Zakk Wylde's $10,000 Guitar and Vest Stolen in Chicago

Signature Les Paul was lifted from guitarist's tour bus.

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A signature Gibson Les Paul, belonging to Zakk Wylde, has been stolen.

As theĀ Chicago Tribune notes, the instrument, worth $10,000, was lifted from Wylde's tour bus outside the Chicago Theatre on Friday (March 14th).

Wylde was in Chicago as part of the Experience Hendrix Tour alongside Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang. The guitarist reportedly left the guitar in his tour bus after his set and went back inside to watch the rest of the show. When he returned to the bus to pick up his leather vest at around 11:30 PM, he noticed that the vest - and guitar - were no longer inside.

The theatre's surveillance footage revealed that three men entered the bus at 10:11 PM, shortly after Wylde's tour manager failed to lock the bus door while stocking it with food and ice. Speaking of the incident, Wylde says, "I had my guitar in the tour bus because this is the home." He also notes that his veteran tour manager feels "beyond horrendous (and) beyond embarrassed."

The guitar is one of two aged Pelham Blue Les Paul guitars bearing the guitarist's signature bulls-eye pattern and it was custom-made about four years ago. He took to Twitter and Instagram, asking fans to be on the lookout for the instrument.


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    Not cool! I hope he gets his stuff back, no one likes having their possessions taken!
    Reminds me of when Robb Flynn's house got broken into and some of his instruments got stolen. They even stole his son's guitar. Some people are dicks. I wonder if he ever got those back?
    On the other hand im sure I read some machinehead fans clubbed together and got his son a new guitar. 2 sides of humanity there.
    Wasn't when they nicked the guitar Dime gave to Robb? such a bunch of bellends for doing that!!
    Way Cool JR.
    What a bunch of a**holes. If any of you guys see this article, be cool, man up and give his s*it back. If you're any kind of a real fan of Zakk you should have enough respect not to rob the guy of something as personal as his guitar. You guys at least still have the chance to make things right.
    Cause people who steal guitars are going to give it back based on that comment... really? On the other hand I don't know who the hell would want a custom guitar in their possession. Its not like your gonna be able to sell it or say you bought it. People are scum.
    Insurance companies should mandate GPS trackers get placed in expensive guitars. There is no worse fate for a guitar than to be stolen and resold for a fraction of it's value for drug money.
    The idiots will probably try to sell it, then wonder why they got arrested. "But , but, this isn't that same signature guitar that no one else has because it's extremely expensive!" Everyone at a guitar shop or Guitar Center is probably on the lookout in case someone brings this in.
    Did he have a guitar stolen a few years ago as well? Or am I mixing him up with someone?
    His first Bullseye (Not just any bullseye, but THE Bullseye) was stolen a while back, but by a massive stroke of luck he ended up finding it at a pawn shop a few years later. I just hope the jerks who stole these get caught.
    "The Grail" wasn't stolen it fell off of the tour bus, A fan found it in a pawn shop and was going to change the pickups and noticed the initials "ZW" carved inside it, he contacted Zakk and Zakk traded some other Les Pauls for it.
    Ah, okay. My bad for presenting my story as "absolute". I knew it involved a pawn shop and somehow losing it. I should have done some research before commenting. Sorry.
    Fuckin dicks!!! Every where--Fuckin dicks!!Snag a man`s guitar?You have any idea totally personal & uncool this is ya ****ing cock chompers!?!May you get ran over by a dump truck & when the paramedics show up hopefully their all full blown gay & rip your shitty shorts off & bury so much dick in your ass,you go blind!THEN make your stupid ass go ass to mouth so you can enjoy some corn & peanuts!Ya clown ***** queer!But I mean that in a nice way"]
    Why do people do this? I mean, I get it, it's the instrument of your favourite musician, by all means take a look, I know I would, we all would, but don't steal the f*cking thing!
    I live near Chicago and Tinley Park where the New World Music Theater is. And this sucks BIG TIME btw for Zakk.