IK Multimedia Adds Audiobus Support to SampleTank for iPhone and iPad

artist: Ik Multimedia date: 04/16/2013 category: industry news

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IK Multimedia Adds Audiobus Support to SampleTank for iPhone and iPad
IK Multimedia announced that the new SampleTank version 1.5, the leading sound workstation app for iPhone and iPad, is now Audiobus compatible. This new feature gives mobile musicians the ability to link the output from SampleTank into the input of their favorite music and recording apps, compatible with Audiobus, for an unmatched level of creative flexibility and pristine digital quality. Audiobus is a groundbreaking new app (developed by A Tasty Pixel in cooperation with Audanika) that allows users to connect the audio of up to 3 apps, much like connecting hardware devices with audio cables, opening up countless new sonic possibilities. Audiobus lets users send audio out of one app, filter it through the next one in the chain and record it in the third: for example users can run SampleTank sounds through AmpliTube effects, then record the output into a channel in Garageband (all apps compatible with Audiobus) - all in real time. The new Audiobus support, along with the previously introduced Virtual MIDI compatibility, makes SampleTank the ideal go-to virtual instrument when used with recorder apps. SampleTank offers a sheer variety of up to 500 high-quality sounds in every possible instruments category - piano, strings, drums, bass, guitars, synths and more - that can be played as a regular keyboard instrument or through its over 1,000 MIDI pattern sequences. SampleTank can be played live by connecting keyboards and MIDI controllers to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, with IK's IRIG MIDI interface, IRIG KEYS portable MIDI keyboard controller or any other controller and interface compatible with iOS devices. There are currently over 120 apps supporting Audiobus from premium music app developers like Korg, Steinberg, Moog, Propellerhead, Apple and many others, covering the widest range of music applications including synths and instruments, multitrack recorders and studios, real-time effects and loopers and more. For a complete list, please visit http://audiob.us/apps. To enable this new feature and use SampleTank with other compatible Audiobus apps, users must install the Audiobus app (to be purchased separately on the App Store) on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The new Audiobus support is included in all app versions of SampleTank, including SampleTank FREE. PRICING AND AVAILABILITY SampleTank with the new Audiobus feature is a free upgrade for existing SampleTank owners. Audiobus sells separately on the App Store for only $9.99. For new users the full universal version of SampleTank is available for $19.99/EUR17.99 from the App StoreSM. A free version is also available for both iPhone and iPad. For more information on SampleTank, please visit SampleTank.com. For more information on Audiobus, please visit Audiob.us.
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