Yoko Ono: 'I Was Lucky To Have John Lennon'

Yoko Ono made an emotional return to late husband John Lennon's childhood home on Friday, September 3.

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Yoko Ono made an emotional return to late husband John Lennon's childhood home on Friday, September 3.

During the 77-year-old's visit to the former Beatle's childhood home and school she said, "He was a very sweet and gentle person at home. He would make an effort and he would say, 'Love is something you have to water every day.' I don't know how he knew this - but I was lucky to have someone like that with me", The Sun reports.

Almost a month shy of what would have been Lennon's 70th birthday on October 9, Ono made the pilgrimage to Merseyside to open a children's centre at her late husband's school Dovedale in the city's Mossley Hill area.

"This is John's 70th birthday year and he is not here, but his spirit is still here. I am celebrating the opening of the Sure Start children's centre and it is a nice way of celebrating John's 70th. I have such an emotion for Liverpool."

According to the Liverpool Echo, Ono was given a warm welcome by pupils. Jane Noble, headteacher for Dovedale infants said, "The children gave her a very enthusiastic welcome and I genuinely do feel she is interested in them and cares for the future. She talked about how they are important to the future of the world."

Later in the day, Yoko made the trip to Mendips, the house Lennon shared with his Aunt Mimi from 1945 to 1963. After surprising visitors, an emotional Ono said, "Each time I come here I go into John's bedroom and it makes me choke up to know he was in there dreaming of what he was going to do."

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    ''I have such an emotion for Liverpool'' Noone else has ever said that. Ever.
    i don't see why this is news. i get it that he was very influential in the music industry and maybe even the world...but he is dead. every second article on UG is about her remembering john Lennon. we get it, you miss him stop posting this over and over.
    wtf, just because someone's dead doesn't mean you can't post a story about him. if you hadn't noticed he was in the beatles, the band that kick started music as we know it