Industry Roundup: Why Did Universal's Vinyl Project Fail?

artist: Misc date: 07/23/2013 category: industry news

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Industry Roundup: Why Did Universal's Vinyl Project Fail?
Sometimes major labels aren't all bad. They can come up with really great projects and produce great music - and still, the crowd can knock them back down despite their best efforts. The Vinyl Project seems to be a perfect example of that - but why did it shut down? Find out more in our discussion below. Elsewhere, you can decide for yourself if the world's first Vine album is a gimmick or masterpiece, and we share a great new app for following your favorite artists and nothing else. We love reading your opinions on the latest music industry movements, so let us know your views on today's topics in the comments below and we'll join the debate.

The Vinyl Project: Universal's very public crowd funding failure

Universal has closed down a brand new crowdfunding project in under a week - even thought their idea seems pretty fantastic. The Vinyl Project was an opportunity for music fans to pledge money towards rare and niche albums that they wanted to see on vinyl. If a record had enough support, Universal would go ahead and press it up - the perfect blend of people power and giving fans what they want.
But people reacted badly to the concept according to Hypebot, and Universal felt the need to cancel the project. It seems that some observers expect a label as big as Universal to have both the funds and taste to pick great albums worth reviving on vinyl and then producing it for sale anyway. Of course, this overlooks the fact that major labels do this already. One thing they don't do is give fans a chance to vote on the record themselves - until now with the Vinyl Project, which would be perfect for bringing old and beloved music back to life. The project isn't completely dead - Universal has decided to pull back on news for the project until it's completely ready to launch. We're looking forward to it. What out-of-print albums would you like to bring back? Let us know in the comments.

World's first Vine album: 'The Eternalist.'

Aiden John Moffat has beaten the pack to produce the world's first Vine exclusive album. In a series of eight Vine clips, Aiden loops a short segment of less than six seconds to produce an ambient and wonderfully creative set of sounds. While many feel the idea is just a gimmick, he's clearly put in a lot of creativity and it could open a whole new category of art form for people who like creating tiny compositions. Tiny songs are nothing new - Brian Eno famously produced hundreds of 3 second songs for Microsoft, with several being used in their Windows operating system upon startup. Listen to a few clips from Aiden's Vine album "The Eternalist" here:

App of the week: Track your favourite artists with

There's so many darn social music apps. We've got some discussion on that very topic coming up in a future industry post, but one social music app that is worth trying is called, pronounced "Seen This." Picture this: a social network of just the musicians you like, pulling in their latest updates on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and more - with an optional 'fan feed' to connect with fans of those artists. It's perfect for keeping on top of the news of only artists you like, rather than having to wade through music blogs which can often talk about music that you don't always know or like. Here's the promo video for, which you can find on the App Store today.
Got an opinion on anything discussed in today's industry roundup? Let us know your views in the comments.
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