Zakk Wylde's $10,000 Guitar Still Missing: 'Tour Manager Forgot to Lock the Bus, I Rip Him All the Time'

"Lock the tour bus and don't crap in the tour bus."

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Black Label Society mainman Zakk Wylde has been talking with Artisan News Service about his current projects. Wylde, who was interviewed at the Revolver Golden Gods award ceremony, talked about playing with other guitar greats on the Experience Hendrix tour:

"The Hendrix thing was awesome. Hanging out with a whole bunch of other guitar players that you love and are fans of, between Eric Johnson and Eric Gales, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Jonny Lang and Brad Whitford ... it's just one fraternity of everybody hanging out and celebrating Jimi's life and his music."

Wylde also revealed that the Pelham Blue Les Paul guitar that was stolen from his tour bus in March is still missing, and that he still rips the BLS tour manager for not locking the bus:

"Our tour manager didn't lock the tour bus, so I rip him all the time: 'Make sure you lock your house,' you know what I mean? There's two things you learn immediately kids; you lock the tour bus and you don't crap on the tour bus. There's two things you've got to remember."

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    That sucks. I hope he retrieves it. Losing a guitar is one of the saddest things that can happen to a guitar player.
    Yeah one of my guitars went missing after a gig and it never turned up. It was only a £200 Epiphone SG but I really loved that thing, I learned so much on it and any guitar I've played since just doesn't feel the same. But losing one worth $10,000, that's gotta suck bigtime :/ Whoever stole it is a real hole.
    Just imagine, "Hey did you shut your wifes back door last night," because Madeleine McCann's missing. Too soon?
    Didn't he lose a guitar before?
    Yes, he had a bullseye Les Paul stolen back in 2000 along with a replica. It was sold to a pwan shop and then sold to anothe rpawn shop and eveuntally bought by some guys who when cleaning it, saw ZW etched in behind the pickups. Once he made the discovery, he returned it to Zakk.
    Guys... The dude didn't take a shit on the bus, it's just common law that you don't take a shit on the tour bus cause that's rank and stuff
    Isn't that a bit much for a guitar? I hope Zakk gets it back but he is crazy to spend so much money. For that amount I would buy myself a Kramer vanguard, Esp Ltd, maybe a Les Paul with emgs for like 9000 less than Zakk's guitar and still have money left over for beer and women. He must be crazy rich.
    Yeah, I know right, Zakk probably would have done the same thing right up until that deal where if he put his name on a guitar (like endorsing it) for Gibson and did some photo shoots for them, possibly talked Gibson up as the best guitars on the planet, you know marketing stuff, that Gibson would just "give" him guitars for "free" you know because cost to make and street price or value are two different things I could be wrong here though. I want to say shoe companies may have done this as well, hell it may even be a business model for all I know.
    So the guy who stole the guitar also crapped in the tour bus ? What a jerk...
    Ok, so you should'nt shit on the tour bus, how about shitting in the tour bus? can you shit in the tour bus? can you shit anywhere else on the ****ing tour ****ing bus??
    I really hope he finds his guitar. I get that it's worth a lot of money, but what reasonable human being would steal Zakk's guitar and expect to get away with it?