Zakk Wylde Open to Performing With Pantera, Compares It to Eric Clapton Replacing Jimi Hendrix

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Zakk Wylde Open to Performing With Pantera, Compares It to Eric Clapton Replacing Jimi Hendrix
Those stories of Pantera reunion featuring Zakk Wylde always seem to pop up after a while, as Black Label Society frontman was recently asked to share his thoughts on the matter once again.

Chatting with the Austin Chronicle, Zakk noted that he's open for joining Pantera and celebrating late Dimebag Darrell, comparing the situation to Eric Clapton hypothetically jamming with the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Explaining how he always talked with Phil Anselmo about various BLS and Down collaborations, Wylde got to the juicy bit, saying, "Whenever anyone asks me about the Pantera thing, it's like Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell asking Eric Clapton if he would get together and celebrate Jimi and his greatness. Why would Eric Clapton say no? He's one of Jimi's friends.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's a beautiful thing. You've got Eric Clapton up there, jamming with Mitch and Noel, singing all of Jimi's songs and playing all of Jimi's licks, because this is his buddy and he loves him."

Setting a few records straight, Zakk added, "There's no replacing Jimi Hendrix. Who the f--k talks about s--t like that? It's like, there's no replacing Randy Rhoads, but you're celebrating Randy Rhoads' legacy and his greatness and why everybody loves him. You don't look at it that way.

"There's no replacing Dime, and there's no replacing Randy Rhoads, and there's no replacing Jimi Hendrix. Even when I go out on the Hendrix Experience thing, we're all just celebrating Jimi's life and Jimi's greatness, and keeping his name alive and playing his music.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's a celebration of all things Pantera. All the mountains they climbed and all the mountains they conquered, and celebrating Dime's greatness.

"When Zeppelin got back together and they had Jason [Bonham] on the drums, he's not replacing his father. He's celebrating his dad. That's what makes it so moving. You don't have [just some] drummer back there. That's his son," the axeman concluded.

So far, fans have shared different stands on Zakk joining the Pantera fold, but most would agree that a one-off celebration of Dimebag and the band's work wouldn't be a bad thing to do. So who knows, maybe it'll happen some day. Stay tuned for more.
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