current virtuosos that are leagues better than Malmsteen. Aaron Marshal of Intervals Plini Roessler-Holgate of Plini Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders All fantastic virtuosos Malmsteen is so dated, so over rated and BORING. I never understood his appeal at all
    Really? the level of dexterity has increased A LOT since the 80s shred thing... There were Petrucci's in the 90s and now that's that guy of Animals as leaders which has an alien kind guitar level.
    Hey Yngwie, this is Amy. I met you at the Button South in Miami Florida. In 1991, you were with a dude, named Shawn. I hope you are reading this, I've been trying to get a hold of you., for sometime now, I would love to hear from you. .
      Yngwie Malmsteen: Will the New Generation Have Super Ego Like Me? I just answered my own question