Yoko Ono Led Plastic Ono Band Tribute

artist: Yoko Ono date: 02/19/2010 category: music news
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Yoko Ono Led Plastic Ono Band Tribute
Yoko Ono revived the Plastic Ono Band for a concert on Tuesday night that was part tribute, part vanity project and all irresistible fun. The show belonged as much to her son Sean Lennon, 34, as to Ono, 76. Looking and sounding like his famous father, Sean Lennon pulled together an all-star lineup that included Eric Clapton, Paul Simon and Bette Midler as special guests. Plastic Ono Band was the name of the conceptual supergroup that recorded John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance" in 1969 and one Ono had not used artistically since the 1970s. The succession of stars led to the inevitable sing-along of that anthem for the encore at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Clapton played with fellow rockers Klaus Voormann and Jim Keltner - all members of the original Plastic Ono Band. Read the entire article at Billboard.com.
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