Yoko Ono: 'I Thought People Knew I Didn't Split The Beatles'

Yoko Ono has thanked Paul McCartney for diffusing old rumors that she split the Beatles up. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that McCartney almost died in a helicopter crash in May - read the details here.

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Yoko Ono has thanked Paul McCartney for saying she wasn't to blame for splitting The Beatles.

"She certainly didn't break the group up, the group was breaking up," said McCartney last week.

She has now responded via the Guardian to thank him for the gesture. "I thought people knew I was not responsible but surprisingly, many people still felt that," she said. "He was very brave, so I'd like to say, 'Thank you, Paul. I love you. We love you.'"

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell almost died in a helicopter crash in May.

They were traveling in a £5 million ($7.9 million) helicopter when their polite allegedly became disorientated in poor weather conditions.

The pilot dropped the aircraft to aid his visibility, but almost had a fatal collision with treetops. The pilot then took the helicopter to a nearby airport for a safe landing.

The incident has only just been revealed after the the Department of Transport in the UK decided to investigate. They found that the the helicopter's altimeter came just two meters from the treetops, and that there was indeed bad weather conditions on the day of the flight.

NME reports that McCartney and his wife were unaware of how close they came to having a fatal crash.

Do you blame Yoko Ono for breaking the Beatles apart? Share your theories in the comments.

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    "their polite allegedly became disorientated" I've read that's the #1 cause of helicopter crashes...
    "They were traveling in a 5 million ($7.9 million) helicopter when their polite allegedly" UG, can I have as a job as a proof-reader?
    It's kinda obvious, actually. The band started crumbling after Epstein's death... Also McCartney and Lennon could not get along anymore, etc etc...
    The death of Epstein is what tore them apart. And the only thing she did to encourage the split was to encourage Lennon to be free in his writing. Without her you might not have a lot of the classic Beatles songs, especially from the self titled on. Bands can't last forever no matter how good they are or how much we want them to. And if they do we usually say they should have quit a long time ago (Rolling Stones). I think they quit at a good time and their solo careers were amazing. Especially Harrison and Lennon's.
    I thought people knew I was not responsible Jesus. Her polite must be severely disoriented.
    She certainly didn't encourage them to stay together, but she didn't break up the Beatles.
    I swear some of you people on here must analyze every word you read in an article. Calm down, so what if they made a typo. If somebody already pointed it out then don't take up space with your stupid comment. Do I think Yoko Ono was the reason The Beatles broke apart? No, she might just be a factor but not the main cause.
    and that there were indeed bad weather conditions on the day of the flight.
    I don't get it. Everybody sees John Lennon as this legend, yet they blame Yoko for the breakup? Did it ever occur to anyone that by saying so, you're basically saying Lennon was stupid enough to not know what he wanted? Lennon did exactly what he wanted, and that wasn't the beatles, and that's why they split up. Simple as that.
    Vicryl 2.0
    does Yoko have any control over The Beatles? what would she get if the beatles breaks up?
    yes. everything. fear the yoke. her gaze can burn a city. for this reason and many other i fear hope not the beatle break up. 1967 revolucion, jaja!
    How bout we ask did she break up a marriage, and then encourage the breakup already in process. She STALKED him for months..and previous to that...she stalked PAUL.