YouTube to Launch $2 Channel Subscriptions?

The video network could charge up to $2 per channel in a new subscription system to launch this week.

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YouTube could be set to start charging up to $2 per month for channel subscriptions later this week.

Reports say the video site owned by Google will offer the single-channel subscription fee for up to 50 premium channels, like a next generation cable network.

A source tells the Financial Times that it will let channel producers create better content and remove adverts so viewers can watch TV shows and videos without delay.

Google won't confirm that subscriptions will launch this week, but a spokesperson has said: "[We are] looking into creating a subscription platform that could bring even more great content to YouTube for our users to enjoy and provide our creators with another vehicle to generate revenue from their content, beyond the rental and ad-supported models we offer."

It is not clear if the 60 global channel partners like the Onion and WWE will be taking part, or if channel subscriptions will launch for other YouTube producers. If they do, bands could take advantage and offer exclusive videos and interviews to channel subscribers - but only if they're willing to lose the promotional power of free videos.

What do you think of YouTube channel subscriptions? Can you think of any channels that you'd be willing to pay for? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    HAHAHA!!!! That is funny! Can't wait to watch these videos on another website for free.
    weird, at first I read your comment as "I'm cheap, sssooo cheap. I don't feel like people should be paid for their hard work and efforts but I want to reap the fruit of their labors..." HAHAHA!!!! That is funny! McDonalds selling burgers for a dollar? Can't wait to get them from another joint for free!
    Anybody who makes Youtube videos for a living makes money off of their merchandise and most importantly, Google Adsense. Nobody expects every single Youtube uploader to be paid anything.
    You obviously don't know how much money is already in circulation, yt partners get paid, and the get paid well.
    I have a partnership, I don't get paid well. In like 2 years I only have 70 bucks in the account. You can't make a living off of Youtube unless you are a megapartner like NigaHiga, Soldierknowsbest etc. And actually most of them make their money outside of the Youtube partnership program. For example Soldierknowsbest has a contract with Revision3 where he advertises products for money. The way you make money off of Youtube/Google adsense is by having ads on the sides of videos. With the increase of people who use adblock it is harder to obtain funds from the program. It has been a little easier now with the new Youtube video ads however with the options to get out of the ad, people can still choose not to give the Youtuber money. On top of that per click it is only like $0.04. So in order to get the average weekly amount for jobs in Canada (around 800-900 in Ontario) you need people to click on ads about 20000-22500 times. With the number of people on Youtube it doesn't seem that bad, but trust me it is a lot harder than it seems.
    Dude no views, no money... I'm pretty sure Epic Meal Time, Smosh and stuff are pushing the dollar $$
    I just looked up your channel. You have 150 videos, with the majority of which having next to no views. Seeing as you claim to have been a partner for "like 2 years" & seeing as the majority of your most popular videos are in the realm of 3-4 years old (which would imply that those videos are what helped you get said partnership)... logic dictates that the views that you had back then were high enough to get Google's attention (which would also imply that they haven't likely garnered much since). Seeing as you have also only released 3 videos in the last year (all with less than 500 views... with one being a tribute video to Lupe Fiasco *which I don't think you can get payed for considering that it is a tribute video & not original material*), it is safe to see why you have made so little money.
    Well YouTube is just a part of the whole package for these people. As you said, they do other things on the side. You can't just make a few videos a week and expect to live off YouTube easily. It is a full time job for them and they have to work hard to keep their view counts up. But also, most of these partners are aware that making their viewers pay for their videos (and not some additional feature) would be suicide for their YouTube career. Is it a website largely based on free videos.
    If someone goes into making youtube videos with the mindstate of "I'm going to get rich off of this", well frankly, they're in the wrong business.
    You do know that people on Youtube make all of their money from the ads on their videos, right? I'm subscribed to a few people who are partners and they even say that any revenue they make is off of ads. So, why charge $2 to watch vids? Youtube started as a free venue to watch videos, so why start to change that now?
    I would guess it's because they are being sued by major content providers, i.e. Viacom, for copyright and TM infringement, and this may be a way to settle those cases and keep them happy. So MTV's channel, Comedy Central's channel, etc. would end up costing you $2 per month and have nice HQ versions of their programming. It's not a bad idea. If you subscribed to a couple of channels that had the shows you like, and had a Netflix account, you wouldn't need to pay the ridiculous price of cable/satellite. Not a bad thing for the consumer.
