Zakk Wylde's $10,000 Guitar Still Missing: 'Tour Manager Forgot to Lock the Bus, I Rip Him All the Time'

artist: Zakk Wylde date: 04/30/2014 category: general music news

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Zakk Wylde's $10,000 Guitar Still Missing: 'Tour Manager Forgot to Lock the Bus, I Rip Him All the Time'
Black Label Society mainman Zakk Wylde has been talking with Artisan News Service about his current projects. Wylde, who was interviewed at the Revolver Golden Gods award ceremony, talked about playing with other guitar greats on the Experience Hendrix tour:

"The Hendrix thing was awesome. Hanging out with a whole bunch of other guitar players that you love and are fans of, between Eric Johnson and Eric Gales, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Jonny Lang and Brad Whitford ... it's just one fraternity of everybody hanging out and celebrating Jimi's life and his music."

Wylde also revealed that the Pelham Blue Les Paul guitar that was stolen from his tour bus in March is still missing, and that he still rips the BLS tour manager for not locking the bus:

"Our tour manager didn't lock the tour bus, so I rip him all the time: 'Make sure you lock your house,' you know what I mean? There's two things you learn immediately kids; you lock the tour bus and you don't crap on the tour bus. There's two things you've got to remember."

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