Yoko Ono Set To Pay Tribute To Steve Jobs At MTV O Music Awards

artist: Yoko Ono date: 10/31/2011 category: music news

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Yoko Ono Set To Pay Tribute To Steve Jobs At MTV O Music Awards
Yoko Ono is being lined up to introduce a tribute to Steve Jobs at October 31 night's MTV O Music Awards. John Lennon's widow will speak about her late husband and the Apple founder before The Flaming Lips perform a cover of The Beatles' "Revolution" at the show, reports Billboard.com. Wayne Coyne and co's performance was completely shot on iPads. The live multiplatform ceremony will filmed at a secret location in Los Angeles and streamed at Omusicawards.com simultaneously. Ono is expected to say: "Like John Lennon, the man I love deeply, Steve Jobs was a dreamer who changed the world." The speech is set to continue: "But of course when we lose a genius of that caliber, they are never really gone. They live on all around us, through our memories, their words, and their work. Their spirit grows in us forever to the end of the days." Jobs died after suffering from pancreatic cancer on October 5. Other performers and presenters expected at the show - the MTV Offbeat, Outrageous, Online Music Awards to give it its full title - include Robyn, Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator, Kelly Clarkson and Alabama Shakes. See Omusicawards.com for more details. Thanks for the report to NME.com.
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