HMV Plans To Increase Instore Stock Of Vinyl In 2012

artist: Hmv date: 01/17/2012 category: industry news

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HMV Plans To Increase Instore Stock Of Vinyl In 2012
A spokesman for HMV has said that the high street chain is planning to step up the amount of vinyl it stocks in response to demand from customers. The chain saw "disappointing" sales over Christmas, but its official spokesman told NME that they're still hopeful for the future and are planning to bulk up what they offer in vinyl stock. They also said that the stores will never turn their back on stocking physical music. Asked about what changes HMV would be bringing in 2012, the chain's official spokesman told: "A lot of customers have been asking us to increase the amount of racking we dedicate to music instore and we're pleased to say we'll be doing a lot more of that soon - in fact we're also planning to significantly increase our range of vinyl in quite a few locations as well." HMV's spokesman also told that despite the chain's recent decision to give more in store prominence to video games games and technological products such as tablet computers, the stocking of physical music would always be a part of what HMV offered. Asked if they could ever see a time where HMV would not stock physical music, the spokesman replied: "We're seeing a gradual shift both to online and digital channels, which we're a part of as well and we see multi-channel as definitely being the way forward. However, we also believe there's a bedrock level of demand for physical music product that will continue to ensure there is some kind of high street offer for some time to come." They continued: "Unlike singles, around 75% of albums are still sold in CD format, and a sizeable chunk of these are bought by customers who like to purchase them instore. A lot of us talk about having a vibrant high street at the heart of the community, but that's not going to happen by itself - if that's what people want, then, along with buying online and downloading, they also need to support their local stores and specialist chains." Thanks for the report to
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