ZAO Cancel Remaining Ferret Tour Dates

artist: Zao date: 04/01/2006 category: music news
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ZAO have been forced to drop off of the remaining dates on the Ferret Music "Under the Gun Tour" due to an injury sustained by frontman Daniel Weyandt. Co-headliners Madball and Remembering Never, along with support acts The Banner and Scarlet, will continue the tour as scheduled. Weyandt broke four bones in his left-hand in a back-stage mishap that also also involved a large cut that exposed one bone for over 12 hours and became infected. Had he gone to the hospital any later than he did he could have lost his hand entirely. Three different doctors ordered the singer, who strongly wished to complete the tour, to return home immediately and visit a specialist. As an accomplished tattoo artist, Weyandt's injury poses a unique problem. Fortunately by following doctor's orders he is expected to make a full recovery. "We can't apologize more strongly to the other bands and especially our fans who were planning on seeing us on the remaining dates," said guitarist Scott Mellinger, who has stood with Dan in ZAO nearly a decade. "We want nothing more than for Dan to get better and we fully intend to crush once again with Dan on the Demon Hunter tour this summer." ZAO is set to release their new album, "The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here", on June 13. Recorded by Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, Neurosis, High On Fire), the album is fast, edgy, raw, abrupt and highly-energized, recalling the rock n' roll angst of "Self-Titled" with the atmosphere of "Liberate". The band will embark on a nationwide tour with Demon Hunter, Spoken, August Burns Red and Becoming The Archetype the day after the album's release, to be preceded by a handful of headlining shows.
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