Zakk Wylde: 'Pantera Reunion Would Be a Beautiful Way to Honor Dimebag'

The axeman still up for jamming with surviving band members.

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Guitarist Zakk Wylde is still very much up for participating in Pantera reunion and taking over late axeman Dimebag Darrell's parts. Wylde described the reunion to Artisan News as a great way to pay homage to both Dime and the group's overall impact, still stressing that surviving Pantera members are the one calling the shots on the entire matter. "If they were like 'We're gonna do it and honor Dimebag' and 'Zakk, would you wanna honor Dime?' and everything - I'd play," Zakk said. "It'd be a beautiful way to honor him and to celebrate all things Pantera and what they achieved, cause they changed the game. "As far as extreme metal goes - they're the kings of it," the axeman noted. "But it's up to the fellows. As far as I'm concerned, it would be just honoring Dime," he concluded. The matter of Pantera reunion was thoroughly discussed online over the years, but do you think Zakk's latest explanation could make a difference? And the everlasting question - should Pantera reunite? Let us know in the comments.

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    He's the only one that would fit, imho.
    Couldn't agree more. Of course you'll have those in opposition going about how he'll ruin it with pinch harmonics, squeals etc, but he'd most likely just play them as they are.
    how "he'll ruin it with pinch harmonics and squeals" anyone claiming that has never listened to pantera, there are loads of pinch harmonics and squeals, but IDK how good Zakk is with a whammy bar.
    Zakk's pretty good with one, he usually uses a V with a floyd during his solo in shows. As for pinch harmonic bullcrap everyone rants on about: that's his sound. He is clearly capable of playing Dime's songs as they were.
    I don't know if he is the only one, but definitely tops the lists, plus the friendship they had etc. I've said this before, you take 10 or so of the top guitarists out there each pick a song and do a tribute show or record. This should not be a "reunion" of any type.. simply cant be done, but honoring the great Dimebag..Absolutely..
    I'd like to see Kerry King playing with them on some songs as well, as he has a mastery of some Dime style riffs, and they were also close, but Zakk is the perfect guitarist to honour him
    doubtful that King could even play Dimes solos, he can barely play his own
    Kerry "Burger" King has already ruined his own band's legacy. Please keep him away from Pantera's.
    If they do a reunion and have King playing guitar, that would be a disgrace!!
    Oooh you should of known better than to use that name on here. He's not too popular anymore lol
    Even before the whole Dave thing not many people thought he was a good guitarist.
    Kerry King actually makes sense as a replacement, since he guested on Goddamn Electric. Zakk never played any on Pantera records.
    I think because of how close they were, and how similiar their heavy sound is, Dimebag would only let Zakk stand in for him.
    I'd say their lead work might be a bit different, but they have pretty similar rhythm styles.
    Their sound and style is completely different. I know they were good mates but I really can't hear any similarities in their music or their guitar playing. They're as different as EVH and Randy Rhodes. Not saying it shouldn't happen though. Would be nice if they got some other guitarists involved. It's all hypothetical anyway, Vinnie's not gonna make up with Phil any time soon.
    A tribute concert to Dime with various guest guitarists (people he inspired and those who inspired him) is the best way to do it if you ask me.
    You have to take into account how close Dime and Zakk were. They were best friends. That's not usually a phrase you hear in metal.
    Meh, can't Dimebag be "honoured" by just listening to Pantera's albums? I'm one of the biggest Pantera fanboys, but I don't get what the big deal is about seeing 3/4 of the band reunite.. without the most important part. Then again, I don't "get" reunions in general, especially if they're missing an important member. Even more so if they've long since died.
    Looks like everybody complain about the name actually. Then name it "Tribute to Dimebag Darrell" instead of "Pantera". Nevertheless, Vince Paul Abbott won't do it, no chance...
    Sammy Mantis
