ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Defends Nickelback

artist: ZZ Top date: 03/24/2014 category: general music news

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ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Defends Nickelback
Billy Gibbons has been speaking with Classic Rock about some of his famous musical friends.

As the ZZ Top guitarist notes, he has a lot of time for the oft-derided Nickelback, particularly the vocal ability of frontman Chad Kroeger:

"Ha ha ha ... Rockstar was quite an unexpected success. We were touring the US, up the North West. It was the day before our own show, they were playing and we were curious, so we popped down to catch the band's performance. You have to note the great vocal stylings that Chad Kroeger can bring to the party. Man, he can sing for days.

"Anyway, after that inauspicious first meeting, when the time came for them to get back into the studio, I believe Chad had the idea to complete 'Rockstar' as a studio-based song. He had most of it but felt he needed something extra, so he called me up to see if we could make some sense of it. He dreamed up the vocal inflection that I sang, and I reckon it came out okay."

ZZ Top's last album, the Rick Rubin produced "La Futura," was released in 2012.
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