Yoko Ono Opposes Parole For John Lennon's Killer

Yoko Ono will again oppose the release of the man who nearly 30 years ago killed her husband.

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Yoko Ono will again oppose the release of the man who nearly 30 years ago killed her husband, former Beatle John Lennon, and who comes up for parole next month, her lawyer said.

Ono has consistently opposed parole for Mark David Chapman and has again sent a letter to the parole board, her lawyer, Peter Shukat, told the Daily News.

"Her position has not changed," Shukat said in an article published Tuesday.

Lennon was shot to death on December 8, 1980, outside the famed Dakota apartment building just west of Central Park as he and Ono returned home from a recording session.

Chapman - now 55 and serving a 20-years-to-life sentence for the slaying - is scheduled to be interviewed by a three-member parole board panel during the week of August 9. It will be his sixth bid for parole.

Shukat refused to say whether Ono's most recent letter to the board is the same one she has submitted every two years since Chapman first became eligible for parole in 2000.

In that letter, Ono wrote that if Chapman is released, "I am afraid it will bring back the nightmare, the chaos and confusion once again. Myself and John's two sons would not feel safe for the rest of our lives."

She also wrote that Chapman would not be safe if allowed back on the streets.

Lennon would have been 70 this October.

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    ok so I don't even like the beatles that much, but besides that, I don't think this Yoko lady should have the right to be able to keep in jail when there are so many other murders that have been out before him and some might have done worse. JUST because the guy he happened to kill was John Lennon. But like I've seen in these comments, angry fans would probably mob him so it's a hard decision
    Deathmethod wrote: For the all the Beatles songs about love, peace and forgiveness the fans seem pretty brutal.
    The3818919 wrote: J.A.M wrote: I love all this "in my opininon" crap. This goes through court and the law system, not just on some random 12-year olds feelings. Justice should be blind, his Lennon's fame shouldn't figure into this. Smartest thing said on here.
    Couldn't agree more.
    I woulda released him if i was yoko...i don't know...he did die like thirty years ago...that's plenty of time to forgive and forget...but...yeah
    Let him out. Like in "Mark David Chapman," by MSI, he will come out and kill a ton of musicians and make music more original...
    this isn't very good news, but no, he should not be set free...anyone who kills a man then whips out a book and sits down and reads is obviously insane. And seeing Yoko Ono scared the sh*t out of me haha
    well if the guy gets released hes gunna get the shit kicked out of him. People will go ape shit to find him no question. Nobody forgets what happened in the past. And if Yoko can keep a grudge for this long im sure fans of the Beatles can also.
    If you are taking Lennon's fame into consideration, then also take a moment and think would John Lennon let him out of the jail after 30 years. I believe he would.
    I bet all my music instruments Chapman would be killed within a week of being released. The parole board should take that into consideration.
    niejel : I bet all my music instruments Chapman would be killed within a week of being released.
    he'd probably wishes for death every day in prison, so, they should let him suffer in prison and let him die in there so THEN he can be soothed by death, but then immediately shot down to hell
    For the all the Beatles songs about love, peace and forgiveness the fans seem pretty brutal.
    TheLifeguard wrote: A) He shouldn't get out of jail. He killed John Lennon. B) He'll get killed if he gets out of jail.
    John Lennon being the victim should have nothing to do with it. The fact that it was murder is the case. Don't let fame cloud your judgment.
    I believe that when you have done your time you deserve to be free. Every man has the right to get paroled and if he is found not to be a menace to society then he should be released. And I think John Lennon, if he survived the shot would have forgave him.
    This crowd seems to be demanding old testemantal retribution. Heres some quotes you should think about "Let he without sin cast the first stone"-Jesus "All we are saying is give peace a chance"-John Lennon "To forgive is to set a prisoner free and then discover that prisoner was you"-Lewis Smedes "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong"-Ghandi
    it should have been dealt with by Cowboy Justice, eye for an eye. The prick should have been put to death that way he couldn't have used Salinger's Catcher in the Rye as a motive. COWARD...period!
    I think he should be let out. Thirty years is already a ridiculous amount of time to be in jail for. That's the problem with the current justice system, it's founded on motives of anger, revenge, and retribution rather than rehabilitation and prevention. There should be no minimum sentences and criminals should be released when they're deemed no longer a threat to society.
    He needs to stay in a prison. He took away Lennon's life, and so his should be taken away as well by rotting in prison. A life for a life.
    DEATHPANDA wrote: If you think about your own life, how precious it is, and how very little time you have to live it, no one should have the right to end it. I'm not a fan of Lennon, or The Beatles for that matter, but no matter how you look at it, the dude was just a human being. All murderers should be in prison for life.
    So because he killed Lennon he doesn't deserve the same human rights you wish Lennon was around for? How hypocritical. And this is a prime example of why UG is going to shit: from what I've read, most of the comments are from rabid Beatles fans who only care that they don't have any new Beatles to listen to and are acting like anything they think is exactly right and to think differently to any degree is worse than killing Jon Lennon in the first place. Grow the **** up.
    yappapie wrote: Chapman took away John Lennon from his family,friends and fans. Yoko is right - leave him in jail!
    So Chapman's family and friends can suffer? Good logic, *****.
    Ponyexpress wrote: livinliqid wrote: he'll be safer in prison, jus sayin. no one is safe in prison
    I know what you mean. But he just said he'll be safER, he didn't say he would be safe in there in the first place.