    Man, they're STILL going on about this? Pantera is over and never coming back. Accept it and move on with your lives. Just be happy with the music they gave us and let the memories live on un-tainted by some hokey "reunion" that would be missing the key ingredient.
    If they're going to honor Dime, they need to get Ace Frehley and Ty Tabor to come out for a couple songs.
    A Pantera reunion is a really bad idea imo. Dime is dead and Phil can't sing anymore. Im a huge Pantera fan but i have absolutly zero interest in seeing the remaining members back on stage togheter. Vinny and Phil ending their beef would be really great though.
    I think it'd be pretty cool, personally. But in my opinion, it'd probably be best if they just toured and stuck with playing the songs that are already out. As far as releasing new music goes, I dunno. Probably best not to risk putting out something bad and not-Pantera.
    Did anybody ever say they would do new music? I don't think ANYBODY would want new Pantera music, they just want to hear the songs live
    Personally I think they should just leave it the hell alone. Anything that is done in the way of a Tribute/reunion will do nothing but take away from the memory of Pantera and Dime. I mean why the **** would anyone wanna see Pantera without Dime? He was practically the embodiment of Pantera so to have another guitarist would be just terrible.... It'd be like having the Jimi Hendrix Experience reform without Hendrix... Lame and pointless.
    Don't let Vinny hear you say "The Hell Alone", he'll probably join a crappy McMetal band and call it that.
    Zakk is the only person who would benefit from this. As much as I love Pantera, I sincerely hope that this never happens... for the sake of the integrity of the band. Don't tarnish the legacy with a half-assed reunion. I would love to see the remaining members squash their beef though... but that doesn't mean that I'd want them to play music together again. What they had was legendary. Keyword: had.
    Irwin Navarro
    Synyster Gates anyone?
    Everything Pantera related he's done, I think he's nailed. I don't think he'd be a bad fit, guitarist-wise, but I feel like metalheads would explode if that happened hah. If it was a one-off concert with a different guitarist on each song, I think he'd be an great choice for one of them though.
    DO NOT CALL IT PANTERA!!!!! no Eddie = no Van Dime = no PANTERA!!! and only if Vinne wants to do it. step 12 for Phil is to ask for forgiveness from those u have wronged, it DOES NOT mean they have to accept it. You did a lot of wrong when u were on H for ur F'd up back. sometimes u do DUMB stuff when ur high. if u want to really make things right PHIL, stop pressuring Vinnie or using the fans to pressure Vinnie. IF and when he is ready, he will surely let the world know.
    Feel free to ignore it then. A lot of fans (including myself) would enjoy it.
    1) Do it for free then. Something stinks about his insistance. 2) Duga duga SQUEAL, duga duga SQUEAL! is not how Revolution is my name goes.
    Doubt Vinnie would want to do it and anyone who is mad at him for that is an unsympathetic moron. He witnessed his brother get his brains blown out 5 feet in front of him. Let Pantera R.I.P. and be happy for what they gave us
    screech n' moan
    I think it'd be cool if they got together n' did this. I couldn't imagine a better guitarist to do the damn thing, and no, it wouldn't be "classic Pantera" but it's as close as we're gonna get. I definitely feel that him joining up with the remaining members and doing this would sound a ton better than Damageplan.
    I don't Believe any Guitarist would do. What they should do is make some holograms up from Live footage like they did with 2PAC and that Japanese guy, and have Dime play the songs.....
    This is the perfect opportunity for a Wednesday poll, best guitarist(s) to fill in for dimebag whether it was temporary or maybe even more. Hint hint UG!
    What's so hard about a f!cking tribute band with the members of pantera and zakk under a different name? Temple of the Dog for example was pretty successful.
    im not sure if they should do that. I would love to see pantera live becuase i never did. But is it realy Pantera without Dime?
    "As far as extreme metal goes - they're the kings of it." He does know that Extreme Metal is stuff like: Doom Metal, Speed Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Viking Metal, Drone Metal, Stoner Metal, Grindcore, Sludge Metal, Death 'n' Roll, and Death Metal. The last time I checked Pantera were Groove Metal with some Thrash but only from CFH til Far Beyond Driven.