YouTube's Subscription Service Plans Leak: Offline Play, Ad-Free, 20 Million Songs, $9.99 Per Month

Service will be called YouTube Music Key, song collection roughly the size of Spotify.

Ultimate Guitar

Following a series of rumors about YouTube's paid subscription service, some concrete details have finally surfaced to clarify the matter.

The leak was unveiled by Android Police, who revealed that YouTube is gearing up to launch a YouTube Music Key streaming service, whether Google is preparing to rebrand Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Key.

Based on the exclusive screenshots, available here, here, and here, the new service will offer ad-free music, audio-only playback (for background or screen-off listening), as well as offline playback of about 20 million songs available in the massive database, roughly the same size as Spotify.

After the initial 30-day free trial, YouTube Music Key will cost users $9.99 per month. Furthermore, the price will include both YouTube Music Key and Google Music Key. 

The specific launch date is yet to be announced. Stay tuned for updates.

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    Pvt Pancake
    1 word for ads: ADBLOCK!!!
    Nero Galon
    Only really works if the service will be in a browser, Spotify is a downloaded client so adblock doesn't work, instead to avoid ads all you need to do is pause before each song ends easy enough! I'm also really surprised more sites haven't decided to adopt banning adblock like 4oD does, where it makes you turn adblock off in order to use the site. Although maybe thats too risky as people may move to another place.
    Spotify also has a web player, but only on Google Chrome, and if you have Adblock installed, you get no ads, unlike the desktop app.
    Nero Galon
    Thats true, and just checking up on the web player, I noticed they've actually added the ability to play whatever you want, whereas previously it never let you do that. So yeah, always nice
    The songs on youtube will remain there, its just the 20 million 'official/certified' ones will be available through a service similar to Spotify and Grooveshark. Nothing is being banned or deleted.
    I have a bad feeling that they'll implement some new copyright detection system that they love to abuse so much to remove just about all music off of Youtube if it just so dares be played for 5 seconds in the background of any video. It wouldn't surprise me.
    Another service that won't pay artists whose music they pimp around
    Kind of a rip off, most bands stream their new album for free online anyway and older CDs are very cheap if you buy used through Amazon. £10 a month can turn into 60-70 CDs a year. Never mind how easy it is to illegally download music. EDIT: This wasn't intended as a direct reply to Jugulator's comment. Although I do agree with it.
    If they expect me to pay, I'm moving over to the other video channels.
    it's not youtube itself but an additional service.
    Yes and no. This does mean that some vevo videos will either be completely removed or constantly banging ads to convince you to pay.
    The problem with other video channels is that, at the moment they don't have the same library of music that YouTube does. Maybe that might change in the future, but we'll see.
    So does that mean all the music uploads that fall in that 20 million will be blocked? Fuck that, after the horrible redesign/google+ merger, this shits gonna finally bury youtube.
    why the hell would you want to play music from the internet when it costs you a lot of megabites and money.. really dislike these things it just makes you pay more and more every month
    I agree totally It costs lest to download the album once as a file than stream it
    Remember what happened to Napster when it started charging for music? Wait a minute you don't remember Napster? Let me tell you a tale.....