Yoko Ono Threatens To Sue Over John Lennon Themed Pub

artist: Yoko Ono date: 07/12/2011 category: general music news

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Yoko Ono Threatens To Sue Over John Lennon Themed Pub
Want ice with that court order? Yoko Ono is reported to be suing the owner of a bar that is dedicated to the memory of her late husband John Lennon. Mike Craig, from Dundee, Scotland, is reported to have been sent a legal letter accusing him of copyright infringement - after he claims he spent spending thousands of pounds on Beatles memorabilia decorating Lennon's Bar. According to Jam Showbiz (via NME) the letter from Ono's lawyer has demanded he remove all the memorabilia and rename the bar within 14 days. "It's ridiculous", he said. "The pub's been called Lennon's for about five years, but the signs will be removed this week." Three years ago, it was reported Ono's legal team had sued Lennon Murphy over her name. It was later revealed her legal team had objected when she had applied to the US trademark office for exclusive musical performance rights for the name Lennon. Watch Yoko Ono perform "I'm Going Away Smiling" below:
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