Zakk Wylde Open to Performing With Pantera, Compares It to Eric Clapton Replacing Jimi Hendrix

"There's no replacing Dime," the axeman points out.

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Those stories of Pantera reunion featuring Zakk Wylde always seem to pop up after a while, as Black Label Society frontman was recently asked to share his thoughts on the matter once again.

Chatting with the Austin Chronicle, Zakk noted that he's open for joining Pantera and celebrating late Dimebag Darrell, comparing the situation to Eric Clapton hypothetically jamming with the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Explaining how he always talked with Phil Anselmo about various BLS and Down collaborations, Wylde got to the juicy bit, saying, "Whenever anyone asks me about the Pantera thing, it's like Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell asking Eric Clapton if he would get together and celebrate Jimi and his greatness. Why would Eric Clapton say no? He's one of Jimi's friends.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's a beautiful thing. You've got Eric Clapton up there, jamming with Mitch and Noel, singing all of Jimi's songs and playing all of Jimi's licks, because this is his buddy and he loves him."

Setting a few records straight, Zakk added, "There's no replacing Jimi Hendrix. Who the f--k talks about s--t like that? It's like, there's no replacing Randy Rhoads, but you're celebrating Randy Rhoads' legacy and his greatness and why everybody loves him. You don't look at it that way.

"There's no replacing Dime, and there's no replacing Randy Rhoads, and there's no replacing Jimi Hendrix. Even when I go out on the Hendrix Experience thing, we're all just celebrating Jimi's life and Jimi's greatness, and keeping his name alive and playing his music.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's a celebration of all things Pantera. All the mountains they climbed and all the mountains they conquered, and celebrating Dime's greatness.

"When Zeppelin got back together and they had Jason [Bonham] on the drums, he's not replacing his father. He's celebrating his dad. That's what makes it so moving. You don't have [just some] drummer back there. That's his son," the axeman concluded.

So far, fans have shared different stands on Zakk joining the Pantera fold, but most would agree that a one-off celebration of Dimebag and the band's work wouldn't be a bad thing to do. So who knows, maybe it'll happen some day. Stay tuned for more.

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    Well it will be 10 years this December since he was murdered so if there's a time to do it it might be this year. I for one will be drinking many a Black Tooth Grin and blasting Pantera all day. If I could see a tribute show that would be awesome as well. RIP Dime. Getcha'pull.
    I guess so long as they don't call it Pantera people should be cool with it. They'd just be playing Pantera songs. Of course Vinnie Paul isn't going to agree to play with Anselmo again
    This isn't news anymore. This is 5yrs of the same shit. It isn't gonna happen get over it
    yeh but ug has fufill their quota of click bait for the day so this is gona be reposted about 70000 before they stop
    I have to agree with Zakk here. Why not? It let's the fans get some closure, and maybe it can help mend some burned bridges.
    The Black Pantera Society. Sure, why not? Make it a one-off with a great stage and release a cd/dvd/bd.
    They should just do a one night tribute show. Maybe even have a different guest guitarist on each track.
    As soon as Vinnie Paul realizes how terrible Hell Yeah is and the fact that Pantera will always be his best paycheck option this will happen.
    Probably won't happen. Hellyeah has already released 4(?) albums. You'd think by now Vince would've realized that Hellno is a heaping pile of duck-billed platypus poo.
    a lot of people have said the same about down, but it hasn't stopped phil front continuing on. if it makes vinnie happy, then who cares. i doubt your opinion will sway him into quitting any time soon.
    Maybe vinnie just don't care that much about huge paycheck? He enjoy's playing in Hellyeah with his friends and that's it.
    A tribute show/tour could work, but Vinnie is still too bitter. Vinnie, I know Dime's murder was horrible and that you are hurting. But by remaining angry and resentful you are hurting only one person: YOU. Holding onto a resentment is like drinking poison, hoping your enemy will die. It doesn't work. There is a process called grieving, and there are a whole bunch of Psychiatric disorders related to anger. You are no longer grieving in a healthy manner. With all of that said, does Phil still have it vocally? I had the honor of seeing Pantera, and wow, he belted it out live...DAMN!
    Vinnie is a winey a$$ b$%^h. I say Rex, Phil,Zakk and another drummer go out on tour as the new Pantera. Maybe Hellyeah can open the show. LOL
    He isn't a whiny bitch. He witnessed his blood brother get his brains literally blown on to the floor 8 feet in front of him. Seriously can you imagine?? It was a huge step for him to even play music at all anymore, let alone play the music he used to play with his deceased brother and a diva lead singer that threw a monkey wrench in his biggest accomplishment.
    Just do something like Marky Ramones Blitzkreig. Everyone knows that not the ramones but its great hes doing it out of love and respect keeping his friends music alive.
    Not sure if I read this right, but did he just compare himself to Eric Clapton?
    Just start a new band with Zakk and Phil, and they can cover one or two Pantera songs at shows. Simple.
    If you wanna do music together why don't you and Phil just make a can't be worse than the illegals
    Zakk is great but I got a feeling he will throw a hundred of those low-pitch artificial harmonics into it. Should just grab that one dude from Youtube, who also looks like Dime, lol.
    They can do whatever the **** they want, if people aren't happy with this well they'll have to deal with it.
    this sh1t again? when is the media going to realize they're just beating on a dead's just like facecrack and people who rehash old news for them likes or thumbs up or whatever the fvck you loser net socialites use... the only way that something even close will ever happen to a reunion is phil and rex + guests. which they've done a million times already anyways. pantera belongs to the past and those who want to revisit that past when good music needs to be heard. at least we were giving such great music in the first place. and with that, i'm satisfied and could care less for talks of a reunion.
    Obama has struck again. He's the reason Pantera doesn't want to reform.
    Obama might be a piece of trash but we can't blame him for that. ps, I did note the sarcasm.
    Well, it would be something like Death To All, so, why not? Vinnie Paul, stop being a prick and honour your brother! :C