    Insanity ninja
    You also neglect to say that the statement from Youtube doesn't guarantee that all of that money is going to go to the channel. It's just google trying to monopolise a market. Again.
    You sir, are a d1ck. I (and many other people I know) have YouTube channels where we post things like music and game footage and I can tell you that I have made approximately 8 American cents off of my videos... so before you lambaste everybody here for "being cheap", maybe you should develop a better understanding of the topic?
    "[We are] looking into creating a subscription platform that could bring even more great content to YouTube for our users to enjoy..." You know what I enjoy? Being able to watch videos for free!
    WOW guys! This is an OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL service!!! You can still learn how to play your guitar covers, and watch your Epic Fail/win videos for free.
    Yeah and free albums! Free Games! Free recording software! Free food! Free cars! Don't pay anyone for their work or even let them recoup investment costs! Hint: If there was no profit in tv shows / movies they wouldn't make many of them...
    Then they shouldn't have made it free in the first place. food never was free, neither were cars, games, recording software or albums. Youtube started out for free and should stay free. They just found something new to ruin except for the layout of the site.
    I think you should change your username to "Google" I make youtube videos and im fine with not being paid.I put work into making songs and videos but I just want people to hear them. not everything has to be about money!
    Pst, advertisment is a business where YOU are sold. That's why you don't tend to pay for content that contains advertisement. It's not putting something out for free, it's selling your time and attention to pay for it. The people who make the content still get payed to make it, just not by you, by the advertising companies.
    You know when websites try to be something they're not and end up getting screwed for it? This is one of those times
    Guys, how about trying to read the article for once? They're talking about premium TV channels, not the general YouTube population who upload vids by webcam.
    I don't think you guys understand. Its not pay $2 to subscribe to any channel. It looks like premium channels similar to paying for HBO or Showtime.
    That's exactly what it is, they're not going to start charging for current Youtube videos.
    I think people are forgetting the fact that this is for 50 PREMIUM CHANNELS, not charging you for channels you already watch. YouTube channels aren't forced to charge their viewers to watch content, that would completely crush hundreds of people/businesses who make a living from YouTube's viewers.
    It's two dollars a channel to subscribe to premium channels on Youtube a la carte, rather than in channel packages like your cable network forces. Nothing changes besides that. ... You guys are seriously aggro over getting premium channels cheaper on Youtube than with a cable sub?
    It's a single channel subscription fee, if you subscribe to many of these premium channels, it could end up costing more than a network subscription.
    For years I always wished that I could simply pay for the cable channels I actually wanted. If my average bill is $50/mo and channels were $5 each I would still save money. Other than standard network channels there aren't many cable only channels that I need / want. Seriously, if you could opt out of channels that you pay for on cable and not pay for them that would be awesome. Seriously, I have no use for BET, Home Shopping, Lifetime - Television for women, MTV (they need to rename it to RTV because it's lacking music but has an abundance of reality shows), etc.
    there has never been something like a quality tv channel and there never can be
    Another way for Google to monopolise the internet.
    Without google you wouldn't have found a lot of things on the internet you probably enjoy. The idea of google searching something and finding a million articles is phenomenal and I doubt you would have even found this site. Remember that google was like any other small business originally and started on a linux computer in a garage.
    Well, that's simple, isn't it? If you don't want to pay up, don't subscribe. You can still watch the videos free of charge.
    Why do people not understand this? They're setting up premium channels for content like films and tv shows, much like services like Netflix that already exist. They're not turning regular youtube channels into pay-per-view. It's a perfectly reasonable business move. You don't have to watch the non-free channels. Nothing will change for you.
    lol, so many people misreading(or not reading at all) the article. please read the article well before typing in another "youtube is ruined" comment...
    They're not talking about user channels.. They are talking about premium television channels being broadcast from the website
    You people need to learn how to read and comprehend (and not just read the shitty as usual UG headline and go typing away).
    The American education system must be really awful if the vast majority here cannot read and comprehend what is being said in a couple of paragraphs.