Yoko One Scores Dance Hit

artist: Yoko Ono date: 08/11/2008 category: music news
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Yoko Ono has scored her forth number one dance hit on the Billboard Chart. Her new version of her late husband John Lennon's anthem 'Give Peace A Chance' has topped the American based dance chart this week. Yoko has done it before. She was number one in May 2003 with 'Walking On Thin Ice', number one in November 2004 with 'Everyman Has A Man Who Loves Him/ Every Woman Has A Woman Who Loves Her' in November 2004 and number one with 'No No No' earlier this year. Yoko recorded the new version of 'Give Peace A Chance' so that it would be adopted by a new generation of clubbers, music fans and DJs. 'I thank you with all my heart and send you much love', Yoko said on news of her latest hit. Thanks for the info to Music-News.com.
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