Zakk Wylde on Tim Lambesis' Case: 'That's Just a Massive, Massive Mess'

"You can dump your feelings out, but youre not f--king killing anyone dude," the guitarist said.

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Axeman Zakk Wylde recently gave his thoughts regarding the ongoing murder solicitation trial of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, calling it a "massive, massive mess."

During a chat with Under the Gun Review, the guitarist commented that although he understands someone reaching a boiling point during marital arguments, a certain line simply has to be drawn.

"That's just a massive, massive mess over there," he kicked off. "It's just like any of our friends, if any of our buddies were gonna do something like that, we'd be like, 'What are you talking about man?!' I get it if he's pissed off saying, 'I swear to God I want to rip her f--king head off,' but that's okay, you can dump your feelings out, go to the bar and get tanked and spill your guts, but you're not f--king killing anyone dude. Let's just chock it up as a loss."

Wylde continued by drawing a parallel with the OJ Simpson case, saying, "See what happened to OJ, so why would you want to go there? She's gonna get the f--king house, she's gonna take half the money. Now, me and Derek, as your managers, we're gonna be booking As I Lay Dying 'till the f--king cow comes home. The band is doing great, you're gonna be fine and you just keep moving forward. Think about it, one f--king dumb decision like that, and his life is over dude.

"And the band was doing really well; he had everything to be thankful for. Everything was kicking a--. Yeah this was a hiccup, it's a road bump, I get it. I understand him being pissed, but youre not killing anyone. You cant go there," the axeman said.

"It's dumb, dumb, stupid sh-t. What a waste," Wylde said, adding, "I understand him talking about it. It's fine and dandy - you can say that all day long but you're not getting a f--king gun and blowing her brains out. I understand him getting it out of his system, but like I said, once we get back out of that bar, we move forward. That's the only way to do it, you've got to move forward."

Lambesis was arrested on May 7 in Oceanside for allegedly hiring an undercover police officer to murder his estranged wife Meggan. He is currently preparing for his next court appearance on September 16.

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    Behind all the pinch harmonics, there's a ton of awesomeness in Zakk. Nice to hear a big musician talking some sense.
    BLS should be more known, Zakk is one ****in axeman, and a true dude!!
    He seems like one of those really excitable people that have to repeat a concept about 75 times before they feels as if they've driven it home. Then you say something, and instead of acknowledging it they repeat the concept again.
    I deal with people exactly like this everyday, I have to say, it's the most annoying thing on the planet. "I'll explain something 5 billion times without being asked, then complain about how I hate repeating myself."
    Well, sometimes a point has to be driven home. I mean, Lambesis Did go to the point of actually trying to get the Murder done. And murder is wrong. So I think Zakk's right in trying to get that point across . But then again it could just be Ultimate guitar repeating itself constantly for him and reusing quotes etc
    Well you just don't fvcking go blow her brains out dude. I totally understand him being pissed off about it and spilling his guts but that's it dude. You gotta move forward and not go out to blow her brains out, know what I'm saying? You just can't blow her brains out, you know, with a gun and all.
    'She's gonna get the f--king house, she's gonna take half the money.' Umm, Zakk, I'm actually pretty sure that not killing anyone just for the sake of not killing anyone is enough justification...
    Im gonna side with Louis CK here; paraphrasing "If there wasn't against murder, Alot of people would be dead. Think about it, there is at least one person you would shoot if it wasn't illegal." While I agree wholly that this is f-ked, I wouldnt be so presuming as to say not murdering someone is its own reward. Case-in-point; if there was no law against murder those Westboro baptist nut jobs would be worm chow after picketing just one soldier's funeral.
    I don't need a law to tell me that murdering someone is wrong. But hey, I wouldn't be much of a pacifist if I did
    "...but youre not killing anyone. You cant go there," the AXEMAN said
    "'She's gonna get the f--king house, she's gonna take half the money.' Umm, Zakk, I'm actually pretty sure that not killing anyone just for the sake of not killing anyone is enough justification..." Yeah, the whole quote reads like Zakk is scolding Tim for cheating on his wife, not trying to murder her. "Aw, Tim man, you ****ed up", rather than "Tim is a bad person and I'm totally shocked and disappointed"
    It's amusing to see quite a number of people talk about Zakk's speech...come on, he's a musician, not a motivational speaker.
    Zakk knows ,listen to the man. Im saying: I don't agree with Tim -but I understand ... women can make the coolest due go bunkers. ive seen it.. Rock on!
    Regardless of whether or not he's guilty, I still want the goddamn details. Everything points at him being guilty as all hell, but we don't know everything. Also, I'd like to fix something in here. People, not women, can drive men (and women) completely bonkers. This isn't a gender specific scenario. Part of the reason I want all the details is some of the stuff that's been said about Tim's soon to be ex-wife, and then the argument with his father. While we know where the arrows are pointing, something definitely ain't right here. Nothing justifies trying to hire a hitman, but I have a feeling she may have done some pretty nasty shit to Tim. Again, his actions aren't justified, but I'd sure like to see all the cards on the table.
    I figured a badass like Zakk would say he'd have done it for free. What a pussy!
    Instead, he proved himself to be even more badass by actually speaking some common sense. But, hey, if killing people is what's in these days... Damn, any jokes that could be made here would get me put on more NSA lists than I can count.
    To me it sounds more like what hes saying is that killing someone is stupid because youll get punished for that and not because its just wrong. I might misunderstood him though.