Yoko Ono: 'John Lennon Would've Loved the Computer Age'

"That's the kind of thing that John and I were dreaming of," says Lennon's widow.

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Ex-Beatle John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono recently reached an interesting subject of the age we live in, noting that the modern technology is something she dreamed about with her late husband. 80-year-old Ono explained to Rolling Stone: "Oh, John would have been totally excited about the computer age, because that's the kind of thing that John and I were dreaming of. Like the Smile Project [where Ono set out to make a film capturing a smile face of everyone in the world] - we were almost having that kind of format of, like, communication in our heads... "It's very interesting to think about, that John was a person in a rock group, and what they were doing was totally different from what I was doing, but he just jumped in. He was totally open." Yoko also remembered the '60s and her life prior to meeting Lennon. "Before I met John, I specialized in just planting a seed, and then I would move on, instead of, you know, making [something] carefully and letting it grow and to help it [so] other people can do it," she said. "And so if I kept doing one thing - you know, plant the seed and let it grow - I would never have done all the other things." Yoko Ono released her 15th studio record this Tuesday (September 17) via Chimera Music. Titled "Take Me to the Land of Hell," the album features 12 tracks and production work of her son Sean Lennon, as well as guest appearances from the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Yuka C Honda and more.

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    Wow, I actually have a sliver of respect for Yoko... ...Oh, God! It's the apocalypse!!!
    80? damn drop already