Zakk Wylde Would Be Honored To Join Pantera

Former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul said that a replacement for late guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott would have to be carefully considered.

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Not too long ago, former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul said that if the metal greats would ever reunite, a replacement for late guitarist (and Vinnie's brother) "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott would have to be carefully considered. Paul's suggestion: guitar god Zakk Wylde.

In an interview with, the Black Label Society frontman offered his reaction: "I love all those guys. It would be an honor. How could I say no? I'd do my best to make them proud."

Of course, don't hold your breath. Other ex-Pantera members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown dismissed the idea as "just talk". Even Vinnie, who brought up the idea, said: "But I honestly think, out of respect for my brother, we should just leave the 14 amazing years Pantera had be. We're all happy doing our own thing. We have to continue living and do other things."

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    WTF? Dime bag, not douche. What is wrong with this smartphone shit?
    iommi600 wrote: WTF? Dime bag, not douche. What is wrong with this smartphone shit?
    Have to say, that made my day.
    cbabb7 wrote: I really dont know wat to think on this one guys.
    I personally take it sweet and sour. Yes, Zakk's probably the only guy I can think that could "replace" Darrel, but I'm not interested in seeing a reunion. Pantera without Darrel isn't... Pantera.
    Being respectful to Dime would be to make his music live on. I sure he would love to see his brother, old band mates and one of his best friends do a Pantera tour he would be happy. Not a album but a Tour would be amazing. It would be a nice way to finish a story.
    Misleading title is misleading. I think you're missing "... for reunion show" in there somewhere.
    Does Zakk even know how to use a whammy bar?
    Here's you're answer... Don't EVER question god!
    Not the biggest fan of Pantera, but I'd say just take a memorial show/tour, all proceeds going to Dime's charity and call Pantera for good after that to end ANY speculation.
    I am torn on this issue!! One the one hand, I could get behind it if was a 1 off show that was a tribute to Dime with the proceeds going to charity. However, for them to get back together record and tour as Pantera with Zakk on guitar would be wrong to me.
    I'm up for it. He's basically his guitar brother. Dime must be screaming "JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!" from wherever he is.
    Pantera without Dimebag isn't Pantera. but, i must say i would love to see these guys reunite and tour in honor of dimebag, i'd see the show. but any album they'd make i'd dismiss from my Pantera collection. I must say though, it's funny that here they say "Vinnie" said it would be a good idea. when the last i saw, "Phil Anselmo" was saying he wanted to do a renunion but Vinnie wouldn't budge -.- i'm just starting to think UG is putting up spam for page views
    The problem with reunions that feature someone filling in for a deceased member is that they always lead onto something else and not necessarily good things. Alice in Chains have been one of the few success stories regarding that scenerio but even a load of old-school AIC fans would consider it unacceptable with anyone but Layne Staley playing with them
    it should be a revolving group of guitarists, like a different one for every song
    This is one of those thing like Zeppelin...I know Zeppelin had a "reunion concert" a few years back, but when a member of the band dies, i think in most cases that should be the end of the band in respect for that member. Not always, but most often thats how it should go
    I love Zakk but I don't think he'd be a good fit with Pantera. Not even Zakk could fill Dime's shoes.
    Cliff Burton died and Metallica kept going... But I think they should leave it, it's like all that hologram business. Let the past stay past
    I think the best person to take the spot (and I would still not want to see this) would be Synster Gates. Now I would like to see Jason Hook or Zoltan Bathory fill the slot.
    Please, for the love of all things good, don't let this guy join. He will take every note of Dimebag's and turn it into a pinch harmonic squeal and call it good.
    Honestly if they reunite with Zakk, I don't care nor mind, they do what they want. And too bad for those stuck up fans!
    This would be great. All the haters should grow up. No shit, Dime's dead and no one else IS Dime, but Zakk would really do the best justice. Anyway, this is all if Phil and Vinnie kiss and make up...
    Well... Douchebag was a great friend of Zakk, so I guess this is kinda obvious...
    Firewind Raging
    I'd prefer they had a mixture of guitarists (Zakk included), because more greats than just him were massively influenced by Dimebag. I know they were good friends, but I think it would be more interesting.
    I love Zakk Wylde. But I don't think anyone can replace Dimebag..
    Carl Hungus
    I think it actually would be cool to do a few reunion shows with Zakk. But having him join Pantera, I love Zakk but I think Dime had better songwriting chops. Thats just my opinion.
    Omg this would be great. I can't think of anyone else who'd fit this better. RIP Dime you will never be officially replaced.
    agreed, but really only for a memorial tour, nothing more. I love Zakk, and he was one of Dimebag's close friends. but i don't like the idea of them actually reuniting for an album.
    vinnym86 wrote: This would be great. All the haters should grow up. No shit, Dime's dead and no one else IS Dime, but Zakk would really do the best justice. Anyway, this is all if Phil and Vinnie kiss and make up...
    Oh and another of course you'd be honored, you'd be honored to join a garage band after Ozzy kicked you out. Trololololol
    No Zakk f*ck you. You're not allowed to ruin Pantera like you did classic Ozzy songs with your multitude of pinch harmonic playing that would make a mockery of Darrel Abbot's powerful riffs
    It'd be no doubt mind blowing if they did a project together; joining Pantera? I don't know...never thought of it. Zakk and Pantera are both in my biggest influences list, so I think the idea's pretty awesome. But, if it's just talk, I wouldn't mind either because they're both God level (Pantera not AS much without Dime) by themselves.
    shoule79 wrote: Does Zakk even know how to use a whammy bar?
    haha oh please remove this already. with you asking if zakk knows how to use a whammy bar, i'm skeptic if you really do know what whammy bar is. my god you can't be serious! it's not even funny.