    Forgetting for a second that the man he killed was John Lennon, he (Chapman) waited outside his victim's home all day, then shot at him 5 times, only to sit down and begin reading a book. From a mental standpoint that disturbing, in more ways then one. That kind of person, that kind of animal, has no business being out in society.
    I think he'd be murdered himself if he was set free. But, everyone deserves a second chance, right?
    It's not about what he deserves for killing Lennon, he is a crazy nut, if he's let free what's keeping him from having an episode and going for Yoko and her children? Like the story concludes, she notes that she wouldn't feel safe for the rest of her life...I think this goes beyond the death of Lennon. Imagine a lunatic killed someone that close to you, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be safe knowing that he's loose on the streets again.
    Chapman took away John Lennon from his family,friends and fans. Yoko is right - leave him in jail!
    He shouldn't be let out. I think what Yoko is doing is right, if she has moved on or not is irrelevant, If someone killed my girlfriend I'd make sure that they never walk free again. We're all human beings, I wouldn't want to see anyone, no matter what, be killed. There will be people out there who will go after him, to kill him, if he's set free. However, If you take someones life away, you should be prepared to have yours taken from you.
    All murders should have to rot in jail for the rest of their lives. You took an innocent man (maybe even a god... im just saying) life Mark for no sensible reason, you deserve to live the rest of your life in a cold hard cell. Man, i wonder what would of happened if John was still around, Beatles reunion?? The worst death in the music industry by far. No disrespect to the other musicians who died over the years, except for the ones who killed themselves from drugs.
    i honestly think it doesn't matter either way, if he does get paroled i feel pretty certain a beatles fan somewhere will shoot him anyway, sooner or later.
    PALEGHOST888 wrote: News Flash: Woman doesn't want husbands killer on the street...shock and awe....
    Exactly what I thought.
    I find it quite ironic that the self-proclaimed fans of a man who advocated peace and love think that it's okay to place him above other people and to kill the man who killed him.
    He would be far safer OUT of prison then in prison. You guys saying he wouldn't be safe if they let him out clearly haven't thought this through...
    I think they should leave him in prison AND make him listen to Yoko's records 24/7. Now THAT would be Justice.
    NickGiovanni wrote: Let him out! Let him out so the physcopathic superfans of the Beatles can give him the Lennon treatment! SET THE DOUCHEBAG FREEEEE
    Yeah, he'll really regret shooting Lennon after a mob of angry 70 year olds chase after him. Seriously, he spent 30 years in prison. Thats longer than any of us have lived. I think he should be allowed to go.
    i think it's sad that people listen to her more then others. If John Lennon wouldn't be famous and still got shot in front of his appartement, the murderer would have been released a long time ago. Aah, the power of money
    I dont think John would want anyone to kill in his name. Even if it was the guy who killed him.
    *Sigh*. Grow up you lot, according to the law, the guy has done his time, well it looks that way anyway. Just let him get on with is life and the parole officers do their job. And I agree with Chromex, well said mate.
    TheLifeguard wrote: A) He shouldn't get out of jail. He killed John Lennon. B) He'll get killed if he gets out of jail.
    I say we let him out of jail and see how he hold up against the free world
    I doubt anybody who commented would actually go so far as to kill him. When brought face to face with MDC people would just mouth off and try to hurt him. I dare anybody who considers themselves having a sound and reasonable mind to kill him. If you kill him you would sink to his level. As for his parole hearing, I hope those three members make the correct choice and hear him out. If hes legitimately changed he should at least be given a chance to see the light of day. Of course while seeing a mental health professional. All this bias against him just because he killed a famous person is ridiculous. Yeah Lennon made good music but I think its a bit too much to say MDC should be locked up for a longer period just because YOU and a lot of people liked one person. That being said, I believe a persons fame should have no bearing on how sever a punishment should be. My sympathies to Yoko. I see how she would be afraid seeing as he killed her husband. Now THAT is a legitimate reason for keeping someone locked up. Not, likE OmGZZ hE kiLled LEnNoN ImA Kill DiS GuY!!111!
    I don't blame Yoko at all. At all. But is it not possible for someone to prove their self in jail? There have been serial murderers, rapists, and pedophiles who have been released after spending time in prison, and have gotten back to a normal life. A killer isn't born a killer. I don't believe someone will always stay evil for the rest of their life, after doing such a heinous crime. There is that time spent forgiving their self, and correcting their behaviour. A person's life can change. Now, Chapman has reportedly had a good clean record in jail, and although this doesn't truly mean he will be a good person outside of jail; it is my opinion that the value and outcome of someone's life should not be judged purely on what they have done in the past.
    Come on people, after 30 years in jail I think anyone would learn their lesson. I would suggest he get some plastic surgery and a name change as soon as he's out.
    With all the "band/singers" that have come out lately, I say give him a copy of Catcher in the Rye, a .22 pistol, and say "have at it."
    Rocker Extreme
    GeekInThePink wrote: What a judgemental, unforgiving generation we are. I'm sure Lennon wouldn't approve.
    + 1,000 I wish the best for Chapman. As scared as Yoko is for her safety, he must be twice as scared. It's a tragedy that John had to die like that but EVERYONE deserves a second, and even third chance. You can forgive without forgetting.
    Deathmethod wrote: For the all the Beatles songs about love, peace and forgiveness the fans seem pretty brutal.
    This statement wins.
    while murder is wrong, and MDC should be imprisoned for life, i say he did the world a favor. John Lennon will be remembered mor efor his music with the Beatles, and less for what he put out once he met yoko. besides, all she wants is the spotlight anyway.