HMV Reveal Plans to Open 'New' Store on London's Oxford Street

artist: Hmv date: 08/06/2013 category: industry news

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HMV Reveal Plans to Open 'New' Store on London's Oxford Street
HMV have revealed plans to open a "new" store on London's Oxford Street - at the same premises the retailer first operated from in the West End, Gigwise reports. Following the chain's collapse earlier in 2013, HMV's flagship Oxford Street store was sold to leisure-ware retailer Sports Direct, but has now revealed it will remain on the street at a different address. London business publication City AM revealed the plans today (6 August 2013), after confirmation from owners Hilco. HMV on Oxford Street will operate from 363 Oxford Street from early October of this year. This address was used by HMV between 1921 and 2000 and is currently a brand of Footlocker. The brand will fully embrase its heritage with the move, as it plans to install a neon sign of the company's His Master's Voice logo from the 1950s outside 363 Oxford Street. The news comes as the first positive confirmation of the store's future plans, with all previous news dealing with closures and redundancies. As it was revealed earlier, HMV was about to be relaunched with the streaming service.
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