Budda Amps Endorsed By Scott Stapp's Guitarists

artist: Budda date: 11/17/2005 category: industry news

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Budda Amplification, NAMM Booth 5791, a leading manufacturer of high-end, American-handmade guitar amplifiers and effects pedals, has entered into a endorsement relationship with the lead/rhythm guitarists of The Scott Stapp Band, Artie Rincon and John Curry. Scott Stapp, the former lead vocalist of the multi-Platinum rock band Creed, will release his first solo record on November 22, 2005, entitled The Great Divide, on Wind-Up Records. The release of The Great Divide will be supported with a national publicity and imaging campaign, in conjunction with variety of NASCAR marketing platforms. The Scott Stapp Band endorsement is a major asset to Budda's 2006 marketing and advertising program, which includes increased use of professional artists in advertising and promotion, high-profile product reviews and publicity, and a recently completed web page redesign.
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