Fender Pawn Shop Special Series Releases New Ramparte Model

gear manufacturer: Fender date: 11/07/2013 category: industry news

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Fender Pawn Shop Special Series Releases New Ramparte Model
Fender Amplifiers is pleased to announce the latest offering to its popular Pawn Shop Special series, the Ramparte. Fender's Pawn Shop Special series Ramparte amp looks the part of the perfect pawnshop prize. With its tastefully textured two-tone chocolate-and-copper fabric covering, it's right at home in the den or living room next to the recliner and the console stereo. But fire up this diminutive 9-watt beauty and you’ll be storming the ramparts of pure tube tone, with huge power and performance from the 12" Special Design speaker and dual "hot" and "cool" channels. Ramparte's "cool" channel is voiced from warm and clean to moderately gritty; the "hot" channel delivers great overdriven tone from mild to wild. Each channel has its own separate 1/4" input jack and volume control. Other fine features include class "A" circuitry from a single 6L6 power tube, 1/4" internal speaker disconnect for external enclosure use, "chicken-head" control knobs and vintage style leather strap handle. For more information and to watch a demo video, go to Fender.com.
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